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Sumner County, TN
Cemetery Lookups

Cemetery lookups are available from the book Sumner County, Tennessee Cemetery Records. We offer many thanks to the authors Margaret Cummings Snider and Joan Yorgason for granting permission for the cemetery lookups to be done. The book was published in 1981, so it will not contain listings after that date. Just e-mail Peggy Colella at p_colella@juno.com with your request.

If you have a spam filter, either turn it off or add the volunteer's email address to accept your email!

Please use the following format when sending your request.

  1. In the subject line, type Cemetery Lookup
  2. In the body of the message, include the person's name and the approximate date of death.
  3. Don't forget to thank Peggy for her help!
Please limit your request to two cemetery lookups per e-mail, and, most importantly, please be patient. It may take a few days to get back to you!

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