Tipton County Towns
Info from various sources including GNIS mapping query, TSLA archives and Tennessee History books.
Feature Name Misc. Info Location
Akins Corner   Munford
Almira Post Office 1892 -1903  
Antioch   Gift
Ashport Post Office 1834 1836  
Atoka Established abt. 1873.  Named for the Muskogee Indian word meaning "the ball field" . Incorporated in 1911. The current population of Atoka is approximately 659. The approximate number of families is 259. The amount of land area in Atoka is 5.704 sq. kilometers.  The amount of surface water is 0.004 sq kilometers:.

For more information on Atoka see:   Welcome home Atoka! A history of our town. Tim Forbess, ed. Atoka, the editor, 1986. 92 pp.

Avreet   Covington
Barrow Post Office 1901 1907   
Batesville Post Office 1838 1841  
Beaver Post Office 1892 1903 Gilt Edge
Beaverdam Forks Post Office 1833 1853  
Bloomington Post Office 1847 1873  
Braden's Point Post Office 1835 1836  
Branch Post Office 1830 1835  
Bride Post Office 1885-1905 Covington
Brighton Est. Abt 1873. Named after the famous seaside resort in England.  Incorporated in 1913. The current population of Brighton is approximately 717. The approximate number of families is 301.The amount of land area in Brighton is 5.43 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers:. Brighton
Burlison Est. Abt 1881. Incorporated in 1966.  Named for William Lafayette Burleson who first came here around 1857. Donated land for the first post office which was established in 1870. The population of Burlison is approximately 394. The approximate number of families is 171.The amount of land area in Burlison is 2.716 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers:. Gilt Edge
Canaan Grove   Mason
Castoria Post Office 1889 1906  
Charleston   Mason
Chiles Post Office 1908 1913  
Clopton   Brighton
Corona Post Office  1878 1931 Pecan Point
Cotton Lake   Gift
Country Wood (subdivision)   Covington
Covington Est. about 1824. Covington was selected as the county seat, which was located on land donated by John C. McLemore, Tyree, Rhodes and James Vaulx . County and city came into existence at home of Nathan Hartsfield and was incorporated in 1826.Named for Gen. Leonard W. Covington . The population of Covington is approximately 7487. The approximate number of families is 2920.  The amount of land area in Covington is 25.078 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 0.037 sq kilometers:. Covington
Crosstown   Munford
Dawsons Post Office 1900 1903  
Detroit Post Office  1886 1908 Gilt Edge
Dixonville   Drummonds
Drummonds Est. Abt 1881 Drummonds
Durhamville Post Office 1820 1837  
Ebenezer   Mason
Egypt   Munford
Elm Grove   Gilt Edge
Flatwood   Gilt Edge
Forked Deer Post Office 1833 1834  
Fulton Post Office 1827 1830  
Gailor   Stanton
Gainesville Post Office 1890 1904 Mason
Garland Post Office 1872 1903. Established in 1874. Incorporated in 1913. Named for, Dr. John C. Garland. Gilt Edge
Gift Post Office 1898 1903 Gift
Gilt Edge/Giltedge(?) Post Office1881 1895. Incorporated in 1908. Gilt Edge
Green Hills (subdivision)   Covington
Gum Hill Post Office 1852 1857  
Hartfield Post Office 1829 1832  
Holly Grove   Covington
Hopewell   Munford
Howards Landing   Wilson
Ida Post Office 1833 1846  
Idaville Post Office 1874 1910 Brighton
Indian Hill Post Office 1874 1875  
Island 35 Post Office 1873 1875  
Jamestown   Gilt Edge
Leigh Chapel Post Office 1886 1905  
Leighs   Covington
Mason Est. Abt. 1866. Incorporated in 1869.  Named after Dr. James Mason.

For more info about Mason see:

Marshall, John W. The early history of Mason. N.p., the author, 1985. 147 pp.
Marshall, John W. Mason: a glimpse into the past. Mason, the author, 1991. 75 pp.

Mason Depot Post Office 1865 1866  
Mount Carmel Post Office Mountcarmel 1894 1903 Brighton
Mount Lebanon   Covington
Mount Zion Post Office 1856 1874  
Mountain Post Office 1855 1866  
Munch Post Office 1880 1907  
Munford Est. Abt. 1886. Was known as Mt. Zion. Incorporated in 1905. Renamed for R.H. Munford.   Munford
Oglesby Post Office 1880 1880  
Pearl City Post Office 1875 1876  
Peckerwood Point   Drummonds
Phelan Post Office 1887 1906  
Piljerk Post Office 1903 1904  
Portersfield Post Office 1831 1873  
Quail Creek (subdivision)   Covington
Quito Post Office 1886 1919 Drummonds
Randolph Post Office 1828 1932.Established in 1827. Located on the Second Chickasaw Bluff, a little below the mouth of Big Hatchie River. 

For more information about Randolph see:
Wade, William J. Notes on Randolph, TN. Memphis, n.p., 1949. 7 pp.
Ballard, Helen . Randolph, Tennessee: Rollin' on the River. (self-published).

Reverie 1883-?  
Rialto Post Office 1883 1916 Gift
Richardsons Richardson Landing Post Office Existed From 1892 1896 Nodena
Richland Grove Post Office 1826 1830  
Ruffin Post Office 1898 1899  
Saint Catherine's Landing Post Office 1875 -1875  
Saint Paul   Drummonds
Salem   Brighton
Scotland Post Office 1870 1872  
Sharon Post Office 1853 1856  
Simonton Post Office 1897 1904  
Solo Post Office 1892 1903 Gift
Tabernacle Post Office 1868 1904 Gift
Tipton Est About 1874 Munford
Towering Heights   Drummonds
Uriel Post Office 1886 1905  
Walnut Grove   Gilt Edge
Walts 1887 1905  
Wilkinsville   Drummonds
Wright 1894 1903  

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