Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Hunt, King, Taylor,
Fawks, Lancaster, Mitchell
and Harris Connection.

On the Road in
Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee

“I Discovered that the Axletree was Split.”
~ 1839 ~
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Folded letter sheet, stampless.
Blue Circular Postmark:
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Mr. Wm King
Sumner Co
Savannah Hardin Co Tenn
Sept 30 1839
Affectionate Father
having an opportunity of writing I with pleasure embrace it and will give you a short History of our trip up to date -- On the first day after leaving your home we got to Nashville very easy without any difficulty -- we left Nashville the next morning about ten O.clock and stayed the night 3 miles on this side of Franklin the next day we passed through Columbia -- on the next day we traveled through a very poor country and stayed all night at a widow ladies in very poor country fair in proportion -- the next morning we about sunup went nine miles and got breakfast in Maynsborough ? on Yesterday we traveled over quite a broken country and had quite a rough ride in going down one hill (which was very steep and equally as rough) I Came very near turning over Barricks over I which scared my load very much no injury happened the mules have performed well the collars have hurt their necks very much on the sides near the top with the exception of that they seam to Stand the trip much better than the horses -- this morning we ware greesing the axletrees and when we took the wheel of the carry all off I discovered that the axletree was split and on examination I found that it was moast off -- I suppose that it must have fractured on yesterday morning over the hills -- we stayed all night five mile from this place we got here without its braking entirely off -- we are now stopped and having a new one made which will delay us about four hours -- This place is situated immediately on the bank of the Ten-- River so as soon as the work is done we will cross the River and then we will have fine roads (so we are toald) -- we have traveled about 150 miles and we are bless 2with fine health -- the roads are very dusty and we expect will continue so our company unites in sending their love to you and all of our friends & Relations.
Excus my scribling for I have wrote in a hurry with a bad pen
I Remain your Son Affectionately
G. W. King

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot.
Provenance: Keith Finley, 1998

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