History of Buck Lodge Church of Christ

Submitted by Denise Harper Wilson
Copyright, ©1996

Buck Lodge Church began in 1891 when Bro. John H. Curry came to this area from Ohio, and began preaching in the school house on Saturday nights and met on Sunday for the Lord's Supper.

The following preachers held mettings and preached at Buck Lodge during the years from 1890 through 1920; John H. Curry, Walter harden, Joe Harding, Alfred Elmore, Ed Elam, Bro. Northcross, H.C. Shoulders on of the Klingman brothers, Flavil Hall, Arthur Rutledge, Charlie Crouch, David Morgan Hamilton, and Albert Stewart.

One dark or uninformed period at Buck Lodge occurred from the mid 20's through 1931. It is not until 1932 that we have any futher information.

We begin the informed period of 1932 with Bro. A.J. Rollings preaching every Sunday at Buck Lodge. There were several preachers who preached at Buck Lodge from 1932 until July 1955 when they were still meeting in the school house. A few of them were A.J. Rollings, Frank Jernigan, Paul Key, C.D. Crouch, Allen Killum, Elzie Huffard, and Farris Baird.

With July 1955 we begin the period of time that leads to today. In July 1955, Buck Lodge built and began meeting in the building in which we are meeting now. Since the building was erected, Buck Lodge Church has made several improvements and additions to the building. In early 1963 neww pews were built. Then a few months later a new baptistery was added in back of the pulpit. After about ten years in 1973, restrooms were built in the back ofthe building. In accompished by sheetrocking the ceiling and by putting in new light fixtures. New carpeting was also added in 1975. In 1979, wall air conditioners were purchased.

In 1981 padded seat covers were installed. In 1982 the wall air contitoners were replaced by a new central heating and air system, and in 1990 the later system was replaced.

There have been may prominent preachers at Buck Lodge since July 1955. The Church has a list of these men in our church records.

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