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      This project, currently Under Construction, is a limited bibliography page where information pertaining to books about the First People of the American Southeast be presented. Some of the books may be out of print, some may be reprinted, and occasionally a few might be available online. Often, major libraries will have copies. The newer books may still be available commercially. To quickly check on current book availability, or are good places to start. For the older and antiquarian books, try (ABE=Advanced Book Exchange, Inc.) or
      The University of Oklahoma Press, Norman Oklahoma, publishes many excellent books on our First People. You may visit their website here.
Fred Smoot

Pre 1900 Books, &c.

Adair, James,  The History of the American Indians, Particularly those Nations Adjoining the Mississippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia., London, E. & C. Dilly, 1775. Reprint Services Corp; ISBN: 0781214009
        (Original copies can cost $3,000 to $6,000.)

Bartram, WilliamTravels Through North and South Carolina, Georgia, etc.,
Facsimile of the 1792 London edition by Beehive Press Savannah Georgia (Library binding #8013)
Also availble is a reprint of 1928 edition from Dover Publications.
        Bartram described his 1773-78 travels through southeast America, noting the characteristics of almost everything he encountered: rivers, groves, flora, fauna, swamps and lagoons, fish, tropical snakes, birds, the Cherokee march toward civilization, festivals of the Seminole, &c.
        There is another version, William Bartram on the Southeastern Indians, edited by Gregory A. Waselkov and Kathryn E. Holland Braund.

Lourie, Walter and Clarke, Mathew St. Clair, (editors).  American State Papers, (Series 2., Indian Affairs), 1789-1815, 2 vols., Gales & Seaton, Washington, 1832.
      Official records of the Legislative and Executive branches of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the First to the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress inclusive, commencing March 3, 1789, and ending March 3, 1815. Documents of the first fourteen Congresses were published as the American State Papers.
Other Series in the American State Papers.
     Series 1, Foreign Relations, 6 vols., 1789-1828
     Series 3, Finance, 5 vols., 1789-1828
     Series 4, Commerce and Navigation, 2 vols., 1789-1823
     Series 5, Military Affairs, 7 vols., 1789-1838
     Series 6, Naval Affairs, 4 vols., 1794-1836
     Series 7, Post Office Department, 1 vol., 1790-1833
     Series 8, Public Lands, 8 vols. ,1789-1837
     Series 9, Claims, 1 vol., 1790-1823
     Series 10, Miscellaneous, 2 vols., 1789-1823

      The two volumes of Indian Affairs could cost $750.00 for the original edition, while the entire set (38 volumes) is in reprint and is currently being offered at $3,995.00 by William S. Hein and Co., Inc. You might want to check with your main library if you live in a very large city.

Powell, J. W., (director),   Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1883-‘84, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1887.
      Contains the Cherokee Nation of Indians  by Charles C. Royce, pages 129-378, and also contains The Seminole Indians of Florida, by Clay MacCanley, pages 475-531 Page images are available online. Interestingly, the images were made from Grant Forman’s copy of the book.

Powell, J. W., (director),  Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1885-1886, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1891
        Contains the Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees, by Mr. James Mooney, pages 307-397.
Page images are available online.

Powell, J. W., (director),  Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology - 1896-‘97, Vol II
        Dedicated to the Indian Land Cessions in the United States includes 64 Indian Cession maps, by Charles C. Royce.

Powell, J. W., (director),  Nineteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1902
        Contains the Myths of the Cherokee, by Mr. James Mooney.

Myths of the Cherokee and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees  by Mr. James Mooney are currently available in a single volume. Our copy from Charles and Randy Elder, Booksellers, Nashville Tennessee, 1982 (cloth), ISBN 0-918450-22-5. Paperback editions may be available from other publishers.

Timberlake, Lt. Henry,  The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake (Who accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians to England in the Year 1762) Containing whatever he observed remarkable, or worthy of public Notice, during his Travels to and from that Nation; wherein that Country, Government, Genius, and Customs of the Inhabitants, are authentically described., Reprint Services Corp; ISBN: 0781283922.
      See Henry Timberlake’s map of the Overhill Cherokee Towns - 1762.

Post 1900 Books, &c.

Anderson William L. (editor),  Cherokee Removal: Before and After, University of Georgia Press; Reprint edition (July 1992) ISBN: 0-820-3148-2X;

Burton, Jeffery,  Indian Territory and the United States, 1866-1906, (Vol. 1 - Legal History of North America series) University of Oklahoma Press, currently available from them, ISBN: 0-8061-2754-6 (cloth); ISBN: 0-8061-2918-2 (paperback).
“This innovative reappraisal of federal courts in Indian Territory shows how the United States Congress used judicial reform to suppress the Five Tribes’ governments and clear the way for Oklahoma statehood.”

Debo, Angie,  The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic. 1975. (Vol. 6 - The Civilization of the American Indian series) University of Oklahoma Press, 2nd edition currently available in paperback from them, ISBN: 0-8061-1247-6

Debo, Angie,  The Road To Disappearance, the History of the Creek Indians, 1979. (Vol. 22 - The Civilization of the American Indian series) University of Oklahoma Press, currently available in paperback from them, ISBN: 0-8061-1532-7
“The tragic story of the Creeks, from their great days as a powerful confederacy to the final destruction of their independent political identity by the Dawes Act . . .”

Ehle, John,  Trail of Tears, the Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation, Anchor Books - Doubleday, 1988, New York, ISBN: 0-385-23953-X

Everett, Dianna,  The Texas Cherokees: A People Between Two Fires, 1819 - 1840, (Vol. 203 - The Civilization of the American Indian series) University of Oklahoma Press, 1990,

Forman, Grant,  The Five Civilized Tribes, University of Oklahoma Press. Currently available in paperback from them, ISBN: 0-8061-0923-8.

Forman, Grant,  Indian Removal, (Vol. 2 - The Civilization of the American Indian series) University of Oklahoma Press, 1932, 1953. Currently available in paperback from them, ISBN: 0-8061-1172-0

Forman, Grant,  Sequoyah, University of Oklahoma Press, 1938. Currently available in paperback from them, ISBN: 0-8061-1056-2

Fries, Adelaide L., (editor)  Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 1752-1820. 7 volumes. Raleigh, N.C.: North Carolina Historical Commission, 1922-1943.
        Records of the Moravian Missionaries among the Indians (Cherokee). Out of print, limited availability. Apparently, this is an ongoing series now from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Currently in publication (and only in-print volume) is Volume XII, C. Daniel Crews and Lisa D. Bailey (editors), 2000, ISBN 0-86526-290-X

Gallay, Alan,  The Indian Slave Trade, the Rise of the English Empire in the American South 1670-1717, Yale University, 2002, ISBN: 0-300-08754-3.

Gibson, Arrell M.,  The Chickasaws, (Vol. 109 - The Civilization of the American Indian series) University of Oklahoma Press, 1971.

Goins, Charles Robert, and Caldwell, John Michael,  Historical Atlas of Louisiana, University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.

Henri, Florette,  The Southern Indians and Benjamin Hawkins, 1796-1816 University of Oklahoma Press, 1986, ISBN 0-8061-1968-3. Benjamin Hawkins was the U.S. chief agent to the Indian tribes in the American Southeast.

Kappler, Charles J., (compiler and editor)  Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties. Vol. II (Treaties), 1778-1883, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1904.
        This book contains the complete text of U.S. treaties with the First Nations. There are also two other volumes: Volume I (Laws, Compiled to Dec. 1, 1902) and Volume III (Laws, Compiled to Dec. 1, 1913). All three books are online at the Oklahoma State University Library website.

McLoughlin, William G.,  After the Trail of Tears: The Cherokees’ Struggle for Sovereignty, 1839-1880, 1993 (cloth), 1994 (paper)

McLoughlin, William G.,  Cherokees and Missionaries, 1789-1839, Yale University Press, 1984, cloth, ISBN: 0300030754; also available in paper.

McLoughlin, William G.,  Cherokee Renascence in the New Republic, Princeton University Press, 1986, ISBN: 0-691-04741-3

Miller, Lee, Roanoke, Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony, Acade Publishing, New York, first American edition, 2001, ISBN: 1-55970-584-1.
        This book not only covers the lost colony of Roanoke, but the intrigue behind the scenes of English politics of that time, and for researcher of our First People, the book covers the poor treatment the First People received from the colonists. Incidentally, the author, Lee Miller is of Kaw heritage. Her book is a must read!

Porter, Kenneth W.,  The Black Seminoles, University of Florida Press, 1996 (revised edition) ISBN: 0-8130-1451-4

Potter, Dorothy Williams,  Passports of the Southern Pioneers, 1770-1823, Indian, Spanish and Other Land Passports for Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore Maryland, 1982, ISBN: 0-8063-1272-6. This book has been recently reprinted in paperback by GPC.
       “By law, only persons issued passports were allowed to enter the southeastern territories, and so the passport records have the largest body of data relating to the pioneers to the Southeastern United States.” These “pioneers” were traveling through the First Nations.

Remini, Robert V.,  Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars, Viking Penguin, 2001 (cloth), ISBN: 0670910252

Rothrock, Mary U.,  Carolina Traders Among the Overhill Cherokees, 1690-1760, East Tennessee Historical Society Publication, No. 1, 1929

Skogen, Larry C.,  Indian Depredation Claims, 1796-1920, (Vol. 2 - Legal History of North America series), University of Oklahoma Press, 1996, Currently available in cloth from them, ISBN: 0-8061-2789-9.
       In 1796, the U.S. Congress created a depredation claims system (via civil claims) to compensate Indians and settlers alike for the loss of property and thereby preserve peace on the frontier. This book is about that system and not about the individual claims. The United States Court of Claims records of the individual claims are said be in storage at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C.

Wallace, Anthony F. C., Eric Foner (editor),  The Long, Bitter Trail: Andrew Jackson and the Indians, Hill & Wang, Incorporated, (paper) 1993. ISBN: 0809015528

Wallace, Anthony F. C.,  Jefferson and the Indians: The Tragic Fate of the First Americans, Harvard University Press, 1999, (cloth) ISBN: 0674000668, (paper) 2001, ISBN: 0674005481

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