Giles County Tennessee
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It Gives Me Mutch Pleaseure To Lerne
That She Was Prepared To Go ~ 1841
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Red circular handstamp postmark: Pulaski, Ten, Dec 21 and manuscript rate: 18, and: Mail }

Addressee: John Weir, Collumbus, E. Tennessee

Giles County Tennessee
November 18th 1841

Dear Sister and Brother
We received your letter dated the 23rd of November [October?] and with the greatest plaseure to for it has been some time since we have had a letter from you before but sorry to learn that Sister Mary Brown is no more but that is the way we must all go sooner or later. It gives me mutch pleaseure to lerne that she was prepared to go. If we all only can say when our times come we air reddey it will be enough. We air glad to hear that the rest of the connection air in good health. We air all in good health at this time. Their is three of our children living at home with us at this time and three that has left us tho but one married as yet that is George. He lives but a short distance from us. Samuel our youngest is away at school at this time. He has not finished his education yet. I expect that he will go to the South so soone as he getts his Education compleated as this is a pore country for a young man to make money in.

Talbert is living in South Missippi. He is at Machester. He is a hole sail murchent. Their he was in good health the last time we hird from him which was a short time ago. He is doing a good biznus.

I believe I have no other nuse to send you at this time. Times air verry dull and produce to. We have maid fine cropps in this country this year but it wont bring nothing sckaresly. Pork is onley worth from $2 to $2.50 per hundred lbs. Corne is worth about one dollar per half bhl and dull sail at that. Their has been a great menny hoggs taken from us in this part of the counrty this fawl but their is a great menny yet not soald nor wont be this season. Sonothing more at preasant onley give our respects to all the friends and say to them that we wood be glad tha wood right us so that we could them also. It wood give us great pleaseure so to do. We have ritten some several times since we have had any letter before this one. So nothing more at preasant onley.

We Remain
Your affectionet Brother and _____ [Sister?]
untill death Excuse hais [?]

Signed: James & Elizabeth [Wilson?]

Transcript of handwritten letter from James and Elizabeth Wilson (sister and brother-in-law of Nancy Weir Taylor) to John Weir (husband of Jane Weir -- Nancy's sister), Columbus, Polk County, E. Tennessee; dated November 18, 1841. The original letter is in the possession of great, great, great Nephew J. Edward Taylor, Maryville, Tennessee.
Transcript made by Mary Lynn Taylor.

From the Collection of J. Edward Taylor
Provenance: A Treasured Family Heirloom

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