“... the value of John & the two men I sold you ...”
Davidson County Tennessee
~ 1848 ~

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Nashville Tennessee cover.

(Faint) Blue Circular Postmark:
(Faint) Blue Circular Sawtooth rate:
       Mrs. Caroline F. R. Morgan

Nashville 20 March 1848
Dear Caroline,
I am today in receipt of your much esteemed favour of the 10th inst with the inclosures for which please accept my thanks. Notice you feel hurt by my letter of 26th. I am sorry you felt so, for I did not intend to hurt your feelings. I was very much perplexed and harrasses in my mind my character was at stake and from you I saw was the only chance to get relief.
I wrote you a few days since a short letter feeling then quite unwell and though now better am not yet well. You will find inclosed my receipt for the $1075 being the difference in the values of the Lynchburg property and you will see at the bottom of the receipt that what I have stated it does not include the difference in the value of John & the two men I sold you, as you will see pr statement on the other side.
If you have not made arrangements for the clothing for the negroes & for bacon fro the plantation had you not but do so. Bacon can be had (sides) at St. Louis at 3 to 3½ ¢ they must be fed. Have heard nothing from Mr Early since he got to the plantation. Hope he is doing well and may make a good crop. I want to go down there in a few weeks. If things are not managed better than they have been down there it will be a losing business. I owe him about $340 for bagging and twine to be paid when the cotton is sold which please bear in mind say to Mary Elizabeth her kind letter will answer soon. Mary joins me in love to you all - affectionately your friend & brother
W H Morgan
Amount of property valued to WH Morgan
Brick House & Lot (Richards)       $5000.00
Lot on Lynch Street 625.00      



Blind Henry


Martha & 3 Children       1300.00
Sally & 2 Children       600.00
Amount to estate James W. Morgan      
Wood Tenement (Clary)       2500.00
White House Glass       2000.00
Factory JWM       2000.00
Dick Pryor       700.00
Pleasant       650.00
Harry       500.00
Alfred       500.00
Edmond       100.00
Sally Clark & 5 children       1400.00

Due WH Morgan on division       $1075.00
     "       for Warwick & Enock 1400.00

Less Chuck cost       1075
From which deduct price of John       1400.00

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