Tipton County Inmates at the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Name Charge Age
Bordine,   John larceny 27
Cook Henry Passing Counterfeit Bank Notes 25
Glanton Benjamin F. grand larceny 18
Hall Redding R. passing count'r bank bills 38
Holliday Samuel volentary [sic] manslaughter 37
Millwood Simpson larceny 23
Olive Ira stabbing 40
Redman Henry K. passing c[counterfeit] bank notes 32
Shannon William grand larceny 38
Spencer James petit larceny 26
Townsend Henry assau[l]t with intent to kill 32
Trimble Richard g[rand] larceny 24
Ward Saml. G. obtaining goods under false pretenses 29
Wilkerson Thos. grand larceny 20
Zachrie William forgery 18

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