Bragg Family Marriages
Submitted by Deb Bragg

I went through marriage records from Tipton Co. TN 1840-1889 (roll 36, borrowed from the Tennessee Library and Archives) and found the following Bragg marriages. I also found a will for William Bragg (Tipton Co. Wills, 1824-1859 and 1865-1918, roll 41). Perhaps someone will see a connection to their line.I also found the last will and testament of William Bragg of Tipton County, dated July 1862. He mentions Robert J. Bragg as his nephew. If anyone has additional information on William, please let me know.

Margaret Bragg m. Henry Cobb, March 11, 1844
Martha Bragg m. George Bell Oct. 2, 1845
Francis Ann Bragg m. Samuel Holmes(?) Dec. 17, 1851
Mary Jane Bragg m. R.J. Smith, Aug. 7, 1859
Robert J. Bragg m. Luticia Bell Nov. 19, 1845 (I think this is my great-grandfather and his first wife)
Robert J. Bragg m. Eliza Harwell Aug. 6 1868 (I think this is him again, with my great-grandmother)

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