The following records are made available to Stewart County researchers through the generosity of David Ferrill Grobe, who reviewed the minute book and recorded the entries onto tape in 1977, and created the notes which you see below.

The minutes are available on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, on Microfilm Roll MF.0710



Some notes from the minute books of the old Saline Creek Baptist Church of Stewart County, Tennessee. As of this writing, Dec. 30, 1977, the books are in the possession of Mr. And Mrs. Enos Haggard, Memphis, Tennessee. She was the church clerk at the time the church folded in the mid 1960's.

The church was created on May 19, 1810, as a branch out of the Dry Creek church just across the state line in Kentucky. The 7 charter members were; Thomas Ross, Nathan Ross, Asa and Wynea Biggs, Wm. and Sally Hubbard, and John Ferrill. At the first meeting, John Ferrill was elected church clerk. These first 50 or 60 pages are all in the same clear handwriting that John had while doing the Skewarkey minutes. Still on the first page, ............John Ferrill was received into membership of the church from 2 letters of dismission, one from the Skewarkey Baptist Church of Martin County, North Carolina, and another from the church on Big Creek, Hawkins County, Tennessee.

(As a side note, the Holston Baptist Association held its yearly meetings on the 2nd Friday in August of each year. The 1808 meeting was held at the Bent Creek Church in Jefferson County. The 2 delegates from Big Creek were John Cochran and John Ferrill. John Ferrill was appointed to write several letters for different purposes. The 1809 meeting was held at the Lick Creek Church in Greene County, and the 2 delegates from Big Creek were Francis Winstead and John Ferrill. There were no delegates from Big Creek at the 1810 meeting, nor was John Ferrill one of the delegates at the 1807 meeting.)

Chronological Listing of Minutes

On February 18, 1812, new members were Amy Wallace, Penny King, and Elizabeth Hooks. (Elizabeth was one of John Ferrill's oldest daughters....maybe the other 2 were also ???)

On April 18, 1812, the membership of the church was:

A day of fasting and prayer at the request of the President of the United States, Dec 17, 1814.

During the meetings of January thru March, 1818, John Ferrill got into a big argument with other members about a certificate or land ownership on some land that he gave to the church. He was excluded from the church at the March meeting. Cornelius Anderson and Jesse Morris were excluded at the September, 1818 meeting, and one month later, John Biggs went too. In November, Robert Warren, Wm. And Lydia Cherry, Nancy Biggs, Sally Morris, and Elizabeth Hooks all got the heave-ho. John was readmitted to the church in November, 1819, and all the rest followed at later meetings. In March, 1821, the Dry Creek church made a request that the Saline Creek church give up John so he could be their clerk. Saline refused.

On the 3rd Sunday in July, 1823, John Ferrill was readmitted to the church, and the membership in August was increased by these new members:

John Ferrill was re-elected clerk in December, 1823, and immediately the handwriting changes back to the old familiar style. Also, the next monthly meeting was to be held at Brother Ferrill's place.

The church burned on April 17, 1849, about 5 or 6 months before John Ferrill died. There are abut 20 or 30 other deaths mentioned, but none with familiar John Ferrill, no Cornelius Anderson, etc. Book #1 is from 1810 to 1849, and it is quite thick for a church minute book. I was able to read about 1/3 to 1/2 of it, and then scanned the rest of it. I feel sure that a careful reading of the entire book would turn up more gems.

The search for the Big Creek records has already begun.

Alphabetical Listing of Names

Polly Acree, excluded at meeting of July, 1834

Polly Allen, joined in June 1847 from the Spring Creek church on Sulphur Fork in Robertson co Tn

Cornelius Anderson, joined on Mar 14, 1812 from an unspecified church in the Mero District, along with wife Mary. He was sent to Spring Creek for a new church on May 16, 1812. Selected as moderator of the monthly meetings on Feb 18, 1815. On Dec 20, 1817, he was selected to cite John Ferrill for a business problem with a Mr. Pugh.

During the 1826-1827 time, Cornelius and James Anderson took an active part in the church, and were delegates to other monthly meetings on several occasions.

Cornelius was excluded at the meeting in July, 1834 along with his wife, Polly. (Note the use of Polly as a nickname for Mary) (Anderson's daughter Elizabeth and Ferrill's son Thomas were married in Stewart co and moved to Union co Il, and are my gggrandparents)

John Baker, joined from the Mill Creek church in Davidson co Tn with wife Sally in May 1821. They were dismissed to another church in Oct 1823. (The use of Sally was quite often a nickname for Sarah)

William H. Ballance, joined on Mar 16, 1833 with wife Abigail from Sweetwater Church in Monroe co. Apparently they were both dismissed to another church in Oct 1838.

Edwin Barnes, joined in May 1830.

Mary Barnes, joined in Aug 1841.

Henry Bell, joined in Aug 1844.

Polly Bell, died Sept 13, 1846.

Nancy Berry, joined in May 1823.

Asa Biggs, on page 4 he is mentioned as "possessed of gifts". He is selected as moderator on Apr 18, 1812. On May 16, 1812, he is sent to the association to bear a 2nd letter for a new church. On page 8 he is mentioned as having a gift in a ministerial way. On Nov 15, 1817, he and his wife are moving and they are given a letter of dismission. At the Aug 1818 meeting he is excluded. He is restored in Nov 1819.

Elizabeth Biggs, joined in Jan 1820.

James Biggs, dismissed on Mar 20, 1824 along with wife Jane. Afterward, on page 156, he and his wife Jane join from the church at Hurricane (sic).

John Biggs was admitted on June 15, 1811, on a letter from Skewarkey Baptist Church in Martin co NC. On May 16, 1812, he is sent out to bear a letter for a new church. On page 8 he is elected deacon. On Dec 20, 1817 he is selected temporary church clerk to try to get a deed for the church grounds from John Ferrill.

Nancy Biggs, joined on June 15, 1811 with husband John Biggs from Skewarkey.

Penelope Biggs, restored in June 1842 after a long absence.

Thisby Biggs, dismissed on Oct 15, 1825 moving to Illinois. (She is a daughter of Cornelius Anderson and she has married Davis Warren Biggs a son of John Biggs. They move to Union co Il).

Wynea Biggs, original member. She is excluded in Sept 1819. She is restored in Nov 1819. (She is the wife of Asa).

Henry Bragg, joined in Sept 1819. Died on Nov 2, 1823.

Rebecca Bragg, mentioned on page 61 as a member of Skewarkey church in NC. She joins in Mar 1820 from Skewarkey.

Sally Brewer, joined in Oct 1819. She died on Dec 23, 1820.

Abraham Brunson, joined in Nov 1819. He was dismissed in Dec 1820.

Joshua Brunson, joined in Nov 1819.

Lovey Brunson, joined in Nov 1819.

Patsy Brunson, joined in Oct 1819.

Treasa (sic) Brunson, joined in Oct 1819.

Nancy Bunting, joined on July 17, 1830. Excluded in Aug 1841 for irregular attendance after moving away 4 or 5 years ago.

Bryan Byrd, mentioned on page 12.

Lovey Morgan, joined Nov 1819. Excluded Oct 1842. Henry Cherry's name is also mentioned for exclusion.

Humphrey Cherry, joined Sept 1819. Died Aug 10, 1822.

Lydia Cherry, joined on Oct 19, 1816 along with husband William from the Big Flat Creek Baptist Church in Bedford Co., Tn.

Rebecca Cherry, dismissed in Oct 1821.

Anna Cobb, joined in Oct 1821.

James Cobb, joined in Apr 1820.

Absalom Copeland, on page 2 he is mentioned from the Salt Lick Church in Smith co Tn. On page 5, he is dismissed to the church at Flat Lick (elsewhere in Stewart Co).

Polly Cotton, moving on Apr 16, 1825.

Jesse Cox, he is moderator on Mar 19, 1814, and again on June 18,1814.

Patsey Cox, joined in Sept 1819. Dismissed in Feb 1821.

Treasy Cox, joined in Sept 1819. Dismissed in Feb 1821.

Elmitta Cunningham, joined in Jan 1844.

Sarah Cunningham, restored in Jan 1844. Died in Feb 1857, also mentioned as Sally.

James Daniel, apparently a member in Apr 1818.

Jonathan Davis, served as moderator on Jan 15, 1814.

Robert Dudley, joined from Walnut Grove in May 1847. He was dismissed in Nov 1849. Rejoined the church on June 14, 1851 from the church at Providence in Logan co Ky.

Charlotte Dunlop, joined in July 1833 from the church at Elk Creek. She died on Feb 24, 1841.

Rebecca Ellis, excluded in Nov 1843.

William Fennel, joined from the Paticary Church in Northampton co NC on Oct 20, 1832. Probably dismissed in Oct 1838.

Henry Ferrill, mentioned as a member of the Reformed church or the Campbellites in Nov 1841. He is one of three known sons of John Ferrill and Zilpah Morris, he marrys

Mary McFadden "Polly" Walker, and they move to Union co Il).

On September 16, 1825, James and Rosanna Ferrill, and Elizabeth Miller were dismissed as they were "about to move to Illinois."

James Ferrill, moving to Illinois on Sept 16, 1825. (Another son of John Ferrill and Zilpah Morris, he marries Rosannah Biggs, a daughter of John Biggs, and they move first to Union co Il, then to Randolph co Ark, and then to Ripley co Mo).

John Ferrill, original member on letters from the Skewarkey church and from the Big Creek church in Hawkins co Tn. There are many, many notations by and about him. He was very active in the churches affairs, and he was the apparent cause of frequent controversy among the congregation. He was elected the first church clerk, and much of the first book of minutes is in his beautiful handwriting.

On July 18, 1812, John Ferrill came before the church to protest some "false charges brought against his boys regarding some ashes they sold to the petre works." On April 17, 1813, John was appointed to transcribe the church minutes into a newly purchased minute book. On September 14, 1816, he was voted $3.50 for his transcribing work.

Pages 86 thru 97 contain some absolutely marvelous passages about another dispute between John Ferrill and a man named Williams, and the debt Williams supposedly owed to John. This all took place between June and September, 1821. Two whole pages were used to list the charges made against John by the church. These charges were listed in an attempt to persuade John not to sue Williams. The two pages containing the charges have been totally and carefully obliterated. They are impossible to read. The whole business got complicated when the man who was at that time the church clerk confessed to a bit of foolishness. He had loaned the books to John, and John had refused to return them. So the church formed a committee to go to John's house to examine the books and report back to the church on whether or not the books had been altered in any way. They reported back that the books were okay.

On November 18, 1825 Brother Ferrill requested and received permission to go back to pages 96 and 97 in the record book and to erase the charges that had been made against him in the summer of 1821. The next two monthly meetings were to be held at Brother Ferrill's.

On July 18, 1829 he is excluded again, this time for a dispute involving his school.

On August 8, 1829, John Ferrill was again excluded from the church. This time it was because of a contract dispute between him and one of the members regarding his school.

Rosannah Ferrill, same note as James Ferrill (moving to Illinois on Sept 16, 1825). (She is the only known person whose name appears in all three church records of the Skewarkey Baptist Church in Martin co NC, the Saline Creek Church, and the Toledo Christian Church in Union co Il).

Page 179 contains this short message: "Sister Zilpha Ferrill departed this life August 14, 1831." (John re-married just 4 months later on December 15, 1831, to Penelope Luton Yarbrough.)

Aaron Fletcher, mentioned on June 15, 1816 for a baptism of Judith near his place

John Fletcher, mentioned on page 12.

Judith Fletcher, joined on June 15, 1816 to be baptized near Aaron Fletcher's.

Isaac Foan (?), mentioned on June 3, 1818 from SC.

? Ford, applied for membership from NC on Dec 16, 1816.

Sarah Ford, joined on Sept 14, 1816. In June 1818 she has another husband.

Susannah Ford, joined in Sept 1820 along with husband William Ford. She died on June 30, 1821.

William Ford, joined with Susannah.

? Franklin, some form of difficulty on Oct 20, 1827.

Phereby Franklin, same note as above. (This may have been a marital difficulty. These matters showed up in church minutes about 2 or 3 times yearly).

Avarilla Frizzel, excluded on Mar 19, 1825.

Francis Frizzel, joined in May 1820. He was having a conflict with Asa Morris on Jan 17, 1824.

Polly Garner, joined April 1820, dismissed April 1821

Mary Hamilton, joined Sept 19,1828 from Cubb Creek. Excluded July 1834.

Drusilla Hargis, joined Nov 18, 1851 from Testament Baptist in Macon co Tn. Died Aug 19, 1852. (both of these entries are contained in book #2).

Joseph B. Hargis, joined in Jan 1844.

Mahulda Ann Hargis, joined in Jan 1844.

William Harmon, dismissed in Oct 1823.

Delila Harmon, dismissed in Oct 1823.

Mrs. John Hodge, a conflict with sister Scruggs on May 17, 1817.

Mr. Hogan, appointed moderator for the Feb 1819 meeting.

Elizabeth Hooks, joined Feb 8, 1812. On page 23, she is to cite Sally Ward for absence. (We know that Elizabeth Hooks was a daughter of John Ferrill, and the wife of Charles Hooks. I keep looking for something factual, but it is a possibility, however remote, that Sally Ward was also a daughter of John's. See the next entry).

Sally Hubbard, mentioned on page 1. Dismissed on Nov 20, 1813.

Mentioned on Aug 19, 1814 as Sally Ward, alias Hubbard. She returned her letter of dismissal on Nov 19, 1814.

William Hubbard, mentioned on page 1. Traveling to the "eastern country" on page 2. Elected a deacon on page 8. He had died sometime prior to the meeting of Aug 13, 1813.

Elizabeth Jackson, joined on Oct 17, 1812 from Powelton, Ga.

Jesse Jackson, same entry as Elizabeth. Charges against Stancil dismissed on Feb 19,1814.

James Jackson, dismissed on Jan 15, 1825 along with Jesse and their wives.

Jesse Jolley, joined in Nov 1819. Dismissed in Jan 1822 along with wife Katherine.

Katherine Jolley, same entries as husband Jesse, her nickname of Cathy.

Moses Jones, joined on May 14, 1814 from church on Dry Fork of Eddy Creek in Caldwell co, Ky. Moving away on Sept 10, 1815.

Sally Jones, dismissed on July 16, 1831.

Edward Kelly, joined in Sept 1819.

Polly Kelly, restored on Aug 7, 1830. (My notes have a big question mark next to this entry. I don't remember why).

Sally Kelly, joined in Sept 1819.

Henry King, joined Mar 14, 1812. Cited for dancing and gambling on July 15, 1815. Excommunicated on Jan 19,1816.

Penny King, joined Feb 8, 1812. Excommunicated on Jan 19, 1816. (Her name may have been Penelope).

Sister King, dismissed in Sept 1820.

Jesse Lassiter, joined on Feb 20, 1831 from the East Station Camp church in Sumner co Tn. This was done at the same time as the Valentines. He died in Dec 1843.

Betsey Leggett, joined in May 1830. (Her name may have been Elizabeth).

Daniel Leggett, joined in Nov 1819.

David Leggett, excluded on Aug 14, 1852, he had moved to Missouri. He rejoined on Sept 20, 1853, and was then dismissed on Nov 19, 1853. (from book #2).

Hulda Leggett, mentioned on Aug 11, 1843.

John Leggett, joined in Oct 1819.

Lydia Leggett, also joined in Oct 1819.

Martin Leggett, joined Nov 1819. Restored on May 15, 1829.

Nancy Leggett, also joined Nov 1819. Excluded on Nov 15, 1828. Restored in May 1830. Dismissed in Nov 1838 along with two daughters, Mary and Sally. (Sally is often a nickname for Sarah).

Sally Leggett, joined on June 19, 1830.

Sarah Leggett, joined Dec 1819.

Thomas Leggett, joined May 1830.

Anna Lewis, joined on June 17, 1815 from Eddy Grove, Ky. Excluded July 1834.

Caleb Lindsey, mentioned as the church clerk at the Dry Creek church on May 23, 1812. (This church was just across the line in Trigg co Ky, and was the parent church for Saline Creek). He joined this church on Dec 20, 1817.

Martha Luten, joined on July 18,1812 from the Wiccacon church in Bertie co NC. She died on Feb 7, 1813. (This name is often spelled Luton. John Ferrill's 2nd wife was Penelope Luton Yarbrough. Their only child was Mary, and she married Eli Morgan).

John Mallory, mentioned as an elder from some other church on June 20, 1812. Moderator of meeting on May 14, 1814. Moderator of meeting on June 14, 1817 at Little River church.

Elizabeth Manning, joined on Aug 17, 1811 from Little Connetoe church in Edgecombe co, NC. Died on Sept 15, 1811.

John Manning, mentioned in Oct 1819.

Betsy Mays, dismissed Nov 1821.

John McAdams, joined from Little River church in Christian co Ky in May 1818, along with wife Martha. Appointed church clerk in June 1818. On Aug 27, 1823 had been excluded, now a member and preaching on the Black Warrior in Alabama. Letter received on Jan 17, 1824 from the Sardis Church in Tuscaloosa co Ala about some kind of trouble there. On Aug 7, 1830 there had been a request for a list of charges against him in person.

Martha McAdams, joined from Little River May 1818, also husband John.

Thomas McClain, page 13 ordaination at Dry Creek.

Alsa McClenahan, joined Nov 1819. (Alsa might be a nickname for Alice).

Joseph McClenahan, joined Nov 1819.

Elizabeth McKinney, joined Oct 1819. Baptized July 17, 1830. Rejoined April 1849 from Mill Creek Church in Hardeman co Tn. Died on Oct 17, 1855, lacking 12 days being 61 years, wife of Ervin. (All of these entries may be for more than one woman).

Ervin McKinney, joined Aug 1819. Died on Nov 11, 1862.

Mary McKinney, joined Oct 1819.

Isaac McKinney, joined Mar 14, 1812. Excommunicated Apr 20, 1816.

Joseph McKinney, joined Sept 1819. Requested his and wife Milly's names be removed. Restored on Nov 19, 1831. He died on June 14, 1843.

Mary McKinney Sr., joined May 16, 1812. Moving in June 1818. Born Dec 11, 1757, died June 29, 1836.

Mary McKinney, joined Mar 14, 1812 along with Robert and Rebecca from the Dry Creek church.

Milly McKinney, joined Oct 1819.

Rebecca McKinney, joined Mar 14, 1812 along with husband Robert from Dry Creek. Dismissed Mar 1836 along with daughter Elizabeth.

Nancy McKinney, joined Oct 1819. Mentioned as wife of Samuel. Dismissed Oct 1821 along with Samuel and Robert a son.

Polly McKinney, died on Sept 21, 1836 at about 85 years. (NOTE - Polly was often a nickname for Mary. NOTE - it appears there may be as many as three Mary McKinneys in these notes. Judge for yourself).

Robert McKinney, joined on Mar 14, 1812 along with wife Rebecca from Dry Creek. Cited for nonattendance on June 17, 1815. Joined Oct 1819. Dismissed Oct 1821 as a son of Samuel and Nancy.

Susanna McKinney, joined on Sept 19, 1812.

Stephen McKinney, joined Nov 1819. Dismissed June 20, 1829.

Samuel McKinney, same entries as wife Nancy.

On September 16, 1825, James and Rosanna Ferrill, and Elizabeth Miller were dismissed as they were "about to move to Illinois."

Lovey Morgan, joined Nov 1819. Excluded Oct 1842. Henry Cherry's name is also mentioned for exclusion.

Asa Morris, joined Oct 1820.

On April 20, 1815, Jesse Morris and wife Sarah were admitted from the church on Rutherford's Creek in Maury County. He immediately began to take an active part in the church.

Jesse Morris, joined Apr 20, 1816 from the Rutherford's Creek church in Maury co Tn., along with wife Sarah. Restored Jan 1820. Dismissed Oct 1836.

Nancy Morris, died on May 3, 1851.

Polly Morris, joined Oct 1819. Complaint against Nelson in Dec 1844. She died on Sept 19,1845.

Sarah Morris, same entries as husband. Mentioned as Sally. Restored Jan 1820.

Paten Nance, mentioned Dec 1837.

James Nelson, joined Jan 1844. Dismissed Nov 1844 along with wife Susanna, Mary, and Elmetta, they are moving.

Mary Nelson, joined Jan 1844.

Elizabeth Neville, joined May 16, 1812. Died on Jan 30, 1814.

Sally Overton, joined Nov 1820.

Elizabeth Page, died Aug 30, 1838.

John Page, joined Aug 9, 1828.

Jane Parker, joined Aug 27, 1823.

Henry Pugh, mentioned as a member of Elk Creek. Some kind of a problem was resolved on June 15, 1816. Having a conflict with John Ferrill on July 19, 1817.

John Randle, mentioned as a member of the Bethlehem Church June 1819.

Nancy Reddick, joined Sept 1819. Excluded Sept 1834.

William Reddick, died on May 19, 1832.

Anna Rogers, joined Nov 1819.

Archibald Rogers, joined Oct 1819. Dismissed Jan 1822 along with wife Winifred.

Mary Rogers, died on Sept 15, 1858.

Winny Rogers, joined Oct 1819. Dismissed Jan 1822. Joined the Birds Creek Church in Henry co Tn May 1831. She died on Nov 12, 1847.

William Rogers, joined Oct 1819. Dismissed Nov 1820.

Betsy Ross, joined Mar 1820.

Edith Ross, had left her husband on Apr 17, 1824. She was dismissed on Apr 15, 1826.

Elizabeth Ross, joined Nov 1819.

Hatty Ross, joined Sept 1819. (Quite often this is a nickname for Harriet, and it's usually spelled Hattie).

Kenneth Ross, joined Oct 1820.

Laysa Ross, joined Nov 1819. (Is this Lisa ?)

Lacy Ross, dismissed Nov 1821. (Is this Lisa ?)

Martha Ross, dismissed Nov 1821.

Nancy Ross, excluded Oct 1836.

Nathan Ross, original member on page l. Cited for nonattendance on Jan 15, 1814. Cited on Mar 19, 1814 for fathering a mulatto child. Cleared of these charges on Nov 18, 1814. On page 19, (late in 1814) he requests dismission, and was excommunicated instead. He was continued in membership on Feb 19, 1825. Excluded on Aug 4, 1827. On page 192, he is already deceased by Sept 1834. In Sept 1840, there is a letter to the church from some other church in Arkansas asking about him. (NOTE - there may be more than one Nathan Ross in these records.)

Patty Ross, joined Oct 1819.

Reuben Ross, moderator on Feb 15, 1812. He is an elder from some other church on June 20, 1812. Moderator again on Jan 16, 1813. Joined Saline Creek Dec 1819. Dismissed Nov 1821.

Samuel Ross, died Apr 15, 1863.

Thomas Ross, original member on page l, elected pastor on Sept 19, 1812. Dismissed Feb 1823.

Seth Russel, cited Sept 1823 for a long absence.

John Scott, joined June 1847 along with wife Anny.

Keziah Scruggs, joined Nov 20, 1813 from White's Creek church in Davidson co Tn. Next page, cited for misconduct toward Mrs. John Hodge. Dismissed Mar 1820.

George T. Shearman, joined on Dec 18, 1824 from the Byrd's Creek church in the "western district". Moving on Mar 19, 1825. (This name may be Sherman).

Isham Sills, mentioned on Nov 20, 1813.

William Sills, mentioned same date.

Theophilus Skinner, was already a member at the time of an entry on Mar 19, 1814.

Anny Stalls, joined from the Spring Grove church May 1819. On page 157, mentioned that her d-i-l was Polly Stalls. (Polly is usually a nickname for Mary).

Francis Stalls, baptized on June 14, 1828. Died on Dec 6, 1839. (Pretty sure this is a female Francis).

John Stancil, joined on Feb 15, 1812 from NC. Charged by a Jackson on Feb 19, 1814 and then excommunicated. Restored on May 14, 1814. Restored again ( ? ) Feb 1844. Died May 24, 1844. (NOTE - these entries may be for more than one man).

Rebecca Stancil, joined Oct 1819.

Polly Taylor, called up before the church Feb 1834.

Rebecca Caroline Taylor, joined July 1844.

Solomon K. Valentine, joined on Feb 20, 1831 from East Station Camp church in Sumner co Tn along with wife Mary.

Boatswain Valentine, joined May 16, 1812.

Amy Wallace, joined on Feb 8, 1812. Excluded Dec 1819.

Delila Wallace, joined Oct 1819. Died Apr 7, 1851.

Elizabeth Wallace, dismissed on Jan 15, 1825.

Susanna Wallace, dismissed on Feb 19, 1825. Died on Feb 6, 1838.

Sally Ward, cited for absence on Aug 13, 1815. Dismissed to Cubb Creek Oct 1815. (NOTE - She is the former Sally Hubbard, also see her earlier entries under that name).

Robert Warren, joined from NC on Feb 15, 1812. False charges were brought against him on page 16. Dismissed Dec 1819.

Penny Warren, dismissed Dec 1823. Dismissed on Mar 18, 1826. (NOTE - Penny or Penelope was the wife of Robert, and they were from the Skewarkey Church in Martin co. NC. Penny was born on Sept 17, 1784, was a sister to John Biggs. Robert was born on Oct 1, 1771, was a brother of Nancy Biggs the wife of John - a brother and sister married a sister and brother. Penny and Robert were first cousins once removed, or 1c1r. Many names in the Saline records are from Martin co. and they have intermarried many, many times: the Wards, Warrens, Biggs, Ferrills, Rosses, Leggetts, Cherrys, and probably some others. The mixture is just incredible. All of them are tied in with the Eastwood family of Martin and Tyrrell cos, and some of them go back into old Lower Norfolk co Va into the middle 1600s. Quite a few of these relationships are spelled out in great detail in the Skewarkey minute book, whose first 120 pages are in John Ferrill's beautiful handwriting. The names and birthdates for many of these families are listed after John left the church in Feb 1807. Regrettably, none of John's family are contained in those lists).

Charles Weeks, joined on May 15, 1813 from Cubb Creek with wife Elizabeth. Removing his residence on Sept 20, 1817.

Edward Whitehead, joined Sept 1819. Died on Feb 15, 1851 in his 86th year.

Nancy Whitehead, joined Sept 1819.

Charles Whitford, dismissed Feb 1834, wife Mary.

Mary Whitford, restored May 1830. Dismissed Feb 1834.

Thomas Whitford, joined Nov 1819.

Betsy Williams, died in Nov 1835, was the wife of Berry.

Cynthia Williams, joined on June 19, 1830. Some slanderous remarks about her were discussed on July 14, 1832.

Collen Williams, joined May 1830. Excluded Sept 1834. (Man or woman ?? ).

? Williams, cited for disorder from Wilson co on Aug 13, 1813.

Daniel Williams, joined on July 17, 1830, wife Sally.

Sally Williams, joined on July 17, 1830.

Dudley Williams, elder from Dry Creek on June 20, 1812.

Elizabeth Williams, joined Sept 14, 1811. Dismissed Nov 15, 1815.

Henrietta Williams, dismissed March 1844.

John Williams, joined Nov 1819.

Nancy Williams, joined Feb 1820. Requested removal of her name on June 14, 1828.

Sally Williams, joined July 17, 1830. Died Oct 5, 1830.

William Williams, joined Oct 1819.

Fielding Wolf, mentioned Apr 1820.

James Yarbrough, joined on Oct 17, 1812 from Blooming Grove. Moderator on June 17, 1815, and again on Jan 19, 1816.