Selected Abstracts from

Saline Creek Baptist Church

Stewart County, Tenn

Records, 1810 - 1964

4 Vols, & 1 Item

Microfilm Accession No. 710

TN State Library & Archives


Entries enclosed in brackets [  ]  are notes entered by the transcriber, Duane Hargis.  Unusual spellings are as they appear in the books.


Vol 1, 1810 - 1849


18 April 1812

[A letter of petition was written to the Dry Creek Church in Christian Co, KY to obtain letters of dismission for members of the Saline Creek Baptist Church in order to form a new church]


Thomas Ross                                        Elizabeth Hook

Asa Biggs                                             Penny King

Jno Ferrill                                             Rebecca McKinney

Robert Warren                                     Mary McKinney, Junr

John Biggs                                            Nancy Biggs

Isaac McKinney                                   Amy Wallace

Robert McKinney                                 Mary Anderson

Henry King                                           William Hubbard

Nathan Ross                                         Sally Hubbard

John Stancil                                          Elizabeth Neville

Cornelius Anderson                              Mary McKinney, Senr

Wynia Biggs                                         Boatswain Volentine

Elizabeth Williams



p. 31

Membership List 1816


Thomas Ross                                                    Wm Hubbard

Asa Biggs                                                         Sally Hubbard

John Ferrill                                                       Penny King

John Biggs                                                        Elizabeth Hooks

Robert Warren                                                 Mary Anderson

Isaac McKinney                                               Mary McKinney snr

Robert McKinney                                             Jesse Jackson

Henry King                                                       Elizabeth Jackson

John Stancil                                                      Nathan Ross

Cornelius Anderson                                          Moses Jones

Wynia Biggs                                                     Rebecca McKinney

Mary McKinney Jnr                                         Nancy Biggs

Boson Volentine


p. 255 - 256

September 14, 1841

Agreeable to and order of the baptist Church on Saline Creek at thare agust meatin we your Committee appointed to make out a list of the Members names of Said Church do make out the followinge list as including all thare names


Male Members                                                             Females                                    

Samuel Ross     Pastor                          1                      Elizabeth McKinney                  1

Ewin McKinney     Decon                     2                      Anna Cobb                              2

Jesse Lassiter     Clerk    Dec*              3                      Salley McKinney                      3

Edwin Barnes               dismist              4                      Rebecha Ellis    Excluded*        4

                                     by leter*                                  Anna Whithead     Decd*          5

John Leggate                Excluded*        5                      Lyda Leggat                             6

Edwin Whithead                                   6                      Delilah Wallace             7

Henry Cheary               Excluded*        7                      Cory Morgan   Excl* Dcd*      8

David Leggete                                      8                      Polley Morris       Decd*           9

Joseph McKinney            DC?*           9                      Nancy Morris                          10

James Nelson               Excl*              10                      Fanney ?elmes                         11

Joseph B Harges          Dism*            11                      Penny Biggs                             12

John Stancil                  Decd*            12                      Mary Barnes    Dismisst*          12

Henry Bell                    Decd*            13                      Wineford Rogers      Decd*      13

Robert B Dudly            Dismisd*        14                      Elizabeth Ross                         14

John Scott                                           15                     Henritta Wallace           Exc*    15

William H Allen                                   16                     Nancy Cunton Exclud in 1841*  16

                                                                                    Mary Rodgers                          17

                                                                                    Susana Nelson       Dismist*      18

                                                                                    Mary Nelson         Dismist*      19

                                                                                    Sarah Cunagham                      20

                                                                                    Mahulda A Hargus  Dismis*     21

                                                                                    Elmitta Cunagham   Dist*      22

                                                                                    Polly Bell                   Dec*       23

                                                                                    Rebeca Taylor           Excl*       24

                                                                                    Polly Allen                                25

                                                                                    Anny Scott                               26


                                                                                    [signed]            Elizabeth McKinney


[Entries marked with a * are in a different handwriting suggesting they were entered at a later date]


Vol II ,  1850 - 1883

Agreeable to an order of the Church I proceed to give the date of the Constitution of the Saline Creek Church of Predestinarian Baptist, agreeabel to the Date given, was on Saturday the 20th June 1812 the ministers who assisted was Elders, Dudley Williams Reuben Ross & John Mallory and after examining the Confession of Faith & Church Covenant they Constituted the Church on the same


Male Members                                                             Females : Names

1st        El. Samuel Ross            dcd*                            Ann Cobb        decd*               1st

2nd      Ewin McKinney            dcd*                            Elizabeth Ross  Dead*             2nd

3rd       Edward Whitehead       Decd*                          Elizabeth McKinney  Decd*     3rd

4th       John Scott                    Excluded*                    Nancy Morris   Excluded*        4th

5th       William H Allen            Dis*                             Penny Biggs      dead*               5th

6th       David Legate                Excld*                          Ann Scott         Excluded*        6th

7th       Robert B Dudly            Dismisd*                      Mary Rogers    Decd*              7th

            David Legate                Dismissd*                     Sarah McKinney  Dismissd*     8th

8th       O Wells Lisenby           Dismissd*                     Mary Allen       Dismissd*         9th

9th       William H Allen            Exc*                            Delilah Wallace  Decd*            10th

10th     Guy H McKinney         dead*                           Elizabeth McKinney                  11th

11th     A. S. Wallace                                                   Sarah Cunagham   Decd*         12th

12th     M. S. Ross                   dead*                           Francis Williams    Exclu*         13th

13th     J. H. MacKinney          Excl*                            Lucy Sills          Dismissd*         14th

14th     W. g. H Walker                                                Drusilla Hargis      Decd*          15th

15th     John Cott                     dismiss*                       Sarah Dudley     Dismissd*       16th

                                                                                    Mary Allen         Dismissd*       17th

                                                                                    Mary J Allen        Dismissd*      18th

                                                                                    Nancy Morris      Decd*           19th

                                                                                    Rebecca Cherry  Dead*           20th

                                                                                    Nancy McKinney dead*           21th

                                                                                    N. H. Wallace      Dead*          22th

                                                                                    J. A. Ross            Dead*          23th

                                                                                    Nancey R Walker   dead*        24th

                                                                                    Manervy McKiney dismiss*      25th

                                                                                    Luisa McKiney      dismiss*      26th

                                                                                    Ann Cott             dismiss*        27


[Entries marked with a * are in a different handwriting suggesting they were entered at a later date]


Vol III ,  1884-1925


From several Churches in North Carolina Met in the Saline Creek School house -


Branch of Dry Creek Baptist in May 19, 1810

(first minutes Christian County)


March 14, 1812 petitioned the Church to become a constituted body


June 13, 1812 made preparation for constitution


Members of 18th of April 1812


May 23, 1812 permission granted to become a constituted body


June 20, 1812 pronounced a constituted church (Saline Creek Church)


p. 10

Male members

A G Wallace                            dead*

T H McKinney             Excluded*

W G H Walker             dead*

Dewitt Morgan             dead*

Julius Buchhanan Ross  dead*

Georg Newberry                      dead*

Thomas J Chandler                   dismist by letter*

B L Bibb                                  dead*

S N Vick                                  Exclued*  dead*

Petter Salliers                           dead*

J F Morgan                              dead*

F M Morgan                            Dead*

Burley B Bibb                           Dcd*


p. 11

Females Names

Elizabeth Ross                          dead*

Elizabeth McKinney                  dead*

Nancy McKinney                     dead*

M M Wallace                           dead*

Polly Ross                                dead*

Etnie Walker                            dead*

Agnes Naomey Ross                Excluded*

Susan Burke                             dead*

Emer Green Vick                      Excluded*

Georgan Miles                          Dead*

Saly Newbery                          Dead*

Marel Jane Ross                       dead*

Annie Chandler             dismist by letter

Eliza Bibb                                 dead*

S F Greenhill                            Dead*

Estellar Hyer                             Dead*

Edna Brwon                             Dead*

Marey Write                             dead*

Mollie Feltner                           dead*

Rose Ellis                                 Dead*

Fanie Wall                                Dead*

Mollie Shaw                             dead*


[Entries marked with a * are in a different handwriting suggesting they were entered at a later date]


Vol IV, 1926 - 1964


Male members                                                              Female members

D M Morgan                            dead*                           Rose Ellis                     Dead*

B L Bibb                                  Dead*                         Mollie Feltner                dead*

F M Morgan                            Dead*                          Estellar Hyer                 dead*

J F Morgan                              Dead*                          S F Greenhill                dead*

G W Newbery                         dead*                           Ednar Brown                dead*

S N Vick  Died 11/29/63                                             Faney Wall                   dead*

Harvey Vick                                                                 Mollie Shaw                 dead*

                                                                                    Georgey Miles              dead*

                                                                                    Sallie Newbery dead*

                                                                                    Lula M Brown              dead*

                                                                                    Blanche Gilliam Dead*

                                                                                    Ruth Vick

                                                                                    Eula Moore                  Dead*

                                                                                    Bettie Haggard   joined 2/16/64



Male Members                                                             Female Members

Dewit Morgan              Dead*                                      Georgan Miles              Dead*

F M Morgan                Dead*                                      Saly Newberry Dead*

George Newbery          Dead*


Male Members                                                             Female Members

-----tter Salliers            Dead*                                      Mollie Shaw                 Dead*


[Entries marked with a * are in a different handwriting suggesting they were entered at a later date]




[The following deaths were recorded in the Church books]


Name                                                                           Date

Elizabeth Manning                                                         15 Sep 1811

Martha Luten                                                                7 Feb 1813

Elizabeth Neville                                                           30 Jan 1814

Sally Brewer                                                                 23 Dec 1820

Susanna Ford                                                               30 Jun 1821

Humphrey Cherry                                                         10 Aug 1822

Henry Bragg                                                                 2 Nov 1823

Annis a servant of Sister Wallace                                  28 Feb 1824

Sallay Williams                                                 5 Oct 1830

Zilpha Ferril                                                                  14 Aug 1831

William Reddak                                                            19 May 1832

Betsey Williams wife of Berry Williams              Nov 1835

Mary McKinney, born 11 Dec 1757                             29 Jun 1836

Polly McKinney, aged about 85 years                           21 Sep 1836

Dempsey, a collerd man                                                17 May 1838

Susana Wallace                                                            6 Feb 1838

Elizabeth Page                                                              30 Aug 1838

Frances Stalls                                                               6 Dec 1839

Thomas, a man of coller, property of S K Vollentin       28 Dec 1839

Charlotte Dunlope                                                        about 24 Feb 1841

Joseph McKinney                                                         14 Jun 1843

Lidda (?) Legget                                                           11 Aug 1843

Jesse Lassiter                                                               Dec 1843

John Stancil                                                                  24 May 1844

Polly Morris                                                                 19 Sep 1845

Polly Bell                                                                      13 Sep 1846

Wineford Rogers                                                          12 Nov 1847

Delilah Wallace                                                 7 Apr 1851

Drucilla Hargis                                                  19 Aug 1852

Cloe the property of Mrs Lassiter                                 July-Aug 1855

Elizabeth McKinney wife of Ewin

McKinney, aged 61 years lacking 12 days                    17 Oct 1855

Sarah Cunagham                                                          Feb 1857                                            

Mary Rogers                                                                15 Sep 1858

Nancy Morris                                                               3 May 1861

Ewin McKinney                                                            11 Nov 1862

Samuel Ross                                                                 15 Apr 1863

Ann Cobb                                                                    26 Sep 1867