William Ross Whitesides
Civil War Biography

The following information is documentation from the Tennessee Pension Application and the South Carolina War Records Archives on William Ross Whitesides of York District, South Carolina, and later Tipton County, Tennessee, census records and family Bible kept by his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Ross Whitesides Smith:

William Ross Whitesides (born Feb. 14, 1844 in York County, SC and died May 30, 1924, in Tipton County, TN) enlisted in Co. F, 17th Regiment, SC Infantry Volunteers in October of 1861(Petition date) or November 27, 1861, (SC Archives Confederate Abstract) at Columbia, SC.

He was 17 years of age and started the war as a Private.   During his time of service, he fought under Col. Means, F.W. McMaster,Captain Wilson and Captain Avery. He fought for his homeland until the close of the war in 1865.

He saw action at some of the bloodiest battles and was wounded a number of times. His war record states the following information: Wounded: 1)Manassas, VA, August 29/30, 1862 2) Boonesboro, MD, September 14, 1862 3) Sharpsburg, MD, September 17, 1862 His Petition Application says he served at the, "Second Mannasses, Sharpsburg, battles around Richmond, Seige of Petersburg and wounded at the Seige of Petersburg." He received a flesh wound in his thigh at the mine explosion in Petersburg.

He was captured by the Union soldiers at Petersburg on March 10, 1865. At this time, he was taken to Point Lookout, MD, for imprisonment until release on May 15, 1865. Whitesides took the Oath of Allegiance on this same date.

He was shown to be, a resident of York District, SC, and a farmer. At the time of his discharge, he held the rank of Corporal. He married Sarah Elizabeth ? in 1867 in York District, SC. The family moved to Tipton Co. in 1873 where he farmed.

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