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Life and Death in East Tennessee
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“I hope we may meat in a better world...”

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Stampless folded letter sheet.
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       Tazewell Tn Nov 22
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       Mr. Charles Lewis
       Lynn County
       Lynnian P.O.

Tazewell TN postmark

FLS full front
State of Tennessee Claibourn County
November the 18. 1850
Dear sister & Brother
After a delay of some considerable time, we put pen to paper to give you some information concerning our selves and cuntry as we promised and we feell that it is our duty in the first place to ask for givveness for our failure in not writing as we promised and hope you will do us the kindness to do so. I will now state to you that we are all well as common, and so as the connection. The Helth of this County and adjoining ones ar generally good times ar hard in this cuntry. Corn crops ar very indifferant this season. Corn is going to b a very good price. Other property at tolerable prices. Their is nothing very strange in thi as parts. Their as a good many People leaving East Tennessee, some for Arkansas & some for Texas and other places and their is a great many preparing to leave this state for verrious places to tedious to mension, we will now state some facts touching the perticulars of our family &c. Our daughter Manerry who married Philip Bewley departed this life on the 30th day of May 1848 leaving one child whose name is Joseph and we ar keeping him and has bin sense her death. we arrived at their house some five minutes before she died but she was unable to speak or to reccognise us. But we was informed by her attendents that she was willing and prepared to exchange this life for a better one. Phillip Bewley arived at my houst some three weeks back from Misouria, he was at Jackson Harpers and they was all well when he left. Green Cardwell & Jane ar well & have two fine children a Boy & Girl & wishes to be remembered to you all Our daughter Eliza was married the 17 day of April last to Wm. M. Cleveland of Grainger County, and they wish to be remembered to you all. they live in about eight miles of us in Grainger County. I will now state some thing concerning your mother & Father Moore. they ar as well as could bea exspected. they still speak of selling & comeing to your state. they tinder to you their love & wish to bea remembered by you. The old man is getting tolerable frail, he has lost his hearing more than when you saw him last. Brother Charles I will now say something concernig your Father & Mother they ar well as much so as people of their age. The old man went this Fall to North Carolina to sea his Sisters and found them well so I am informed, he has arived back at home safe. The old man is one among the smartest men of Claibourne County of his age. William Lewis and Family ar well, he has three daughters Married sense you was hear. Samuel Moore snr & Family is well. three of his childern Lewis, Jasper, & Caroline & familes moved this fall to Arkansas. John Jennings & Family ar well they ar living on my land and has a fine daughter making in all seven children. Samuel N. Moore is now hear and as well togeather with his family. he is living on the Butler farm. he expects to leave this cuntry next fall for arkansas. they send you their love and wishes to bea remembered by you. Concerning the lawsuit between William Butler & the the Bullards. Butler gained it But the Administrators brought Alfred Moore in debt about the amount that John Bullard was owing him. theas lines is Alfred more from Samuel Moore

Give our love and respects to Alfred & esq M___* and wishes to bea remembered by them and ___ them to write to us & tell them that if they wish to sea their Father & Mother they had better come to this cuntry and sea them for if they sell out I donot believe they will bea able to get to your cuntry. Zilph sends her perticular love & respects to Elisabeth & Lousinda Lewis and wishes to bea remembered by them she would bea powerful glad to sea them. And now in Conclusion we will tender to you howdy & fairwell. I hope we may meat in a better world where parting between friends will be no more. So farewell for the presant. Andrew & Zilpha Jennings

To Charles & Elizabeth Lewis. N.B. bea sixtain & answers this letter and gives us all the News & that you think proper Do not bea like us fail to write

November 18, 1850 letter from Anderson Jennings and Zilpha Jennings in Claiborne County, Tennessee to Charles and Elizabeth Lewis in Linneus, Linn County, Missouri.

* Alfred and Squire Moore

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