(If you know of any Plantation that is not listed let me know)

Abernathy Plantation Calhoun 
Allen Hall Plantation Greene
Anderson Plantation Limestone
Anthemusia Plantation Hale
Ardoyne Plantation Lauderdale
Ash Grove Plantation  Perry
Bainbridge Plantation Colbert
Belleview Plantation Talladega
Bellevue Plantation Greene
Ben Lomond Plantation Greene
Ben Lomond Plantation Talladega
Blackwell Plantation Dallas
Bledsoe Place Plantation Talladega
Boligee Hill Plantation Greene
Break Plantation Mine Walker
Brentwood Plantation Greene
Bretherick Plantation Lauderdale
Burgess Plantation Etowah
Canefield Plantation Greene
Cedar Lawn Pantation Perry
Cherokee Plantation Tuscaloosa
Chestnut Grove Plantation Greene
Circle Hill Plantation Hale
Clifton Plantation Talladega
Cobb Plantation Greene
Crystal Springs Plantation Lauderdale
Davis Plantation Baldwin
Dey Ampert Plantation Perry
Fair Hill Plantation Greene
FairHope Plantation Perry
Far View Plantation Hale
Forrest Hill Plantation Greene
Glen Alpine Plantation Greene
Hampton Plantation  Etowah
Hays Plantation Greene
Hickory Hill Plantation Lauderdale
Hohenlinden  Greene
Jarman House Plantation Colbert
John Vine Dunn Plantation Lee
Kernachan Plantation Lauderdale
Key Plantation Lauderdale
Kingston Plantation Talladega
Knoxville Plantation Greene
Lawler Place Plantation Talledega
Locust Grove Plantation Lauderdale
May Plantation Shelby
Mckiernan Plantation Colbert
Midway Plantation Greene
Midway Plantation Perry
Mizells Plantation Etowah
Moravian Hall Plantation Hale
Mount Airy Plantation Greene
Mount Ida Plantation Talladega
Nicholas Lewis Plantation Morgan
Nutbush Plantation Greene
Oak Hill Plantation Greene
Oak Lawn Plantation  Perry
Oakhurst Plantation  Talladega
Peck Place Plantation Hale
Peters Plantation Lauderdale
Red Hill Plantation Talladega
Rices Valley Plantation Tuscaloosa
Rural Hill Plantation Perry
Sedgefield Plantation  Bullock
Sehoy Plantation Lake Dam  Bullock
Selwood Plantation  Talladega
Singleton Plantion Clarke
Strawberry Hill Plantation Sumter
Sugar Hill Plantation Perry
Sunnyside Plantation Perry
Sunnyside Plantation  Talladega
Sweetwater Plantation Lauderdale
The Fork Plantation Lauderdale
The Oaks Plantation Colbert
Walnut Grove Plantation Colbert
Augustin Plantation Autauga
River Plantation  Bibb 
Cunningham Plantation  Shelby
Brierbed Plantation Greene
STONE Plantation Lowndes
The Nick Davis Plantation Madison
Jim Fletcher Plantation  Madison
The Elms Autauga
The Ellerslie Autauga
 Cooper Plantation Autauga 
Brewer Plantation Escambia
McCreary Planation Escambia
McLemore Plantation Montgomery
Fruit Grove Plantation Hale County
Brier Bed Plantation Greene
Wingard Plantation  Pike
Rose Hill Plantation Montgomery
Barton Hall Plantation  Cherokee
Hemphill Plantation  Barbour County
the Milhouse Plantation Dallas County
NOEL PLANTATION  Lauderdale County
"The Elms"  Built by Absalon JACKSON in 1837, has been restored, when built,
it was in Autauga County, today it is part of Elmore CO. AL. Armstrong
"The Ellerslie" Built by Bolling HALL  in 1818, it was built in Autauga County
but is now part of Elmore CO. Al A descendent of Bolling Hall owns it. Armstrong
Jordan plantation in Macon county-Jordan plantation, not too far from Montgomery
Carol C-H []
George Washington Hinson 1866 to 1966, had a 700 acre plantation in the Fadette, Geneva County area. My GGgrandfather, Rev. John L. Simmons died there in 1922. I don't know what happened to the plantation, but George W. Hinson also had banking and textile interest in that part of the state. John Simmons was married to a sister of George Hinson, Susan.
Wyecott Plantation-BARBOUR COUNTY
Coffey Plantation-CHEROKEE COUNTY
Oakchia Plantation -CHOCTAW COUNTY
Ruffins Plantation-CHOCTAW COUNTY
Castle Plantation -CLARKE COUNTY
Forbes Plantation-CLARKE COUNTY
Gilmore Plantation-CLARKE COUNTY
BelleMonte Springs -COLBERT COUNTY
McKiernan Plantation-COLBERT COUNTY
Knoxville Plantation-GREENE COUNTY
Anthemusia Plantation-HALE COUNTY
Circle Hill Plantation-HALE COUNTY
Farview Plantation-HALE COUNTY
Bretherick Plantation -LAUDERDALE COUNTY
Kernachan Plantation -LAUDERDALE COUNTY
Peter's Plantation -LAUDERDALE COUNTY
Sweetwater Plantation -LAUDERDALE COUNTY
Watkins Water Mill -located on Crystal Sands Plantation
De Yampert Plantation-PERRY COUNTY
Midway Plantation-PERRY COUNTY
Rural Hill Plantation-PERRY COUNTY
Sunnyside Plantation-PERRY COUNTY
Colonel Williams Landing-RUSSELL COUNTY
Fitzsimmons Landing -RUSSELL COUNTY
Howards Landing - RUSSELL COUNTY
McWilliams Landing -RUSSELL COUNTY
Ben  Lomond Plantation-TALLADEGA COUNTY
Goldhill Plantation -Macon County 
Little Huntington -Elmore County-Owner: Gen. John Archer Elmore 
Deyampert- Scott Station -Perry County
Midway- Scott Station-Perry County
Sunnyside- Scott Station-Perry County
My ggg Uncle kept a Journal from 1843 til 1877.  He mentions slaves on
the Selwood Plantation, Talladega Co., by name.  He mentions baptisms
 etc. His journal was published last year. Have you seen the book? Here
 is the information on it.
Mallory, James, 180-1877.  Fear God and Walk Humbly: The Agricultural
Journal of James Mallory, 1843-1877. edited
by Grady McWhiney, Warner O. More, Jr, and Robert F Pace, University of
Alabama Press, 1997. Paula Barker []
Plantations to the list.  The Nick Davis Plantation and the Jim Fletcher
Plantation are both  also  mentioned in the Signature of Depositors of the
Freedmen's Bank of Huntsville. This is an interesting site as it list actual
deposits of Blacks apparently shortly after the War.  The Depositors give
almost an oral history of their parents names (if known), the name of their
spouse, children and brothers and sisters.  They also list where they were
born and currently living, hence,  Nick Davis Plantation,  Jim Fletcher's
Plantation and others. By the way, there is a road in Athens, Alabama currently named Nick Davis Road.
Brierbed Plantation near Forkland in Greene
County, AL.  It was owned (in the 1800's) by John Rufus Blocker.
Alice Campbell []
Jordan plantation in Macon county
there was mention of a Jordan plantation, not too far from Montgomery,
Carol C-H []
Articles - Gee Family Place Names-Gee's Bend
William Henderson Plantation
State Place Plantation owned by the Rogers

Mauldin Place Hale County
Moultrie Plantations  Unknown
Murphy plantation  Gosport, Alabama
Molette's Ben Orrville, Alabama
Watts plantation Clay County
Curry Station Alabama
Faunsdale Plantation Marengo County,
Faunsdale, Alabama
Weynoke Plantation,  Marengo County, Faunsdale, Alabama
Norwood Plantation Marengo County, Faunsdale, Alabama
Cedar Grove Plantation Perry County, Uniontown, Alabama
Borden Plantation  Greensbourgh Ala

Birmingham or
The Carroll Plantation Mobile 
Norad or Norod Plantation  Sumter County
Sandlin Plantation  Perry County, AL 
Belvoir Dallas County
Reynolds Hall Bullock County
Ott, Otts or Otz  Hale county
King Plantation  Monroe county