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The Hunt, King, Taylor,
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Madison County Mississippi

“Girls in this country they are an article that is vary scarce ...”
~ 1837 ~
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Envelope is missing, this letter may be King family Correspondence.
Letter’s author:
     Letter is unsigned and incomplete.
Canton Mississippi August 16 1837
Affectionate Sister Ann
             it is with pleasure that I employ myself in answering yours of the thirtieth of July which came to hand on the 14th of the present Inst.. I had been looking for a letter from Some of my relations in Old Sumner with great anxiety for sometime previous to receiving yours which I read it with feeling that is hard to discribe it comming from immediately under the pen of an affectionate Sister. I am sorry to learn that your health is so dellicat. I am fearfull that if you do not us[e] great caution that your health will become so much impaired that it will be impossible to ever get it restored again. I expect that you should be vary particular about your diet and eat nothing that would have the slightest tendency to impare your health.
             I was highly please to learn that the connection ware well ---- I feel thankful to the giver of every good and perfect gift that I am enjoying good health. I had light tuch of the fever the first of June which did not last but a few days with the exception of that my health has been vary good.
             Charles has not had any Sickness in his Family So far as I have learnt. I hav not heard anything from him more that verbal news within three months past ---- I have not heard from any of our brothers that are in the South for some time the cause for their not writing is impossible for me to determine. I have not received the scratch of a pen from Isaac Since sometime last year. I therefore have no idea whare he is ----
             The death of Brother Wiley was vary unexpected by me. I could hardly consent to believe that it was the fact that he was no more but having the fact before me in plane terms and from a sorce that I could not dout I was forced to admit the same but with reluctance when I first heard that he was gone to Florida. I did not expect that he would ever get home again believing that he was not able to undergo the fatigues that he would be Subject to but after I learned that he had got home I then thought that he was out of danger -- though we morn and lament over his death here on earth. I have hopes at the same time that he is mingeling with the Saints that have washed their robes and made them white in that Blood that was Spilt to redem a lost and ruin world. Sister Ann let us endeavour to meet him with others of our most affectionate friends in that Heaven of eternal res[t] that awaits the faithfull ----
             It certainly would be one of the greatest pleasures that I could expect to enjoy on this earth to visit the County of my Birth and again enjoy your company with the rest of my relations before they are scattered (if you will allow me the phrase) to the four corners of the earth which seems likely to some to be the case. I hardly expect to ever see all of my Brothers and Sisters again in their present scattered condition but when John goes to Texas & Mr M_onnal to the District I shall then dispare of ever Seeing all of the Family this side of vast eternity ---- I feel a great deal of anxiety to see my aged Father who watched over and guided my infant Steps which I am determined to do if nothing prevents more than I am apprised of -- though the time I cannot determine ---- I have contracted with a merchant of this place to do business for him which will keep me heare this year perhaps longer to that I cannot tell he agrees to find me with the exception of my clothes which I get at 20 pr cent on the first cost and allow me fifty dollars pr month -- this I mention that you may know what I am doing at this time I am doing business for Priestly & Newman both of them are from home one in Kentucky & one in Ten. I am locking for Mr Newmans home every day at which time I expect to charge my birth -- perhaps you will see Mr Priestly -- he will be in Gallatin and halfway promised to go to Fathers he is a grandson of the Old man Montgomery who is living on Drakes Creek
             You gav me to understand that I nead not trouble myself about getting Married as thar is plenty time for me yet I think little plenty when I take in consideration the History of past events relative to myself unless I can make more rapid and certain progressions than what I have heretofore though I do not know that I feel any particular hurry about the matter -- it is a subject that occupies but a small space in my mind now a days -- I am now a free man perfectly at liberty and under no obligation to any of the fare ones whatever is binding in their natures relative to matrimonal affairs.
             I must acknowledge that my feelings ware somewhat hert when I heard how I was treated by one who (perhaps through flattery) professed Strong friendship towards me but my feelings ware not sufficently wounded to caus me to go crazy or commit Suicide at this time. I cannot see any probability of my forming any particular attachment to any of the Girls in this country they are an article that is vary scarce in this market it is but seldom that I have any conversions with any of the Females except it is across thr counter in the Store room.
             if my Sistuation would admit on any kind of fair terms of my leaving here I would certainly do so and come up with a view of fetching you to this country I am rather inclined to believe that it would be an advantage to your health -- give my respects to cousin Martha Hassell and tell her that I would like vary much to have her and yourself for company to this country but what is it that keeps ...

End of letter.

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