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October Through November, 1998


Looking for info on any CHAPPELL, etc. In particular info on Moorgan CHAPPELL who lived in Maury Co. in 1870. The enumerator used only initials for the given names in his district and so I need the "real" names of the family members. There was also an "S. EWING" living in the household. Need her relationship. I can't find the family in 1860 and believe they may have been slaves. Moorgan moved his family to Marshall Co. by 1880 and had a different wife. Any information greatly appreciated.
Submitted on Fri Nov 27 14:47:56 EST 1998


I am interested in CARDENs of African-American decent. My Father-James E Carden was born in Bessemer Alabama in 1908. His Father James H. Carden was born in approximately 1880. I am not sure where he was born. I was informed there were black CARDEN family members in Coffee Co. TN. Thanks James E Carden, Jr
James E Carden -- 5620 Camden Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35228-3715
Submitted on Wed Nov 25 18:59:58 EST 1998


I am trying to find my ancestors, My father Talmadge Bryant was born in Labone, TN in 1896, He left there at the age of 13 and moved to WV, His date of birth was 12-25-1896. His mothers name was Mary and he had a sister named Roberta, this is all the information that I have. My father was an African American. His widow is still living at the age of 90.
Mary Walker
Submitted on Tue Nov 24 20:35:32 EST 1998


Thomas Seth MARTIN, maternal Great Grandfather
Vera Porter
Submitted on Tue Nov 24 19:27:03 EST 1998


Looking for anyone with info on the Merry family from Jackson TN. My Grandfather was Allen (not sure if spelled right) Merry. He had a twin brother named Elmer. There were many other brothers and sisters. His Son Allen (son of Allen Merry Sr.) is my father. My Grandfather's wife was Florine Merry. Her mother (my Great Grandma) was Katie (not sure on spelling) Franklin, her mother was full Native American (I'd love to know what tribe) her father was African American. I was told by my Grandmother Florine that my Grandpa(Allen's)family was also of Spanish decent. I would like to know more about the history of our family. I know that there is a High School in Jackson (Jackson Central Merry High School) named after my Great Grandpa (Allen & Elmer's daddy) I also know that my Grandpa (Allen) had another brother named Joe Merry, his wife was Mattie (Newbern) Merry. If you know my people, or are one of them, please contact me. I want my children to know the history of their family!
Yna (Merry) Johnson -- 4821 46th Ave South, Seattle, WA 98118
Submitted on Mon Nov 23 17:07:12 EST 1998


Looking for relatives: grandmothers maiden name was Meggie Latham, she was from Sweetwater mothers maiden name was Emma A Johnson she was from Harriman Tenn.
Freeman W McCroskey
Submitted on Mon Nov 23 09:38:41 EST 1998


Looking for George Bardwell & Morning Williams- Bardwell . Known to have died in Jackson . Birth is early 1800's .
William Johnson
Submitted on Mon Nov 23 00:07:27 EST 1998


HELEN SHOATE(S) MCELROY, seeking information on relatives of my grandmother born 9 June 1901 in Oakdale, Tn. Her parents were DANIEL SHOATE & MARY PORTER SHOATE. I believe my grandmother went to Cincinnati, Oh where she married at an early age and moved to Pittsburgh, Pa where she lived for many years until her death. My grandmother is one of I believe 7 siblings, however the only one I remember is Jennifer who lived in Cincinnati, Oh. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Sharon McElroy -- P.O. Box 968, Phoenix, AZ 85001
Submitted on Sun Nov 22 17:47:34 EST 1998


Am searching for any information on any of these surnames that would have a relationship to slaves from the Pres. Andrew Jackson Plantation(s) Either in Tennesssee or Mississippi. In Particular slaves decendents belonging to the families of Hannah and Aaron Jackson or Alfred Jackson. I am not sure of the names of the counties pre 1790. But, have the Davidson County for Nashville. No County for the Mississippi Plantation. I believe the name of the Plantation was Halcyon. Thanks.
Dorothy Haskins
Submitted on Sun Nov 22 14:21:26 EST 1998


My g-g-grandfather Frank Haskell and his brother Finley Scott migrated to Mo. in 1869 from Blount County, Tennessee. It is also said that he came from Blair island, near Knoxville, Tenn. My g-g-grandmother Mrs. Griffes traveled with them to Mo.. Both men took their names from their masters. It has been reported that their actual father was Yokley White.
Nancy Cash -- 2785 St. James Pl., Altadena, CA 91001
Submitted on Sat Nov 21 18:41:18 EST 1998


I am looking for SAMUEL JAMES CECIL and family as I'm one. I am also looking for SCOT CONATSER and family as I am one also.
Submitted on Fri Nov 20 13:46:27 EST 1998


Sarah AdelineDOBBS WILBANKS always said she had Cherokee blood but I have not found any roll # or proff.She was born in South Carolina and raised in Cherokee county Ga.
Betty Jo Power -- 703 North Ventura Rd Apt 320, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
Submitted on Fri Nov 20 13:03:30 EST 1998


Researching the family history of paul PERKINS sr. married to izola ELDER lived in lower Meigs county and Bradley county. It is said they descended from the BOWERMANS of meigs county which were not People of Color.
daphne locke -- daphne locke po box 194 , Charleston, TN 37310
Submitted on Fri Nov 20 12:34:10 EST 1998


Query for prince ARNOLD said to be Cherokee, lived in Bradley or McMinn county
daphne locke -- daphne locke po box 194, Charleston, TN 37310
Submitted on Fri Nov 20 12:25:07 EST 1998


Looking for any information on John Collins, not married to Angeline Charlotta Clemintine Collins. Gave birth to my grandfather, Edd (dob-01/01/1899)in Hancock County. Had a half brother named John also. Any information would be appreciated.
Loretta Collins Halasz -- 1212 Desiax Ave., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-0013
Submitted on Thu Nov 19 00:45:39 EST 1998


Looking for descendants of Linams from Lawrence and Wayne Counties in Tennessee and from the Union District of South Carolina.
Larry D. Griffin -- Larry D. Griffin, Bishop House, 518 East Courst Street, Dyersburg , TN 38024-4714
Submitted on Wed Nov 18 22:32:34 EST 1998


Interested in three aspects of Lautermilche, Lautermilch, Lautermilk, Loudermilch, Loudermilk, Laudermilk and Lowdermilk: 1) pre USA German history of Lautermilche families, 2) time and places of changes in spellings of the "Lautermilche"family names and 3) Afro-American or "People of Color" families with any of the above names. Willing to share information.
Dr. Max K. Lowdermilk -- 1901 West Mulberry Street , Fort Collins, CO 80521
Submitted on Wed Nov 18 21:22:24 EST 1998


I am searching for the parents of William H. HAGLER and Fred NESBITT. Bothe were born in TN. HAGLER was born in Carroll or Henry Cty, TN 1835>. NESBITT was living in Brewston, TN in 1876.
Shirley Montgomery -- 16874 Muirland St., Detroit, MI 48221
Submitted on Wed Nov 18 18:28:06 EST 1998


Lynette Broils
Submitted on Wed Nov 18 11:25:45 EST 1998


Looking for information on John COX, son of William LAULSBY and Mary COX. Born out of wedlock William and Mary soon married. John married Martha Lettitia CALFEE who was b. abt. 1801. Her father was James CALFEE who married Charity MURRAY on 22 Nov 1797. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Millie
Millie Conrad
Submitted on Tue Nov 17 16:49:08 EST 1998


George and Julia Sneed Bragg, Married. In the 1990 Census of Jefferson County, TN they had seven children. Fannie, Lizzie, Charley and Dora, four of the seven children. George Bragg, born in 1861 and Julia Sneed Bragg born in 1868. I am trying to locate additional info regarding George and Julia Sneed Bragg. I am the grandchild of Fannie Bragg Patterson.
Pat Lynch -- 14 Chadwick Circle, Nashua, TN 03062
Submitted on Mon Nov 16 09:04:13 EST 1998


I am looking for a John or John Henry McDonald of I think Lincoln County. He married Lucy Cunningham. I believe John's mother was Mag McDonald. They had at least six children together.
Sheia McDonald
Submitted on Sun Nov 15 21:47:47 EST 1998


I am looking for the Wiley's of Lincoln County. Hymon Wiley married Griffey Mae Wiley and they had two children. I think Hymon's father was named Ellem Wiley and Griffey's father was Leroy Beavers.
Sheia McDonald
Submitted on Sun Nov 15 21:43:27 EST 1998


From what I have been told, my great grand mother was part Cherokee. She was a slave on the Pleasant Garden Plantation in Lincoln county, the place was Mulberry, Tn. Her mother's name was Mary _________. She was a slave on this plantation. Being she was a slave on this plantation her last name would have been WHITAKER. I was told I would have to go back 7 generation from me. Researching the females in the family. I am the fourth generation of women in the family line. This is not possible since slavery was involved. Most of the people of color can not go back but 5 generations. I need to know what else I can do to trace my family line into the Cherokee Native Americans. I don't know when Mary WHITAKER was born or her family. I am trying to find out about Mary's parents. My father and his sibblings look as if they have quite a bit of Native American ancestry as do I. I have looked on the pages here noting the Black Cherokee Indians and have not found the name WHITAKER. Maybe, someone can be assistan
Carlotta G. Boatner -- P.O. Box 63, Lovejoy,, IL 62059
Submitted on Sun Nov 15 21:13:31 EST 1998


Seeking information on Harrison WHERRY, born in Shelby County, TN, Jan. 5, 1890. Married Etta STEWART, daughter of Henry and Almeda STEWARD(nine offspring). Also information on my ggrandfather, Charlie BREWSTER, (April 20, 1886), his son Anthony BREWSTER married Aline HOWARD?? daughter of Ella HOWARD, they had one son, Anthony BREWSTER, Jr. and one daughter Evelyn L. BREWSTER.
Charlie L. Wherry
Submitted on Sun Nov 15 04:39:53 EST 1998


Am looking for white slaveowners or plantation owners in Fayette County, Sommerville, TN during 1840 to 1870. Looking for Armstrongs, Turners or Redmond(Redman). GG grandmother is Delilah (Lila) Armstrong who married Bob Turner (Redmond,Redman) in 1868. G grandfather is Turner Armstrong believe to be fathered by white slaveowner or plantation owner. Turner born in 1860. Died in 1929. Delilah born in Virginia. Need leads as to what parts or towns in Virginia migrated to Fayette County, TN. When was Delilah born? Looking for any leads on Bob Turner (Redmond,Redman). Believed to be born in North Carolina.
V. Armstrong
Submitted on Fri Nov 13 12:50:56 EST 1998


I am interested in info pertaining to doctors of color in the 1700's and 1800's with the surname of Polk.
Marty Markham
Submitted on Fri Nov 13 12:46:16 EST 1998


Interested in finding people related to Sherd Parker from around Parkers Crossroads,Tn. It is said he never married but had several childern by his slaves. The Slave names are Pasty (No last name) Adelede Timberlake, Harriet Timberlake. I have some info on the Timberlake but none on Pasty which is whom I am a descendent of.
R. Wilson
Submitted on Thu Nov 12 17:17:38 EST 1998


I am searching for information on John West Borkcom born November 15, 1920 in Haywood County. Mother's name Sara (Sarah) Davis, Father called Love? Borkcom. Lived on Poplar Corner Rd. in the county. Has 3 children, Katherine Borkcom, John West Borkcom, Jr., John Lockhart. Was married to Alberta Key of Jackson, TN. Has one surviving sister, Minnie Russell currently residing in Brownsville.
Katherine Borkcom Gillespie
Submitted on Thu Nov 12 17:04:30 EST 1998


I am seeking data on my gggrandparents William Henry HUMPHREY and Mary Prince HUMPHREY. I believe they lived in maybe Henderson, TN or some or town that starts with H that is close to Finger, TN because my great aunt was born there. I believe they lived and were probably married in the state prior to migrating north to Jackson, Michigan. Thank you in advance for the support.
Petrice Walker -- Wayne State University, 5557 Cass Ave., Room 10 Cohn, Detroit, MI 48202
Submitted on Thu Nov 12 10:31:42 EST 1998


African American descendants of NANCE family from Lake County, and Muary City. My great grandmother's name is Bell Nance and she had children named, C.P., Lili Bell, Jessie, , et al. Some now reside in St. Louis, MO.
Regina Spencer
Submitted on Tue Nov 10 16:48:59 EST 1998


Looking for info on Arthur & Mollie ROBERTSON and their parents. Married in Ridgely, TN (Lake Co.) in the late 1800S. Both Arthur and Mollie surnames were ROBERTSON before they married. Mollie died in 1971.
Regina Spencer
Submitted on Tue Nov 10 16:35:05 EST 1998


Submitted on Tue Nov 10 14:19:12 EST 1998


I am trying to locate any information about the WYNN - HILL family of Tennessee. My grandfather's name was Jackson WYNN and his wife was Armanda HILL-WYNN. Their children were Lynn, Sonny, Eddie, Edna, and my father Thomas WYNN. They lived in the Covington / Memphis area (1800's - early 1900's) Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Carol Wynn
Submitted on Tue Nov 10 13:55:09 EST 1998


I'm searching for Major HOWARD born in Tennessee, where, I'm not sure. His son, Isaac Daniel HOWARD was born in Commerce, Missouri in 1863. Isaac m.Elizabeth Lowry CLINE in Stoddard county, Missouri in 1884.
Submitted on Sun Nov 8 19:33:28 EST 1998


Hi! Rufus ESTES was born in Maury County TN in 1857, freed in 1867from D.J. Estes who owned his mother, moved to Nashville, then to Chicago, where he worked for the Pullman Private Car Company and the U.S. Steel Companies. Wrote a cookbook, published in 1911, called "Good Things To Eat as Suggested by Rufus." Can You help find info. on him?
Dianna Seay -- P O Box 666, Jenks, OK 74037
Submitted on Sat Nov 7 15:50:25 EST 1998


Looking for relatives of Felix ROLLINS lived in Chattanooga 1904-1923, moved to Springfield OH, wife name Mary Maggie MCGINIS
Carl F. Rollins
Submitted on Fri Nov 6 22:06:41 EST 1998


In search of Ralph Evan HUDSON or any other HUDSONs in Tennessee related to Ralph HUDSON. He was born in 1949 or 50 and his famiy moved from Tennessee to Los Angeles when he was a child. (Compton ,Ca.) His parent names are unknown but his mother died while he was a child. He had one older brother a younger brother named Anthony HUDSON. He also had 2 sisters, one named Hilda HUDSON Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Cheryl Hudson
Submitted on Fri Nov 6 17:33:36 EST 1998


Looking for any information you may have on President Wiley NEWBERN. Area is around Jackson (Bemis), TN. Years are between 1840 and 1943. His wife, Ellen Gales died in 1942. I am sure he should have had siblings, and there should be some record of his marriage.
gwen maatthews
Submitted on Fri Nov 6 15:15:58 EST 1998


Looking for info on Will, John, James, Lela Francis Graham and their parents. Also on Claiborne Sharp; his parents. And on the Raper family; Will, Henry, Andy, and Joesephine. Time periods between 1860 and 1955.
John Graham -- 6548 East Garwood Circle, Knoxville, TN 37918
Submitted on Fri Nov 6 12:38:26 EST 1998


Looking for any information on Filmore KEY or Mallie (Mollie) MILLS (Husband and Wife). Parents, Siblings, cousins, anything. Filmore born 1849 d. 1927's, Mallie born 1867 d. 1905.
John F. Key, Jr.
Submitted on Fri Nov 6 01:03:23 EST 1998


William (b. 1853), Elic (b. 1854), and James (b.1842) JORDAN/JOURDEN/ JOURDAN were born in MS and moved to Madison Co. TN by 1870. Bill married Sapphire BOND in 1870 & had the following children: Ephriam BOND, Frank, Adla, Genie, Dellia, Emilia, Carrie, Vester, Alex, and Johnanna JORDAN; Elic married Gennie BOND & had the following children: Mary, Nancy, Billie, Ellix, Lynda & Carry; James married Lyddia (PRICE or AUTRY) & had the following children: Jack PRICE and James JORDAN. Other possible siblings to Bill, James & Elic were George and Charlotte. Looking for descendants of any African American JORDAN from the Madison County or Haywood County area.
Ivy I. Anderson
Submitted on Thu Nov 5 21:36:33 EST 1998


Leake -Henry
Carolyn Evans -- 6779 Cobden LN, Indianapolis, IN 46254
Submitted on Wed Nov 4 10:18:01 EST 1998


I am searhing for my Greatgrandfather and his ancesters and his wife(s) and her ancestors. His name was John RHEA, and her name was Hallith?,Harriet?, Sallie?, Sussie? or variants REDWINE both are said to have originated from Pennsylvania at some point, but I am open to NC and VA for either or both. Dou you have any clues? My grandfather changed the spelling of RHEA to RAY. That line married into HILL, and HENDRIX who are reported to have come through the Carolinas. Reuben Tucker HILL married Tabitha Ann (Nancy) CAGLE. They were from Moore County NC I am Rev Robert L."BoB' BARNES or I live in Florida and my phone number is 727-393-9832
Dr. Bob Barnes -- 6580 Seminole Blvd. #319 , Seminole, FL 33772
Submitted on Tue Nov 3 19:50:00 EST 1998


I am looking for my grandfather's relatives! His name was James GOOCH, b: in Oakland, MS 02/06/1888 and d: in Los Angeles, CA 02/20/1975. His parents were Hardy Terry GOOCH and Kizzie JONES. He was married to Sweetie Joy b: in Sardis, MS 04/03/1897 and d: in Memphis, TN 11/22/1954. The names of his brothers and sisters that I remember are: Jesse, Robert, Hardy Terry, Jr., Hesekiah, Fulton (could be a nickname), Tom, Berl, Retha Mae,(married name Hankins), Lula,(married name Brown), Lillie Bell, and Bessie. His brother Hezekiah was the founder, Pastor of "Old Riverside Baptist Church" on Mitchell Road in Memphis, TN. Can anyone help? Will share the information I have on this surname. Thanks so much.....
Lillie Fort
Submitted on Tue Nov 3 17:33:31 EST 1998


Charles DUNGEY/DUNGEE b.1797 in Tennessee? and unknown wife and son, WILLIAM E. DUNGEY/DUNGEE b.c.1832 in Cocke Co. TN. Charles and son migrated to Illinois. If you have any info on them or would like to receive info on their descendents, please contact me!
Jacquie MacWilliam -- 6546 4th Place, Vero Beach, FL 32968
Submitted on Mon Nov 2 12:16:11 EST 1998


I am looking for any HARRIS' and DICKEY's who possibly resided in Crockett and Obion Counties in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I am told the DICKEY's were from Henning, TN.
LaShanna Robinson
Submitted on Mon Nov 2 10:37:09 EST 1998


I am interested in finding any EMERY's or MILLER's who might have resided in Gibson and Crockett Counties in the late 1890's and early 1900's.
LaShanna Robinson
Submitted on Mon Nov 2 10:33:06 EST 1998


Maple Wiley
Sheia McDonald
Submitted on Sun Nov 1 19:47:09 EST 1998


Cowya Hockett
Sheia Mcdonald
Submitted on Sun Nov 1 19:44:52 EST 1998


A Genealogy Family Tree of these Surnames
Trenton Ensley
Submitted on Sun Nov 1 09:37:55 EST 1998


Submitted on Fri Oct 30 02:45:44 EST 1998


Seeking info on FREELING HUYSON COLLINS b:3/16/1816,Grainger or Hawkins Co.,(Now Hancock Co., Tn.)d:5/19/1888,Grainger Co.,Tn. Buried, Crackers Neck, Clapps Cem., Grainger Co.,Tn. m: HANNAH STEPHENS b:8/18/1821,N.C.(or)Tn. d:8/19/1896,Grainger Co., Tn. Buried, Clapps Cem., Grainger Co., Tn. Probable Melungeon. Wonder if he originated from the Newmans Ridge area. Father's name may have been AARON COLLINS who was found in Grainger Co.,Tn,1804.Freeling lived in Ky. prior to 1840. He is labeled FPC,& found on the 1850 Clay Co., Ky. census #88 No occupation, with the following children: Malinda 11yrs.b:Ky.,John 8yrs.b:Ky.,Aaron 6yrs.b:Ky.,Selvary(Sylvanie)4yrs.b:Ky.,Sarah 1yr.b:Ky.Also listed in his home is SARAH STEPHENS 22yrs.b:Tn.MARTHA STEPHENS 3yrs.b:Ky.(poss. Hannah's sister, niece). 1850 they moved & are listed as #592, ages vary & Martha Stephens is listed as a mulatto. Shortly after they moved back to Tn., no longer labeled FPC. Found in Grainger Co.,Tn.1860 census with 4 more children: Margaret 8yrs.b:Tn.,Lucy 6yrs.b:Tn., Hannah 3yrs.b:Tn.,Martha 2yrs.b:Tn. Family is also found in Union Co., Tn. in the 1870 census #33,then back in Grainger Co., Tn. for the 1880 census #24.It is said that Freeling owned a mine in Ky., but it was taken from him because of his color. In the Tn. Grainger Co. Marriage Bond & Licenses 1838-1866 Book #2 Freeling is listed as a bondsman on 2 marriages; Robert Collins & Margaret Stephens 9/16/1851 , Benjamin Collins & Jane Jones 1/3/1853 Wonder if they are his brothers, cousins, etc. If anything looks familiar, please contact me, all questions are welcomed.
Michelle Collins
Submitted on Sun Nov 1 12:11:02 EST 1998


I am searching for information on Titus JONES, from Covington TN. He married Nancy MICKENS. Titus JONES was the father of Russell Gordon Jones, Knoxville Tennessee.
Submitted on Sat Oct 24 13:53:38 EDT 1998


In the 1790's or early 1800's my ancestor THOMAS CHAMBERS and his wife KATIE LAWSON brought up to 20 slaves from NC to what is now Scott Co., TN. Tradition says they were with the family until the Emancipation Proclamation. Tradition (and physical evidence) indicates several were buried in the Chambers family cemetery near Buffalo Creek, TN. The slave graves are unmarked. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with information on these as yet unnamed pioneers.
Greg Chambers -- 2580 Sunderland Dr., Martinsville, IN 46151
Submitted on Wed Oct 28 09:15:34 EST 1998


We are searching for Violet ERVIN CLARK, Robert CLARK, Mark CLARK, and Mary A. CLARK all of Dover, TN as of 1973. Violet may have been married to a Henry Wallace Clark. We are searching for these people. They would be my stepfathers biological nephews and niece. We need medical information ASAP.
Tammy Shelley
Submitted on Mon Oct 26 21:39:55 EST 1998


I am searching information regarding the family of Love Young, a slave willed to Tandy K. Young by his father Merlin Young in a will dated 1841.
Yoladna Y. Williams
Submitted on Mon Oct 26 21:23:46 EST 1998


Looking for any information on Mary Ann Polly WILLIAMS . Born in 1790s in ??? lived in Lincoln co Tenn and married Rev James HALL born 1790s in Lincoln Co Tenn. their children --Elisha Prescott 1810 married Jemima Ball\ Elizabeth 1811 married James Taylor\ John W married Nancy Hall\ thomas 1812 married Sarah Taylor\ Jertha(Ruthy) 1815\ Jesse 1816 married Wiesecarver and Margert Taylor\ Elijha twin to Elisha married Mary Hall\ William c 1820 married Epsy Hall\ Permillia 1821 married William Vandiver \ Samuel 1826 married Butler and a Hawkins. Mary is said to be black dutch.\ they moved to Paint Rock , Ala had a Primative Baptist church there and Mary died and James remarried a Letha Moore\ some of these folks moved to Hot Springs Co Ark
SARAH WHITE -- 638 E. Saint Joseph St. , Paw Paw, MI 49079-1621
Submitted on Sun Oct 25 20:10:17 EST 1998


Looking for any info on Bruce H. SATTERFIELD, born mid 1860s, in TN? Married Mabel E. GREEN(E), born Mar. 1891. Indian Terr. BRUCE died 1957 in Indianapolis, Ind. Believed to have had two sisters in or around the Knoxville area. Any info appreciated.
Wade Satterfield -- 7714 Blackpool Rd., San Diego, CA 92114
Submitted on Sat Oct 24 22:04:53 EDT 1998


I am searching for information on Titus JONES, from Covington TN. He married Nancy MICKENS. Titus JONES was the father of Russell Gordon Jones, Knoxville Tennessee.
Sharon Kimbrough-Thomas
Submitted on Sat Oct 24 13:53:38 EDT 1998


Beatrice or Elizabeth REESE, from Tennessee but both migrated to Montgomery AL. Beatrice REESE married James McGhee from Prattville AL and the reside in Montgomery. Both James and Beatrice are deceased, but I don't know when they died or where they are buried. Lizzie,Beatrice's sister is alive in Montgomery but is elderly. I live in MA now my mother is Johnnye Mae McGhee daughter of Beatrice and James MCHEE. I have not found any records in Montgomery county on James or Beatrice, Thanks.
Sonia Perry
Submitted on Sat Oct 24 03:10:48 EDT 1998


A friend who does not have access to the Internet needs help on her genealogy and I volunteered to list the surnames she is researching and pass on any responses. She is interested in anyone researching BRIGGS, WAGGONER, DEAN, WILSON AND KNOTT from Lincoln County and Bedford county.
Sandi Craighead
Submitted on Thu Oct 22 20:56:45 EDT 1998


I would like to recieve any information about the following people who lived in Clarksville (Montgomery Co.)TN. 1800-1900, Betty BERRY,John GAINES,Josephine LOGAN, Sally LOGAN,Minnie LOGAN,Effie BERRY,Beatrice SMITH,& George SMITH. Thank You.
Charles C Lewis
Submitted on Thu Oct 22 01:13:30 EDT 1998


I am trying to locate my relative Charles Butler born approximately 1817 in Tenn.
Sue Prince
Submitted on Wed Oct 21 22:09:41 EDT 1998


seeking information on George Henry DRUMGOULD born April 15, 1870 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Victoria Morris
Submitted on Wed Oct 21 21:50:16 EDT 1998


I am looking for information on Lucy BOXHEY,BOXLEY,BUCKMAN, BIXLEYborn in 1842/3 in Obion County. She had a daughter Dena(Nanny)MORRIS Lucy was mulatto or native american. She married Robert L.Morris of Hickman, Kentucky.
Victoria Morris
Submitted on Wed Oct 21 21:45:15 EDT 1998


I am seeking information about my great grandparents. He was John P. BURKS (b. 1845,d. 1911). She was Frances Maria Richardson (b. 1848, d. 1899). They claimed to be Black Dutch. I have reason to believe there was a family tie to Giles County although they lived the latter part of their lives in Arkansas and are buried there. Thank you.
Bob Holyfield -- 492 Parker Avenue, Camden, AR 71701-2750
Submitted on Tue Oct 20 12:15:30 EDT 1998


I am looking for information about Henry Mosely (also spelled Mosley). He was listed in the 1810 census as living in Hawkins County, TN and a FPC. My family records say he was married to Rebecca Jones. ANY info would be helpful as I have run into a brick wall her. Thanks.
Donna Patterson
Submitted on Tue Oct 20 10:28:18 EDT 1998


I presently have documentation indicating that Orra L. C. Hughes worked with the Freedman's Bureau, in the area of Education, during 1867. According to the documentation I have, Mr. Hughes worked in Knoxville, Dandridge and Mossey Creek. I would be interested in any further information concerning Mr. Hughes and the work he completed while in TN.
Linda Munro -- PO BOX 146, Collins Center, NY 14035-0146
Submitted on Tue Oct 20 10:10:12 EDT 1998


Seeking information on Pleasant CLARK found in 1850 census for Grainger County. Married to Mary I.-- moved to Arkansas, Nevada County with Caroline THARP. Left family in TN. Information on Haley FOSTER moved from Virginia to Tenn.
Richard Foster -- P.O. Box 22213, Little Rock, AR 72221
Submitted on Mon Oct 19 14:56:15 EDT 1998


Looking for relatives of Matthew Bristol, m> Susan McCombs (Cherokee Indian), and brother Julius Bristol. All three died Burke County, North Carolina.
James Wakefield
Submitted on Sun Oct 18 22:29:14 EDT 1998


GOING, Daniel. Revolutionary War soldier from Bedford CO. VA. Settled in NE TN. Son Isham m. Susannah Bratcher.
J. Howard
Submitted on Sat Oct 17 18:57:59 EDT 1998


I am looking for info on Elneither Thomas who married George Griffin on Sept 9, 1909 in Memphis , TN. I would like to receive a copy of their marriage license. I also have an address of 793 Frank St., can someone tell me if it is still there? These are my grandparents. I would appreciate any help.
Anita Randle
Submitted on Sat Oct 17 12:33:30 EDT 1998


Jacob ARCHER moved with his family to middle Tenneessee about 1800 from North Carolina. Until 1850, the family was always listed as free black, after that time, they were listed as mulatto. The childern moved around Tennessee from Sumner County to Wilson County to Rutherford County to Davidson County. Some then moved to Kentucky while others moved to Missouri or Oklahoma. Several of the children and grandchildren married into other mulatto families such as the COLLINS and NICKENS. I'm looking for others in these family lines to share information.
Barry Archer
Submitted on Fri Oct 16 21:14:43 EDT 1998


ALEXANDER, REINHARDT -- Please E-mail the info on the surname- Alexander - of McNairy, Co., Tenn. By clicking your name, Jessie Fisher, I received an insufficient data. It was: http.// You had submitted a current query listing of some surnames, including Alexander, in your database. Thank you.
Gladys Armstrong
Submitted on Thu Oct 1 16:43:10 EDT 1998


I am searching for anyone who may have known Emma LOWERY or Washington CASEY or anyone who may be descendants of the CASEY or LOWERY families. These people resided in Savannah, TN. in the early 1900's, then moved to Obion County, TN. in the 1920s.
Submitted on Tue Oct 13 21:35:50 EDT 1998


Request family data, male, mulatto, David Crouch. Born Tn., moved to Ky. Found in census, lost data. Help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
Submitted on Tue Oct 13 19:46:17 EDT 1998


I'm looking for Daniel and Tempe/Tempy Cloud, who had four son Thomas, Henry, Brittan and Huston/houston Cloud born in Tennessee between 1849-1861. They moved to Texas about 1862. Daniel and Tempy are my grgrgrandparent. If any info please e-mail me.
John Neal
Submitted on Tue Oct 13 18:43:54 EDT 1998


My great grandmother, Frances TILLEY/TILLY, married William SMITH in Surry CTY, NC 1893. He paid a Bastardy Bond for her in Alleghany CTY, NC in 1873 (child's name, Warrick Winfield Tilley). I have been unable to locate her on the usual census' prior to 1880 anywhere. She is Indian mixed/Melungeon. Her mother was Sally TILLEY/TILLY who I cannot find any info on either. She is reported to have been born if Virginia. Since TN, NC, VA meet together at one or more points and in light of old maps, Frances may be on other census as a FPC or given away as well as Sally.
Denise C. Wood
Submitted on Mon Oct 12 19:20:06 EDT 1998



I would like to communicate with anyone researching the CARTER family of Middle Tennessee. Specifically, I am researching the family of Benjamin and Nancy Carter (b. 1835). They had the following children: Leroy (b. 1862). Elisha (b. 1866), Charlotte (b. 1868), Benjamin R. (b. 1871), Martha (b. 1872), Sarah (b. 1875), Mary, and Joseph. I know only that at the time of Martha's death in 1938, Joseph resided in Lebanon, Tennessee and Mary resided in Buffalo Valley, TN and was married to Wilburn C. Maddux. Mary and Wilburn had four children, Elisha, Willie, B., and Birdie Mae Maddux.
Simone Cummings -- 116B Purefoy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Submitted on Mon Oct 12 14:17:28 EDT 1998


I am looking for information on the CUMMINGS family of middle Tennessee. Specifically, I am looking to communicate with anyone researching the descendents of William CUMMINGS (b.1819-1828 in NC) and Lena Anderson (b. 1841-1845 in TN). William and Lena had the following children: Mary (b. 1858), Carroll (b. 1862), Martha (b. 1864), Rachel (b. 1866), Ulysses (b. 1867 in Dekalb County), Alex (b. 1871 in Buffalo Valley, TN), Fuston (b. 1872), Henry C. (b. 1875), Francis (b. 1879), John, Clabe, and Catherine.
Simone Cummings -- 116B Purefoy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Submitted on Mon Oct 12 14:04:01 EDT 1998


POLK, searching for any information on the following families. All lived at sometime and died around Bolivar, TN. HENRY & ADELINE POLK, both lived on a POLK plantation year of death unknown. JACK & MILLIE POLK, also lived on a POLK plantation, JACK POLK died around 10/49, and MILLIE POLK died around 6/43. Any information would be most helpful in tracking our family.
Patricia Carlwell -- 121 S. 19th Avenue, Maywood, IL 60153
Submitted on Mon Oct 12 08:40:02 EDT 1998


This person was born in a town called Coldwater, TN. He was born between 1910-1920. His mother was shot in TN in the 20's-30's. Any info. would be appreciated. Thank You
Steve Rowell -- 2231 N. Kedzie #2, Chicago, IL 60647
Submitted on Sun Oct 11 22:30:33 EDT 1998


Look for siblings and parents of William ELLIS born 1838 in Tenn. and Siblings and parents of his wife Mary HARRIS born 1842. Her parents from NC. They were most likely slaves but could have been free people of color.
H. Ellis
Submitted on Sun Oct 11 19:04:50 EDT 1998


Looking for descendants of James J BROWN, born 1808 in GA, wife, Martha PEEK, born 1815 in Overton Co, children, Sarah Jane BROWN b1834,Theadotias? Francis Elizabeth Judith Davis BROWN b 1835 and Ruben McDonald BROWN b1837. Sarah married Joseph Copeland BILBREY1853.Would like to know parents and sibblings of Martha PEEK.
Joni M. Smith -- 1419 Rockefeller, Everett, WA 98201
Submitted on Sun Oct 11 16:08:53 EDT 1998


James ALDRIDGE, Charles Melvin ALDRIDGE, Nathaniel ALDRIDGE,
Charles Aldridge
Submitted on Sun Oct 11 12:02:18 EDT 1998


N. Edward COOPER married Cynthia GRADY, Joseph HINES married Jane ? children: Mayford Franklin HINES married Effie May COOPER
Dawn Cloakey
Submitted on Sun Oct 11 02:04:13 EDT 1998


Inquiring about Rufus SETTLES from McMinnville, TN. Worked for the Southern Railroad as a cook. Married in Jasper, TN (Marion County) to Betty Greer. Born in the early 1880's, died 1924, in Marion County. Lived in Shellmound, TN. Understand he was an orphan. Grateful for any info on his parents (biological or adoptive) and siblings, if any. Thanks.
Wm Stuart House -- 1114 Princeton Drive NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106-2615
Submitted on Sat Oct 10 03:28:08 EDT 1998


I am looking for information on my gggrandfather: Wyatt BYRD. He and his family moved from NC(1835)to Ohio(1843), but stopped several places along the way. I found a reference to a marriage in "Henry County" TN between a Wyatt BIRD and Alpha MEASLER on April 22, 1842. Does Henry Co still exist? Is there a way to find out if this was a marriage of Free Colored?
Jan K
Submitted on Fri Oct 9 22:53:02 EDT 1998


can anyone tell me anything about Johnny MCMAHAN a black man that lived at the Mitchell hotel in the 1920 and 1930s and who his parents are,he worked at ths hotel and worked for Maryann Mitchell,,in Sevierville,Tn
Bobby Wilhoite -- 111 mnt view dr., Sevierville, TN 37862
Submitted on Fri Oct 9 14:39:53 EDT 1998


Looking for African Americans surname of DOCKERY , from Tennessee during 1850-1860. The father 's name was Joseph. The family was located in Washington county, Texas , 1870 census.
Helen Dockery Taplett
Submitted on Fri Oct 9 00:17:52 EDT 1998


looking for ancestors/descendants of Tolton (tip) Bradshaw, and his wife. Wife was maiden name Anderson; first husband surname Rucker. Tolton was her second husband. She had seven children Blanche, Barney and Lee Rucker; Kenneth,Homer, Philip, Louis, & Edward Bradshaw. They migrated from Tennessee to Tacoma, Washington.
Submitted on Thu Oct 8 14:36:53 EDT 1998


looking for any information on the following people: ELLIS (mary and jerry); also of Missouri. charlie barbee, also of Texas; archie, cecelia and zelma tatum.
Submitted on Thu Oct 8 14:26:56 EDT 1998


I,m seeking any information on Holbert's who were slaves that moved to Texas during the 1800's. Those particular with Pleasent Holbert who was a slave owner in Linn County, TN. Clayton Holbert was a ex-slave of Pleasent holbert who moved to Kansas.
Philip Holbert
Submitted on Tue Oct 6 20:08:33 EDT 1998


Looking for information on Paternal g grandfather George Cornelius GRADY Sr.(Grandpa Duke)b. 1881 I think Sattlersville, TN (this could be wrong since I've never heard of a city of that name) d. 1951 in same city or Kokomo,IN. m. Emma Rene FORT (BigMama) b. Oct. 26, 1884 d. Jul. 23, 1964 Kokomo. Children of union: George C Grady Jr. b. Mar. 4, 1911 d.Oct 1984, Isom Grady b.? d. 1970, William H.Grady b. Feb. 1, 1905 d. 1982, Joe Sepuhus Grady b. Feb 4, ? d. 1990. Any and all info will be appreciated.
Charity Goudy
Submitted on Tue Oct 6 11:25:08 EDT 1998


Jacob Nideffer (Nidever) Nydiger - b 1808 TN possibly Hawkins Co Tn mov to Orange Co In. M Nancy Polly Willougby 16 Jun 1832, listed 1820 cens Orange co, 1841 tax list with Jacob, Isaac, John Neidaffer - all listed fm TN. Any of this family listed?
Janet Chilton Aunan -- 608 East 20th St, Atlantic, IA 50022
Submitted on Mon Oct 5 11:55:56 EDT 1998


Looking for any WILHOITE from Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Barbara J. Holmes
Submitted on Sun Oct 4 22:23:32 EDT 1998


Looking for any information on a Noah Manley Hodge b. Aug 16, 1882. that Married Nellie Blanche Northern b Apr. 9,1885. Also looking for Prior J. Parrott b June 1851, d. May 29, ? also Marietta Parrott,( She might have married a Morgan) b.Aug 28,1888. died in 1916. Lula D. Northern b.Oct 1877 also Bucher Northern b. June 17,1873. Also any thing about Thomas S. Northern b. Dec. 14, 1833 that Married Susan E. (Betty) Sherrod b. Mar. 7, 1850 whos Father was James Jessie Sherrod and Mother was Dorcus Jolly(Jollay) any information on all above will be appreciated.
Barbara Brown
Submitted on Sun Oct 4 09:55:47 EDT 1998


ALEXANDER, REINHARDT -- Please E-mail the info on the surname- Alexander - of McNairy, Co., Tenn. By clicking your name, Jessie Fisher,I received an insufficient data. It was: http.// had submitted a current query listing of some surnames, including Alexander,in yourdatabase. Thank you.
Gladys Armstrong
Submitted on Thu Oct 1 16:43:10 EDT 1998

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