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March and April, 1999


Logan CARSON, Cindy CARSON, Rufus CARSON, Jason CARSON Cheerokee, NC McDowell County NC , Marion NC.
Submitted on Wed Apr 28 21:29:41 EDT 1999


I am looking for information on Kimbrough's. My grandfather's name was John Thomas Kimbrough. He had a brother nicknamed Doc and a sister named Margaret. He had another brother who was married to a lady named Lucille. I believe all of his siblings are dead. His mother died when he was 12 years old and I believe her name was Rosa. I am looking for any African Americans living in Tennessee with the last name of Lay. I am looking in particular for Ronald Lay who would likely be in his 50's or 60's by now.
Kim Kimbrough
Submitted on Wed Apr 28 17:45:04 EDT 1999


I am looking for my father. I know that his name is Ronald Lay and he was from Tennessee. In the late 60's, he served in the military ( I believe the Army). He was in Michigan in 1967 when he and my mother were together. Her first name is Peggy. I was born in 1968 and am an African American female. I am looking for ANY African American people residing in Tennessee by the last name of LAY. I do not want ANYTHING as I am an adult woman. I just want to meet my biological father and family. Thank you.
Kim Kimbrough
Submitted on Wed Apr 28 16:25:35 EDT 1999


I am looking for the children of WASHINGTON (WASH )BURNS &LEANNA RUCKER BURNS both were born approx. 1815 -1817 in Williamson county around leapersfork . The children I have are (Nancy /Clacey /Felix /John & William ). Wash was owned by a Methodist minister named WILLIAM BURNS his wife's name was KETURA RUCKER BURNS,william also owned a store called Jordans store . I have 10# generations 28#sets of twins -approx. 1,400 names . Contact me at tammievans413 P.S. twins are 90% girl boy twins /extra finger digets also running our family. Common Names :Ella /Adda/ Vera /Frances /Robert /John/ William/ George /Felix/ John. You may also contact me at 615-327 -6318 ater 5:30 p.m. untill 11:00p.m. mon. -thurs. Thanks
tammie -- 834 claiborne street, Nashville, TN 37210
Submitted on Tue Apr 27 22:49:42 EDT 1999


We are looking for any information on PRYOR . The son (Rudolphus PRYOR )was born in April 27 , 1888 in Mayfield , Kentucky. The father's name is Henry PRYOR, no other information is known.
Submitted on Sun Apr 11 18:25:06 EDT 1999


I am searching for relations to Jack Pursley & Peggy Malone, i don't believe there children from the relationship. my main interest is that of Peggy Malone. She did have a sister named Maud Odom who live in Sumner county from 1856 through 1900. Maud Odom had two children that were presumably white, Louise and Hardy. She later had two mulatto children, Mary Alice Odom and John Bayless Odom, these two children were by a man by the name of Harrison Odom. She later married a Frank Fulton. A Hallie, Sallie, Martha, and Elnora were a product of this union. Any help at all on these surnames is kindly appreciated.
R. Arthur Odon -- 2707 Windlow Drive, Dayton, OH 45406
Submitted on Sat Apr 10 22:57:20 EDT 1999


I would like to know if there is anyone researching the MOORE,COFFEE Lines.I would be willing to share information.both lines came from the late 1700's and was in T.N. Early 1700's anyhelp would be greatly appreciated thankyou Cheryle Blevins
Cheryle Blevins -- 2816 Calvin ave, Dayton, OH 45414
Submitted on Wed Apr 7 16:03:53 EDT 1999


I am researching several families that were listed mulato, black, and sometimes white. Prior to 1850 they were listed "free persons of color." The heads of these families are James Nickens, Thomas Barnes, Albert Scott, Washington (Watt) Manley, Jeremiah Collins, George Collins, and Jacob Archer. They left Wilson County between 1850-1860 and moved to Davidson County and lived in Bells Bend.
David Gregg -- 7205 Dalewood St., Florence, AL 35634
Submitted on Wed Apr 7 12:26:41 EDT 1999


Searching for any and all information available on BURNLEY and HOGAN families. Cherokee Heritage originally from White County, Tennessee..descended to Smith County, Tennesse (Dixon Springs)then to Hartsville, Tennessee (Trousdale County). E-Mail any info or questions.
Janet Burnley Adams
Submitted on Sat Apr 3 20:33:42 EST 1999


Want genealogical information about Milford Harlis Eugene Johnson, born 1906-1909/died Sept. 13, 1983. His Father's name was Dyer; His mother's name was Minne. Resided in Teta, TN.
anna durham
Submitted on Fri Apr 2 11:07:20 EST 1999


Lawson DAWSON was the last known owner of slaves named FAUCETT. Who gave the FAUCETT slaves their name?
Terry Faucett
Submitted on Wed Mar 31 15:47:41 EST 1999


DOTSON Several families with the surname Dotson lived in about the Big Harpeth River in Williamson County, Tennessee. The Dotsons were slave owners. My gggrandfather was a slave of Reuben Dotson. I am searching for will, deeds, and/or property records to identify the parents of my gggrandfather as well as other related information. My gggrandfather was born about 1820 where is unknown. He was a servant of Reuben Dotson in Attala County, Mississippi in the 1840s. Any information is appreciated.
Gwen Herndon
Submitted on Tue Mar 30 13:16:44 EST 1999


Relatives of John Commack or John Cammack married Ella Frazier in Virginia???
Frances Lemons
Submitted on Mon Mar 29 14:55:11 EST 1999


Submitted on Mon Mar 29 00:31:25 EST 1999


Looking for info and any relatives of Edward WILLIAMS, b. 25 Jan.1855-58,in Hickman Co. Enlisted in 24th infantry (buffalo soldier) on 25 Jan, 1876 at Nashville. Listed on enlistment as 'mulatto', may be African American and/or Native American descent. Served in TX,OK,AZ,UT and Spanish Am. War. Died in Albuquerque, NM, 12 Dec,1945.
Kent Salisbury
Submitted on Sun Mar 28 23:51:43 EST 1999


Looking for information regarding the name Pitzer. This was my grandfather's first name, Pitzer Bradley. We wonder if it was a last name, possibly a slave owner. Census records indicate this is possible. Pitzer was born in 1864, lived in Sullivan County, Tennessee, Wise County, Virginia. One wife was named Cloud. Thanks for any info. Freeman Bradley
Freeman Bradley
Submitted on Sun Mar 28 19:21:51 EST 1999


Skinner In Gibson County And Ledsinger In Dyer County
BOB REYNOLDS -- 7333 Kings Cove Dr. #103, Merriam, KS 66203
Submitted on Sun Mar 28 11:43:13 EST 1999


I'm searching for my Ward family. They're African-American. My father was named Roscoe Henderson Ward born May 4, 1904, he had 2 brothers John Luther Ward, and Ollie Ward. There may have been a sister but I don't know her name. My father was not close to his family and he died in 1954 while I was very young so I didn't get to know anything about him. I only saw my grandmother once she was a brown skinned woman even though my father and brothers were light skinned. When I visited my grandmother her husband then couldn't have been their father. They lived in Murfreesboro (Rutherford County) TN. My grandmother's name was Ella Jeanett. I don't know anything about her other than her name. I looking for any help I can get.
Roscoe Ward
Submitted on Sat Mar 27 20:55:06 EST 1999


Looking for surnames ELMORE or OFFICER who may have migrated to the Franklin Co. area from White Co.area.
James Gwynn
Submitted on Sat Mar 27 10:17:36 EST 1999


I am trying to find more information about my Grandfather William Joseph McCamey who was married to the the former Ruby Green. He died sometime between 1945 and 1949. Last know city of reference is Chatanooga, TN. Also, did any of the McCamey families own slaves? Thank-you!
Ron McCamey -- P.O. Box 2286 , Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716
Submitted on Thu Mar 25 02:50:53 EST 1999


I am searching for information on the Peck Family. My grandfathers name was George Peck. He was born in 1900 in Dandridge, Tenn.. He had 3 brothers - Sylvester, Authur, Harry and 1 sister Nellie. His mothers name was Anna Boyd-Peck and his fathers name was Robert Peck. He had some cousins with the last name of Sherfield and Swaggarty. My grandfather moved to Jefferson City, Tenn.. This is all the information that I have. Thanks in advance for any infomation.
Alicia Peck
Submitted on Wed Mar 24 20:06:20 EST 1999


Hi from France I'm looking for this Couthon's family who was fron Tenessee (about 1880) If anyone has information, please tell me. Best regard and sorry for my so bad english Stephane Couton
Stephane COUTON
Submitted on Wed Mar 24 12:20:54 EST 1999


Looking for any PRITCHARD'S that might have married Rose TAYLOR. Maybe from carroll or henderson counties. This was in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Leigh Pritchard
Submitted on Tue Mar 23 20:08:26 EST 1999


I'm searching for the parents of my grandmother, Cornelia Izora Dooley, who was born on April 24, 1905 in Columbia, Tennessee. I have been told that her parents names were James Dooley and Lily Franklin but I have not verified this information.
Submitted on Tue Mar 23 19:38:37 EST 1999


I am seeking slave data information on Isham (Isom) Shaw born around 1817-1820, any information regarding plantation under Shaw or Acorn names
Submitted on Tue Mar 23 01:15:31 EST 1999


I'm looking for Chastains burried in Ducktown TN.It is just into TN.from Northeast Ga.I would like to know what county it is in.and any information you might have on Chastain families burried there.Thank you Kathy
Submitted on Mon Mar 22 11:55:42 EST 1999


I am trying to find ancestors of my father Talmage or Talmadge BRYANT, dob 12-25-1895,his parents were supposed to have been William & Mary BRYANT, and he had a sister by the name of Roberta. His parents were supposed to have died at the same time from a accident.
Mary Walker
Submitted on Sun Mar 21 11:00:45 EST 1999


Looking for members of the GOOCH family in Tennessee? Particularly interested in the daughters born to Terry Gooch (b 1846) & Kizzie JONES (b abt 1866); they were Effie Gooch, Lilac or Lila Gooch, Carrie Gooch, and Lillie Bell Gooch. I only know they were my great aunts who lived & died, their names and nothing more yet! Their siblings were; Tom Gooch, Anna Gooch-JOHNSON, James Gooch, Willie T. Gooch, Bessie Gooch-ANDERSON, Willie T. Gooch, Lula Gooch-BROWN, Robert E. Gooch, Hardy Terry Gooch, Reatha Mae Gooch-HANKINS and Burl G. Gooch. These four ancestors are my brick wall/mystery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Willing to share what information I have on this Gooch line.
Lillie Fort
Submitted on Sat Mar 20 15:08:22 EST 1999


Looking for the ancestors of Ovil TIDWELL, b. 8 Apr 1893 in Tennessee. He was married to a WALLER, I think Maxie. They were reportedly from Dickson or Hickman County, TN. Ovil's last residence was in Antioch, Williamson Co, TN. There is suppose to be Native American in this ancestry - more than likely Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, or Chickasaw. Desperately searching. I can't find him listed anywhere!! Ovil is a wierd name, and I found it to be Portuguese, meaning "corral, sty, stall".
William Tidwell
Submitted on Fri Mar 19 08:28:22 EST 1999


KELLUM, I am willing to share information on my ggrandfather, John Wesley kellum who died on May 21, 1923 in Memphis, TN of Shelby County. He was borned on April 30, 1872 in Mississippi. His father was Simon Kellum who was borned in North Carolina. So please contact me to share information.
Levern Eady -- 619 S. 13TH ST., LEAVENWORTH, KS 66048
Submitted on Fri Mar 19 21:37:21 EST 1999


Looking for any information on the Durham family. Possibly from Tennessee or Virginia.
Submitted on Fri Mar 19 14:07:28 EST 1999


I am looking for anyone who has information on my grandmother Rosa Lucy ANTHONY also known as Lucille Anthony. born 6/30/1897 and died 5/24/62.She lived in the Nashville/Memphis area. Her father was George Anthony according to funeral home records.Her mother was Susie or Susan Thompson Anthony. She had two sisters only one's name known Christine Alberta Anthony Hill. We know she had some children in Memphis Tenn. and Nashville Tenn. Nina Norris Williams, Mary Norris and Dorthy ? Russell(her husband was in Kentucky military and important) and other children unknown
Lynn Taylor
Submitted on Thu Mar 18 20:41:05 EST 1999


Looking for info on ALSBERRY LASSITER (or LASTER) listed on 1850 census as mullato in Decatur Co. Tenn, I believe his mother was ZILPAH PETTYGRUE, who married CALEB PETTYGRUE. ALSBERRY LASTER was killed in the battle of Perryveill, Ky. leaving one child, Betty, my great-grandmother
Robert Allen
Submitted on Thu Mar 18 20:04:24 EST 1999


I am looking for information on the LEWALLEN family African-American/ and or Native American connection. My grandfather was rumored to be 1/8th black and legally/or passing as white. His family origin supposedly came from Soth Carolina, but his place of origin on my father's birth certificate is listed as "Marion County, TN". My grandfather's name was HENRY CLAYTON LEWALLEN, he married EMMALINE STANFORD and raised a family in Glenmary, Scott Co. TN. He may have had Native American blood also. His features were of wispy black hair, high cheek bones, and an wide angular nose - features not affiliated with his Welsh heritage. Thank you in advance.
Rodney Curtis Lewallen -- 1901 West 50th Str., Cleveland, OH 44102
Submitted on Wed Mar 17 13:01:24 EST 1999


I am looking for Sherd Parker who lived at Parker Crossroad 1890 and before. He had several children by 3 slaves. Two of the women were sisters by the name of Timberlake and one who is Indian whos name is listed only as Patsey Parker. Most decendent took the Parker name some took the Timberlake name. Any information you know would help. I have reached a dead end.
Submitted on Wed Mar 17 09:55:03 EST 1999


Native American/black heritage from Tennessee that may be relatives of Fred Robertson before & after the turn of the century (1900)
Submitted on Tue Mar 16 16:58:04 EST 1999


I need to find information on Noble Cirt CAROTHERS Sr. and Bessie Mai McCULLUM and their families dating back from 1835 to 1d950.
Katherine White
Submitted on Sat Mar 13 15:21:28 EST 1999


Seeking information and birthplace in Tenn of Anthony WINSTON b abt 1828... married to Sarah Jane ????...she was born in Ky abt 1832.
Submitted on Fri Mar 12 23:55:17 EST 1999


Looking for Joseph MOSLEY or MOSELY from Tennessee born around 1867. Moved to Illinois (Jacksonville) married twice 2nd marriage to Emma DIVERS(?) 1 child from that marriage named Rebia Mosley (later) LINDSEY. Other children from 1st marriage - Cora, Elsie.
Stephanie Washington
Submitted on Fri Mar 12 12:50:36 EST 1999


I am searching for any children of Mary Magdalene HOWARD from Pulaski,Tennessee. My mother, Debra Jean HOWARD, was her born to Mary on August 23, 1959 in Giles County. We are searching for the other children that Mary Magdalene HOWARD had. We do not know if she was married at a later date or not. We were told that she died when she was in her 40's. Please notify me if you can locate any of my mother's brothers and sisters. The only person my mother could remember was a brother named William, but she was only three or four when she was seperated from the family so she can't be completely sure.
Deborah Walker -- P.O. Box 165, Slocomb, AL 36375-0165
Submitted on Thu Mar 11 12:39:49 EST 1999


Mattie or Hattie Harriet Harrison, my grandmother for the 1900 Census in St Paul Minn. for her b.p. Ohio but her mother's Tenn. not having any information only census, Hattie was married to William P Harrison from Maine,having no luck for Mattie, Harrison but on my mother death cert.the name is Hattie Harrison, any information would help to find gggrandmother from Tenn.and Hattie Scott from Ohio, her b. around 1865.
Ann M Glover -- P.O. Bx 361, Cameron Park , CA 95682
Submitted on Wed Mar 10 23:48:46 EST 1999


1870 Davidson County, Nashville Tenn. Payton a.k.a. Howard Peyton Woods listed as a farmer, with a wife Fanny ,and their children. This family my grandparents, left Tenn and move to Springfield City Ohio 1880 until grand parents death abt.1915-1910.1870 have Payton and child emma as mullatto, the rest blacks,1880 in Ohio the whole family mullatto. any information for Fanny (Fannie) family would really be appreciated. Fannie and howard b.p.tenn-1830 for Howard,1835 for fannie. my e-mail gtlost pacbell net. or P.O, Box 361,Cameron Park Ca.95682
Ann M Glover -- P.O.Box 361, Cameron Park, CA 95682
Submitted on Wed Mar 10 23:31:44 EST 1999


I'd like to find information on the ANDREW FULTON of Morristown, Tenn. Also, I would like to find information on the Long Family. The Long Family from Dandridge and Morristown.
Sterling Fulton-Smith
Submitted on Wed Mar 10 12:17:31 EST 1999


My grandfather was Clarence Emmett Lewis, born in Chattanooga, TN Sept. 11, 1915. His parents were Emzie & William Lewis. He also had a brother, David Lewis. Mother & sons moved to Dayton, Ohio, where Clarence later married Margaret Turner of Belpre, Ohio, they had 3 children. He was a Tuskeegee Airman & a 2nd lieutenant in the US Air Force Stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton. David Married Erma (I don't know her maiden name) they had no children. I am looking for any information about any family members from this part of my heritage.
Alisa Dawson --
Submitted on Wed Mar 10 12:17:31 EST 1999


Looking for any AA Pettijohns or Beauchamps; variant spellings: Pettigon Pettyjohn Pettijean Pettyjean Any AA Beauchamp var spelling Beaucham County not known Mixed ancestry possible
P Pettijohn
Submitted on Mon Mar 8 22:19:30 EST 1999


Looking for any decendants of Rubin Northern (b.1800 North Carolina), lived in Hardeman County in 1870 TN census, had sons Peter, Ria, Jack, Sam, possibly others.
gwen northern matthews
Submitted on Mon Mar 8 16:35:11 EST 1999


Alexander &Harriet__?____,KNOX, married 1872 they had 12 children. Alexander Knox wasb,1851 in MS.his parents are from SC. Harriet_______?was b,1855 in MS,her parents was form TN. Need information on Harriet and Alexander parents and siblings please thanks inadvance.Harriet is part native american Dee.
Submitted on Mon Mar 8 09:48:32 EST 1999


looking for parents of virgie key-clifton, born 1904; her father wascalled jim hambers, known to carry knife; her mothers name startedwith an a. her children; james c., jerry, hazel, deede.
Submitted on Mon Mar 8 00:51:26 EST 1999


I'm looking for the HODGES connection. My Father's name was Thomas HODGES, born 3-21-29 and died 3-23-96. His fathers name was JOE EMILLO HODGES but he went by EMILLO. He died in 1949 or 1950. He had a brother named EDDIE HODGES and a sister (we think her name was Mary) the sister had a son name JOSEPH JACKSON who died in 1984. THOMAS HODGES had a son named JEFFREY EMILE HODGES. They were devout Catholics. They worked for the railroad. They are tri-racial. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Gayle Edwards -- PO Box 576, Maple Valley , WA 98038
Submitted on Sun Mar 7 16:47:13 EST 1999


Lytton BOLDEN, born in Tennessee, possibly Jefferson County, approximately 1878. At least one sister named Sallie Bolden, born approximately 1884. Their parents were born in Virginia
Phillip S. Brown
Submitted on Sun Mar 7 13:05:21 EST 1999


Looking for confirmation of the parents of Fannie (MITCHELL) BROWN, b. January 1875 in Georgia. Found a Fannie MITCHELL, age 5, in the 1880 Pike Co., GA census with the following family: Parents: Ellie and Lucy MITCHELL. Siblings: George A., Conelis/Candis, Mary, Sarah, Lucy Jr., Lewis A. Others in household: C. GASTIN, F. SIMMONS (with children Mary and Ada). I traced these folks back to the 1870 Pike Co., GA census as well: Parents: Alex & Lucy MITCHELL Children: Cicero, Roda, Georgia A., Canelis/Candis, Mary, Sarah. Fannie married Pink BROWN in Smith Co., Texas, approx. 1890. Their children are (in approximate order):
Henry (b. March 1890),
Nannie/Annie (b. June 1892),
Augustus (b. February 1894),
Marcellus (b. March 1895),
Rufus (b. February 1897),
Nelse (Nelson?) (b. December 1898),
James (Jim? John?) (b. May 1900),
Maria/Mariah/Marie (b. 1904),
William (b. 18 Feb 1906; d. 24 Oct 1986).
Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.
Submitted on Sat Mar 6 17:34:29 EST 1999


I am looking for Pow'ell Reed, related to Sallie B. Reed Chapman who came from Virginia in the late 1880's or early 1900's. She married Pete Chapman from Jonesboro, TN. in 1892.
Rose Thompson -- 4527 Clairson Drive, Knoxville, TN 37931
Submitted on Fri Mar 5 21:48:59 EST 1999


I would love to correspond with anyone who has information on Sirous and Souy LUCAS who are listed in the 1870 Henderson County, TN, census. Sirous was 50 years old at that time and Souy was 35. Sirous was born in SC and Souy in TN. I believe that Sirous came to TN with Kenzie (Kensey) LUCAS, or Levisa LUCAS who lived next door. Levisa was my great-great grandmother and Kenzie, her son, was my great grandfather.
Marion Benham
Submitted on Wed Mar 3 11:28:04 EST 1999


ADEN, AIDEN, SADLER AND BELL: I am looking for information in a Henry Aiden, born Henry Aden@ 1870. He was the son of Nelson and Lizy Aden, according to the 1880 census. His siblings included: Osmond, Marie, Algaretta, Charlotte and Alabama. Nelson Aden was from Rockingham, Va., Henry, my g-grandfather had several wives: Lizzie, Lucy and Tennie. Henry died around 1922 or so. Any information about his family would be appreciated.
A. Scruggs -- 4217 Bexley Blvd, S. Euclid, OH 44121
Submitted on Wed Mar 3 02:02:24 EST 1999


ADKERSON aka ADKISSON, ATKISSON, PEIRCE: I am searching for information on my great-great grandmother Charlotte (Lottie) Adkerson Peirce. She was born in SC, but ended up in Rutherford, Cty., Tn. She was black. In 1874, she married Andy Peirce. They had several children: Calvin, Molly, Rufus, and Henry. In 1880, Andy and Henry died. She then had a daughter by Gaines Richardson. The daugther, Odelia Richardson Moore was my great-grandmother. I think Lottie died around 1884.
Submitted on Wed Mar 3 01:18:26 EST 1999


I am starting to research my family history. If you have anything on TAYLOR, BRAGGS, EWERNS families of Henry, Co. Tenn (possible city of Como). I am also looking for STOREY/STORY of Mississippi. Please pass it on. Thanks a bunch!!!
Shawna Storey
Submitted on Tue Mar 2 23:21:04 EST 1999


I'm looking for Cherokee background for my mother-n-law she was born in Tellico plains, Tn. name- Jetta Lee GIBSON her fathers name was George Raymond GIBSON nad her mothers name was Miriam H. WEAR
valerie randolph -- hcr 4 box 105, birch tree, MO 65438
Submitted on Mon Mar 1 17:08:51 EST 1999

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