Slaves in Morgan Co. 1860 Mort. Sched.

Persons listed as slaves in the Morgan Co., Alabama, 1860 Mortality Schedule. Note: William McGill, 25yrs, Mulatto, Cook, born in TN, died in December of Typhoid pneumonia after 13 days sick, was not listed as a slave.
Name Age Sex Birthplace Month Died Occupation Cause of Death Days Sick District
Ellen Anderson 5 F Alabama October   Worms 2 Eastern
Sarah Jackson 18 F Alabama February Field hand Child bed 3 Eastern
Jane Jackson 1 F Alabama December   Whooping cough 10 Eastern
Bob Russel 2 mos. M Alabama January   Smothered - Eastern
Stephen Fletcher 6 M Alabama July   Unknown 8 Northwestern
Jerry Fletcher 60 M Virginia November Ferryman Unknown 8 Northwestern
Amanuel Strain 65 M Virginia March Field labor Cramp colic 1 Northwestern
Elizabeth Bean 1 F Alabama July   New Monia 2 Northwestern
Peter Rather 25 M Alabama October Field labor Scrofula 400 Northwestern
Corrie Smith 5 F Alabama February   Whooping cough 10 Northwestern
George Lyle 22 M Alabama December Field labor Brain fever 21 Northwestern
Julia Garth 43 F Alabama June Field labor Dropsy chest 175 Northwestern
Crieg Garth 55 F Virginia June Field labor Dis. Head 60 Northwestern
William Gibbs 48 M Virginia July Field labor Syphilas 6 mos. Northwestern
Mary Gill 35 F Alabama January Cook Consumption 90 Southwest
Harritt Orr 26 F Alabama October Field hand ? 6 Southwest
Charles Baker 29 M Alabama October Field hand Typhoid fever 21 Southwest

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