Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Hunt, King, Taylor,
Fawks, Lancaster, Mitchell
and Harris Connection.

Madison County Mississippi

“We Had A Very Cool Wet
And Backward Spring”
~ 14 June 1834 ~
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Folded letter sheet, stampless.
Manuscript postmark:
Livingston Mis. June 18th

Mr Thomas Hunt
Sumner Cty


Mississippi Madison Cty June 14th 1834

Dear Uncle,

Through the negligence of the postmaster yours of the 5 March was not received though repeatedly called for until about 2 weeks since. I find that a space of 30 years has not erased from your recollection the troubles & difficulties a person has to encounter in traveling to, and setling in a new country. We have to pay dear for everything we get; corn is selling from $1.50 to $1.75 cash per bushel, and it appears we will not be able to get enough at any price.
We purchase land with Mr. Isaac Bass son of Jessie Bass of N.Carolina we work hands enough to cultivate 450 acres, but, have only about twothirds of that quantity in t___ right much pushed to manage that in consequence of a very late start and the hands being sick, we shall make a Sorry crop but I an in hopes we shall make a support & finish paying for our land.
We have a bowel complain (which is prevalent in this country at this time) in the family and out of about 60 in number not more than half a dozen escaped it; except small children, it is sometimes _____ did with fevers but does not appear to be dangerous. We had a very cool wet and backward Spring in Mississippi; Corn and cotton I understand is very small for the season; there has been but one moderate rain for the Several weeks; forward corn which is Shooting ___ ____ begins to suffer: We shall finish laying by Old ground corn to day, finished planting new grown a few days past.
There is great complaint in this country about scarcity of money; no one scarcely I believe, is able, if not willing to pay their debts, we have collected but little over half what is due for the hire of our negros last year.
The friends of the M, States bank have held a great convention in Missp, it was composed of some 40 or 45 delegates appointed from 7 or 8 Counties; by meetings in some instances that were not composed of more six or eight men, and, generally did not exceed twenty; their object I suppose was to nullify the removal of the public deposits etc.
I left N. Carolina that, I should visit the Nashataw Springs or Arcansaw Territory during this summer, but as I sold my land in N. Carolina on credit and not being able to collect here, together with our expenditures be greater than was antisipated; I have not the means at hand to defray the expenses of the trip and, if I had the means I should be affraid to venture on the boats where, the Cholera is so frequent, therefore I shall have to give over the idea of going this summer.
Sister is living at this time at the place where she was borned (as Macon to whom the place belonged did not Sel it) She moved there about the time we left, from the place on Las River where She has been living Since she was married; She was anxious to move out with us but Mr Lancaster did not arrange matters so as to git off, I think it doubtful whether thing move at all; they have 7 or 8 children.
Aunt Sarah Hunt calls Herbert Harrises her home, but, the last I heard from her she was living with one of her grandchildren. She will never lack a home.
I enjoy my usual health. Give my best respects to your family and accept the same yourself from your affectionate Nephew.
Signed: Harry P. Taylor

Dear Uncle,

As Brother has written to you, I have nothing to write, please write soon and give ua all news. Give my best respects to your family, and except the same yourself, from your unworthy nephew.
Signed: Nat___ M. Taylor

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot.
Provenance: Keith Finley, 1998

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