There are some interesting possibilities and further scrutiny is required. The
list on the COLBERT'S AND LOVE'S should prove quite helpful.

SOURCE              SLAVE           SLAVE OWNER
Choctaw CC 138?  Wm. & Matilda Abram  Lucinda Bynum
Choctaw CC 113  Susan Alexander   Sarah Harlan
Choctaw CC 113  Samuel & Martha Farrar  Cubby Love
Choctaw CC 110  Billy Anderson   Forbes LaFlore
Choctaw CC 110  Charles Anderson   Til-luk
Choctaw CC 110   Frank Polien    Thomas Pitchlyn
Choctaw CC 110  Sally Anderson   Mon-tub-by
Choctaw CC 40  Dave Franklin    Dave Burney
Choctaw CC 40  Millie Franklin   Peter Pitchlyn
Choctaw CC 112  George Bruner   John Howell
Choctaw CC 112  (Boris) Pitchlyn   Thomas Pitchlyn
Choctaw CC 112   Dicey Howell     John Howell
Choctaw CC 93  Tom Harrison & Emeline Harrison Ziddick Harrison
Choctaw CC 94  John Alexander   Holmes Colbert
Choctaw CC 105  July Joseph    (Molsey) Molcy Colbert
Choctaw CC 105  Rachel Joseph    Sam Colbert
Choctaw CC 91  Rebecca John & Sophia Graham William Thompson
Choctaw CC 91  Albert Carson    (Kruhey) Kruley Factor
Choctaw CC 89  Lucy & Sammy Tyson   Jack Riddle
Choctaw CC 89  Nate Johnson    Frank Colbert
Chickasaw 94         Lucy Richardson   Jack Riddle
Choctaw CC 52  Calvin & Edie James   Sam Colbert
Choctaw CC 52  Amanda, Elsie, Lizzie  James  Susie Colbert
Choctaw CC 52  (C)oyage James   Mosey (Molcy) Colbert
Chickasaw CC 553        Hannah Jordan   James Gaines
Choctaw CC 100  Zilphia Jones    Molsey (Molcy) Colbert
Choctaw CC 100  Stepney Roberts   Joe Colbert
Choctaw CC 100  Rhoda Roberts    Susie Colbert
Choctaw CC 100   William Paris   Forbes (LaFlor)
Chickasaw CC 741   Laura Jane Walton, Phillip & Mary Love Isaac Love
Chickasaw CC 470        William Love    Wilson Love
Chickasaw CC 470        Wesley Jackson   Daniel Harris
Chickasaw CC 470        Mary Love    James Guy
Chickasaw CC 470   Patsy Williams   Tennessee Bynum
Choctaw CC 101  Willis Paris    Molsey (Molcy) Colbert
Choctaw CC 101  William Parris (Paris)  Forbes (LaFlore)
Choctaw CC 111  Ephraim James   Atwood Colbert
Choctaw CC 111  Dina James & Serena Banks  Lucinda Bynum
Chickasaw CC 518        Randolph Thomas   James Tyson
Chickasaw CC 583    Henry  Stevenson   Tennessee Bynum
Chickasaw CC 583        Lou Stevenson    Cubby Love
Choctaw CC 90  Hardy Stevenson (Jr) and Salina Purcely George Purcely
Choctaw CC 90  Hardy Stevenson   Roberson James
Choctaw CC 92  Pleas L., Sy, Delphine Shoals Robert Jones
Choctaw CC 92  Rebecca Jones    William Thompson
Chickasaw CC 505        Nellie Taylor    Cubby Love
Chickasaw CC 505        Sam Crawford    Tucker Cole
Chickasaw CC 505        Dilsie Crawford   Walter Dabney
Chickasaw CC 581   Steve Stevenson   Joe Colbert
Chickasaw CC 581   Emeline Stevenson    Tennessee Bynum
Chickasaw CC 581       Albert & Nellie Taylor  Cubby Love
Choctaw CC 87  Butch Williams   Jane Grant
Choctaw CC 87  Judge Taylor    John McLish
Choctaw CC 87  Peggie Williams   Lucinda Bynum
Choctaw CC 19  John Taylor    (Jincy) Colbert
Choctaw CC 19  Reuben Taylor   Myers----------
Choctaw CC 19  Eliza Brewer     (Jincy) Cochran
Choctaw CC 117  Dick, Charley,Kiza Cuch-in-tub-by Cuch-in-tub-by
Choctaw CC 109  Vinney (Viney) Jordan  Matilda Manning
Choctaw CC 108  Henry Shannon   James McCoy
Choctaw CC 109  -------Stewart-------  Joe Colbert
Choctaw CC 109  Lucy Harris    Daniel Harris
Choctaw CC 112   George Bruner   John Howell

The following information comes from excerpts of "who Was Who Among the
Southern Indians", by Don Martini. I have one little request from any
researcher that makes a connection from this information. I would like to hear
from anyone with connections to the slave holding family or the descendant of
the slaves. It is my goal to compile as much information on these slaves and
make connections for all descendants with this history. Many of my ancestral
lines have history with these families and I would very much like too see us
make that connection again. The information is also given as a contribution to
the Afrigeneas Slave Data Project for Archival purposes, I'm sure with the
same intention, I just have a personal interest and feel the need to fulfill
it. I would also like to suggest, there will be references to information
sources in footnotes, if someone on the list has access to these documents,
microfilms, publications, would you forward your findings too me?


COLBERT, James Jr.-Chickasaw, was born about 1805, the son Major James
COLBERT. He was listed on the 1818  census and on June 14, 1828, was baptized
into the Martyn Mission near Holly Springs, MS. His two sons, Benjamin and
James Holmes, were baptized November 23 of the same year. At the time, James
was married to Sally McLISH, daughter of John McLISH. On November 9, 1831, he
gave slaves to his father (2). On January 25, 1833, he married Caroline Moore,
daughter of John B. Moore, in Shelby County, Tennessee (3)

James remained in the east for several years following the general removal of
the Chickasw people. He was listed on the 1840 Marshall County census. ...On
September 1, 1840, he was set to meet Benjamin LOVE with eight members of his
family and 26 slaves for the trip west, but he did not go (10)

In 1842 James decided to remove. On July 13 he and Caroline sold their reserve
of S10 T4 R3W (12). ...On November 3, he sold slaves to colbert MOORE (14) He
arrived in Indian Territory in December, 1842, his family consisting of three
males under 10...and 22 slaves (15).

The 1847 census shows James as half white, head of a household that consisted
of three males under 18, ...He then owned 38 slaves. In 1855 he was living in
Kiamitia County, ...He apparently died about 1856...

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COLBERT, Joseph-Chickasaw, was the son of Major James COLBERT. Listed on the
1818 census, he made two deeds approved May 30, 1837, ...The 1839 census shows
that his family consisted of three males under 10, ...He then owned 13 slaves.

(1) Chickasaw Reserves, OIA, roll 145

COLBERT, Lemuel-Chickasaw, was the son of chief Levi Colbert. On May 14, 1836,
he sold the Monroe County, MS (2). On April 10, 1838, he bought property
in that county (3). He was about to go west in May, 1838, planning to take his well as seven slaves (4). He was in Indian Territory in 1839.
...He still owned seven slaves. ...By 1847 his family had grown... and he
owned 14 slaves.

(2) Deed Book 5:30, Monroe County, MS
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(5) Chickasaw Nation Records, OHS, roll CKN 22, doc. 6081-6082

COLBERT, Major Levi-Chickasaw chief, was born in 1759 (1), the son of trader
James COLBERT. ...from 1800 to 1817 operated an inn on the Natchez Trace,
locate seven miles south of Colbert Ferry on Buzzard Roost Creek in present
Colbert County, AL.

...Levi gave his old home to his new son-in-law, Kilpatrick CARTER, and moved
to the Tombigbee location . (4)

In 1827-1828, he explored the west seeking a new home for the tribe, and did
so again in 1830-1831 and in 1833. About this time Josiah N. WALTON, a
resident of Monroe County, met Levi.....Levi fell ill in March, 1834, while
enroute to Washington and new treaty negotiations, and was left by the other
delegates at his daughter's home on buzzard Roost creek. ...Levi died June 2,
either at Buzzard Roost or at his third home west of the Tombigbee (6) Samuel
J. Gholson was named administrator of the estate, which consisted of 1200
cattle, 300 horses, 40 slaves,...(8)

Levi had a large family. The 1818 census shows that he and one wife,
Mintahoyo, had children Named Charles, Charity, Lemuel, Phyllis, Asa, and
...Mintahoyo COLBERT was mentioned several times after Levi's death. On May
13, 1836, she sold ...Identifying herself as #293, McGillivray's District (14)
She was about to move west on May 7, 1838, taking with her a well
as 13 slaves (15)...Mintayoho was added to the reserve list on May 28, 1839,
she then having four persons in her family (18) the 1839 census in the Indian
Territory shows that her household consisted of well as 16 slaves.

(1) Josiah N. Walton stated that Levi was 80 when he died in 1834 and that his
brothers were older, perhaps 80-90 (Walton to Draper, October 2, 1882, IOU
(4) McKenney to Eaton, June 27, 1829, 98A, Chickasaw Agency
(6) Reynolds to Herring, June 2, 1834, OIA
(7) Marriage and WillBook 1:5, Monroe County, MS
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(18) Ibid., roll 147, frame 151. Of Levi's children, Charity...

COLBERT, Logan-Chickasaw, was a son of General William COLBERT. He was listd
on the 1818 census and on November 9, 1831, deeded slaves to his uncle, Major
James Colbert (1). He made another deed in Monroe County, MS, on September 18,
1834 (2). When he moved west is unknown, ...

(1)Deed Book 3:207, Monroe County, MS
(2)Ibid., 273. Logan's reserve was S16 and S17 T9 R7W (General Land Office
Automated Records, CD ROM Series).
(3) Will Book 1:82, Pontotoc County, MS. One Logan COLBERT had a daughter,
Lula (born 1881), who married a STUMAUGH (applications for Enrollment,
Chickasaw Nation, Case 1579).

COLBERT, Martin-Chickasaw, was born about 1795, the son Levi COLBERT. He was
listed on the 1818 census, was a witness to the treaty that year, and attended
the treaty negotiations of 1826....

...He died at Horn Lake in DeSoto County, MS, in the spring of 1840 (2). His
estate, appraised December 31, of that year, was appraised at
$33,197.82,...420 acres in S22 T1 R9W, 27 slaves, a ferry, personal property,
and notes on James M. BOYD, Molly GUNN, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Col. John MURRAY,
William MURRAY, Polly ALLEN and others (3). He had three wives-Sally OXBERRY
(1794-1896), Sally ALLEN, and Lucy ALLEN, the last two the daughters of James

...Martin's widows, well provided for in his oral will, were mentioned after
his death,...Lucy married a man named MURRAY and died in DeDoto County by
November, 1846 (7). Sally ALLEN, born February 10, 1808, died December 2,
1854. Sally Oxberry appointed Thomas P. STONE to handle her claims regarding
the estate on December 17, 1841 (8), and arrived in I.T. on Jan. 10, 1842.
bringing with slaves...

(2) Final Record, Probate Court, 2:246, DeSoto County, MS.
(3) Ibid., 1:261-266
(4) Ibid.; Garland, 61-86
(5) Division of the estate of Martin COLBERT, February 5, 1842, Final Record
Book 2:329-330, DeSoto County, MS. See also Stone to Hundley et al, February
9, 1846, and B.F. COLBERT et al to B.C.D. BYNUM, October 7, 1859, in Deed Book
H:426, 554, DeSoto County.
(7) Deed Book H:554, DeSoto County. Lucy's husband may have been James H.
MURRAY (see Deed Book H:426)
(8) Ibid., F:311
(9) Chickasaw Emigration, OIA, roll 144, frames 200, 204., emigration expenses
on June 18, 1846 (Chickasaw Emigration, OIA, roll 144, frames 440, 478).

COLBERT, McKenney-Chickasaw, said to be the son of Leve COLBERT, lived in I.T.
in 1847. He was listed as half white, with one male over 18 and...six slaves.

COLBERT, Molcy-Chickasaw, was the daughter of Major James COLBERT. She was
listed on the 1818 census and was baptized into Monroe Church on May 7, 1826
(1) On June 16, 1835, she bought Marshall County, MS, from her mother,
Mrs. Susan COLBERT (2). ... James N. BROWN sold a slave for her on April 4,
1837 (5). She moved west in Dec., 1842, age 25-50, taking with her five slaves
(6). In 1847, she was listed as half Chickasaw, over 50, living alone. She
then owned two slaves. a physician of note, she was living alone in Kiamitia
County in 1855.

(1) Winston, 28.
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(6) Chickasaw Emigration, OIA, roll 144, frame 252.

COLBERT, Morgan-Chickasaw, was born about 1825, the son Levi COLBERT,...He
owed money to J.A. Blanton of Pontotoc, MS, in October, 1838 (2) In 1839 he
was in the west, head of a family that consisted of one male... He owned one
slave. He must have returned east, for emigration records show that he arrived
in the west in April, 1840, ...The 1847 census shows him as half white, head
of a family that included ... He then owned six slaves. ..., hired a white man
as overseer of his plantation in 1867 and 1868, and voted at Perryville in
Tobusky County, Choctaw Nation, in 1872. He was a resident of Coal County in

***note*** why did he have an "overseer" on his "plantation" in "1867"?

(1) Chickasaw Reserves, OIA, roll 146, frame 959; roll 147, frame 528
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