ALEXANDER, Zenas, 84, died Caledonia, Kentucky, Confederate soldier; died of pneumonia; buried Locust Grove Cemetery; was captured at Fort Donelson during the Civil War. (Stewart County Times, 28 Dec. 1927.)

ALLEN, Robert, 68 was killed last Saturday by stepson Williard HANKINS, age 15. From Erin news section of paper. (Stewart County Times, 15 June 1928.)

ANDERSON, Mrs. Ida, 73, died 25 Jan. 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio; six children survive. (Stewart County Times, Feb. 1928.)

ARMSTRONG, Mrs. James, 35, died Saturday near Bellwood, daughter of Mrs. John HICKS; husband and eight children survive. (Stewart County Times, 11 Nov. 1927.)

ASKEW, Mrs. John, died Wednesday of pneumonia; lived at Model. (Stewart County Times, 27 April 1928.)

ATKINS, Ed, of Indian Mound, committed suicide Saturday; had recently had a stroke of paralysis; son of John ATKINS; World War I veteran. (Stewart County Times, 21 Oct. 1927.)

BARNES, J. H., died 30 April 1928, buried family burying ground; lived at Walnut Grove. (Stewart County Times, 11 May 1928.)

BARNETT, Miss Annie, of Stewart County, hanged herself a few days ago…insane; "amiable and beautiful." (Nashville Republican Banner, 27 Aug. 1869.)

BAYLESS, Cullen, died in Dover on the first; respected citizen. (National Review, 16 Feb. 1836.) Died on the 12th.

BAYLESS, Brittain, Esquire, died in Stewart County on the 16th, age 77. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 22 Oct. 1834.)

BAYLESS, I. S., deceased - S. J. CAROLAND administrator of estate. (Stewart County newspaper, 9 Feb. 1892, name of paper not listed.)

BAYLISS, Joel, age 64 yrs. 5 months 10 days, died 25 Oct. 1857 near Dover. (From Clarksville Weekly Chronicle.)

BAYLISS, John, age 61 years 6 months 10 days, died at his residence in Dover on the 25th. Long account of his virtues not copied. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 4 Nov. 1857.)

BELL, Hon. John, died at Cumberland Iron Works this morning at 2 a.m. (10 Sept. 1869)…had been quite feeble for some time…weaknesses of respiratory organs producing suffocation. (Nashville Republican Banner, 11 Sept.1869.)

BELLSOOVER, Mrs., 46, died on the 14th at Cumberland Iron Works. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 24 June 1835.)

BETTS, Carter, 25, is dead; his father W. O. BETTS, age 55, wounded; they were shot Sunday by Jesse BEARD; Carter survived by wife and child. (Stewart County Times, 20 July 1922.)

BIRD, Drewry, deceased; on petition of John RAINWATER and others versus Drewry BIRD, will sell land belonging to heirs of Drewry BIRD, deceased, land on south side of Cumberland River on Lick and Leatherwood Creeks and including his dwelling house. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 13 May 1857.)

BIRKS, Mrs. Callie, 22 daughter of John BEASLEY died; survived by one daughter, Verna. (Stewart County Times, 4 Nov. 1927.)

BLEDSOE, W. W., of Houston County, was struck by bus and killed Tuesday near Dickson. (Dickson County Herald, 14 March 1930.)

BOGARD, J. C., deceased by 1857; non-resident notice in connection with W. J. BOGARD, Hester A. BOGARD, Zachariah T. BOGARD and Sarah E. BOGARD, Mary A. BOGARD as heirs at law of J. C. BOGARD, deceased; all defendants are non-residents of Tennessee. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 2 Dec. 1857.) Then in same paper, W. J. BOGARD, admr. Of J. C. BOGARD, versus William STONE, Sarah STONE (formerly Sarah BOGARD), George W. VICKERS, Mary VICKERS (formerly Mary BOGARD), Hester BOGARD, Zachariah BOGARD, Eletha BOGARD, John D. BOGARD, William A. BOGARD, Joseph C. BOGARD, Hester A. BOGARD, Zachariah T. BOGARD, Sarah E. BOGARD and Mary A. BOGARD, are heirs at law and distributees of J. C. BOGARD. Eletha, John D., William A., Joseph C., Hester A., Zachariah T., Sarah E., Mary A., Hester, and Zachariah D. BOGARD are all non-residents. (Ibid, 2 Dec. 1857.)

BOSWELL, John W., of Guthrie, Ky., died Sunday of Pneumonia; formerly of Dover; son of Dr. George W. and Kathron BOSWELL; married 1893 to Katherine NOWLIN; buried at Guthrie. (Stewart County Times, 18 Jan. 1929.)

BOWERS, Jerry Hunter, 10 died of scarlet fever in Springfield, Ky., son of Paul BOWERS, grandson of B. H. HOBING of Dover. (Stewart County Times, 16 Jan. 1931.)

BOYD, J. M., 81, dropped dead Wednesday in Lafayette, Ky. (Stewart County Times, 4 Nov. 1927.)

BRADFORD, Sidney E., died Wednesday morning of neuralgia of the heart; outstanding citizen of Cumberland City, age 61; born five miles south of Cumberland City, son of W. C. and Georgeanna BRADFORD; married 31 years ago to May MCCULLOUGH of Paris, Tenn. (Stewart County Times, 6 Sept. 1929, Friday.)

BRAKE, Thomas, little son of T. L. and Jennie BRAKE-card of thanks for courtesies after his death published in paper. (Stewart County Times, 24 March 1922.)

BRANDON, T. J., 62, died Friday; Mason; married Mollie HART; had three children, George James, and Minerva; in Sept. 1881 was appointed clerk and master of Stewart County; in 1886 was circuit court clerk; manager of Dover Iron Works; helped organize Dover Bank and Trust Company. (Dover Courier, 28 Feb. 1919.)

BRANDON, Milton, 93, died Sunday in Lafayette, Kentucky; was one of 19 children; Methodist; born near Tobaccoport in Stewart County; buried in cemetery at Lafayette, Ky. (Stewart County Times, 13 Sept. 1929.)

BREWER, Walter, deceased administrator to his estate appointed. (Stewart County Times, 24 Apr. 1928.)

BRINSON, George, deceased; Mary BRINSON and Duncan STEWART appointed administrators. (Stewart County Court Minutes, 12 March 1805.)

BRINSON, Jacob, Sr., deceased; Jacob, Jr., appointed administrator and court ordered to lay off Jacob Jr.'s share. (Court Minutes, 20 April 1807.)

BROWN, Temperance, deeds Negroes to Jesse BROWN and children…calls him "my son Jesse" and deeds two Negro women, Darcis, age 52, and Lucinda, age 19; the children of Jesse were John, Mary Ann, Albert, Temperance, and Stephen Alexander. Deed was signed 23, Oct. 1847 by Temperance (X) BROWN. (Stewart County Deed Book 15, page 536.)

BRYANT, David Lee, 29, killed Wednesday by a limb falling and fracturing his skull; deaf and dumb. (Stewart County Times, 10 Feb. 1928.)

BUCKINGHAM, Thomas, Jr., deceased, insolvent notice on estate published by T. G. BUCKINGHAM, administrator. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 8 June 1866.)

BURFORD, Mrs. Patsey, consort of William BURFORD, died near Dover on the 10th. (Clarksville Gazette, 14 Oct. 1820.)

BURGESS, Imogene, 73, widow of Frank BURGESS, died 20 June 1927; member of the Union Christian Church; survived by three sons and one daughter. (Stewart County Times, June 1927.)

BURNS, Richard, deceased of Stewart County; administrator's notice published; Lewis HERNDON, administrator. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 19 Aug. 1857.)

BYRD, Ed, died of pneumonia; son of G. H. BYRD of Indian Mound. (Stewart County Times, 18 Jan. 1929.)

CAUSEY, Capt. J. L., died 2 Jan. 1928 in Mobile, Ala.; former superintendent of Fort Donelson Cemetery at Dover; married Margaret SCARBOROGH. (Stewart County Times, 6 Jan. 1928.)

CHERRY, "Speed", 20, son of Zeb CHERRY, drowned in Tennessee River Tuesday; went swimming alone. (Stewart County Times, 26 July 1929.)

CLUTTS, C. A., 73, died in Nashville; was sheriff of Stewart County in 1898; was general superintendent of LaGrange furnace; married Lucy DILLON. (Stewart County Times, 12 April 1929.)

COBB, Charles, funeral to be at Big Rock on Wednesday; killed in Nashville by Mrs. W. S. DOTSON. (Nashville Banner, 22 March 1913.)

COBB, P. L., 77 a recluse, was found beaten to death early today; showed signs of severe struggle; married three times and seven children survive; native of Big Rock community, buried in family cemetery. (Stewart County Times, 13 March 1931.)

COLEMAN, John, drowned Tuesday in Barrett's Creek (quoting Dover Record of June 20) was drunk and in a canoe; (paper very dim could not get rest of details.) (Nashville Union and American 23 June 1873.)

COLLINS, John, 64, died Tuesday in Happy Hollow, wife and two sons survive. (Stewart County Times, 27 April 1928.)

COLSON, William E., deceased; admr notice published by William S. COLSON, admr. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 24 June 1857.)

COOK, George W., tribute of respect by Dover Lodge No. 2 of Marion on his death. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 29 April 1857.)

COPPEDGE, Lewis E., Jr., died 10 Jan. 1928 at Bumpus Mills; L. E. COPPEDGE, Sr., died some years ago; died of lingering illness; veteran of Spanish American War. (Stewart County Times, Jan. 1928.)

COX, Mrs. Fannie, died 9 March 1929, of Model; Baptist; husband J. C. COX; daughter of A. C. FUTRELL; buried in family cemetery near Model. (Stewart County Times, 15 Mar. 1929.)

COX, W. H., 65, prominent merchant and timber dealer of Standing Rock, died Wednesday; found dead on road; died of heart attack; was from Maryland and had lived here 36 years; buried at Standing Rock. (Stewart County Times, 30 Oct. 1925.)

CROW-tribute of respect in paper to little Max CROW. (Stewart County Times, 13 Nov. 1925.)

CRUTCHER, Joseph J., deceased, administrator's notice published in Clarksville paper. (Clarksville Gazette, 14 Oct. 1820.)

CRUTCHER, Smith, 90, of Nevill's Creek, died of infirmities of old age; served in Confederate Army. (Stewart County Times, 30 March 1928.)

CURTIS, T. S., died 17 April 1931 in Dickson of heart attack; born in Stewart County former head bookkeeper of Warner Furnace at Cumberland Furnace; married Dora GRIMES; Episcopalian. (Stewart County Times, April 1931.)

DAWSON, John-William and Ross LANE have been arrested at Clark Furnace on Tuesday for shooting John DAWSON at Mt. Vernon Furnace in Montgomery County last November; $200 reward has been offered. (Nashville Union and American, 3 March 1874, quoting Dover Record of Feb. 27.)

DONNELL, Miss Martha, 70, died Tuesday of pneumonia; charter member of St. Paul's Methodist Church; lived six miles west of Cumberland City; buried family burying ground at home of Joe WEAKS. (Stewart County Times 14 Feb. 1930.)

DOUGLAS, Issabel, 5, daughter of Charles Leonard DOUGLAS, died of ptomaine poisoning. (Stewart County Times, 8 June 1928.)

DOWNS, Walter, born 13 Feb. 1889, died 16 April 1930, age 41-1-18; son of Henry BARNETT and Mary DOWNS (she died about 1900); married 10 Feb. 1910 Frocie KNIGHT he drowned in cistern, possibly suicide; funeral at Rushing Creek Baptist Church. (Stewart County Times, April 1930.)

DUNAWAY, Matt, deceased, estate to be settled on 17 Nov. 1928, with C. H. WEBB as administrator. (Stewart County Times, Nov. 1928.)

DUNBAR, James, 52, died in Stewart County. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 14 Oct. 1830.)

DUNLAP, Robert, 50, died 21 Sept. 1838; native of South Carolina; lived last 20 years in Stewart County. (Nashville Union, 5 Oct. 1838.)

DYE, B. R., 43, died in Stewart County on the 8th instant. (Clarksville Leaf Chronicle 21 June 1861.)

ELLIOTT, Mrs. J. W., Jr., died recently. (Stewart County Times, 15 July 1932.)

ELLIOTT, Thomas S., deceased before 1858; petition to sell land in lawsuit of N. D. ELLIOTT versus George E. GIBSON et al. George M. ELLIOTT, Martha J. RODERICK, Thomas F. POOR, Lucinda M. POOR, Tilitha E. POOR, William J. POOR, Sarah A. ANDERSON, Elizabeth A. POOR, Martha A. POOR are heirs at law of Thomas S. ELLIOTT. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 20 Oct. 1858.)

ELLIS, Alpha C., born 4 March 1872, died 10 Feb. 1929, 57 years, youngest son of Thomas B. and Mary G. ELLIS; in 1892 joined Methodist Church; married (a) Lottie E. RODGENS on 3 Nov. 1895, she died 13 April 1914 and they had 8 children; married (2) 26 July 1916 Rosa SCOTT. (Stewart County Times, Feb. 1929.)

ELLIS, Mrs. Eliza, 86, died Sunday at Big Rock of infirmities of old age. (Stewart County Times, 9 Dec. 1927.)

ELLIS, Dr. William, of Yellow Creek, Dickson County, died suddenly 16 Nov. 1860. (Clarksville Chronicle, 21 Nov. 1860.)

ESTES, Joel, Esquire, of Haywood County, died in Stewart County on the 10th instant. (National Banner and Nashville Daily Advertiser, 20 Sept. 1833.)

ESTES, Mrs. Margaret, living near Iron Mountain, sat down to supper, slid out of chair dead; had dropsy and rheumatism for some time; died on "Tuesday last" as of Dover Record for Aug. 29. (Nashville Union and American, 4 Sept. 1873.)

FAULKNER, Jacob, 85, died 1 July 1860 in Stewart County; War of 1812 soldier. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 27 July 1860.)

FIELDER, Rev. G. P., 42, died 5 Feb. 1930 of gallstones at Clarksville; native of Calloway Co., Ky. (Stewart County Times, Feb. 1930.)

FLETCHER-Cruel murder of young lady by FLETCHER, who lives 8 or 9 miles below Dover on the 18th instant; the deed was perpetrated by a negro man and woman at the instigation of FLETCHER with an axe and club…"poor victim's head was beaten to a jelly"…all in jail and FLETCHER made full confession. Victim's name not given. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 29 Jan. 1851.)

FLETCHER, Miss--BERRY, negro, tried for murder of Miss FLETCHER in Stewart County, was acquitted last Wednesday. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 12 Oct. 1853. See entry above; possibly the same.)

FLETCHER, W. E., of Princeton, Ky., formerly of Stewart County, died 12 Feb. 1929. (Stewart County Times, Feb. 1929.)

FOLKS-tribute of respect for Mrs. S. C. FOLKS in paper. (Stewart County Times, 28 Oct. 1927.)

FOWLER, Mrs. Ella, wife of J. C. FOWLER of Stribling, died 8 Oct. 1925, age 66 years., 8 months, 15 days. (Stewart County Times, Oct. 1925.)

FRANCIS, Mrs., Charity Alabama, born 13 Feb. 1858, died 8 Sept. 1931, age 73-6-25; married 11 Aug. 1881 to John H. FRANCIS, who died 1919; member of Presbyterian Church, then joined Methodist Church. (Stewart County Times, Oct. 1925.)

FRAZIER, Eugenie Leona JONES, born 13 Feb. 1889 at Dover, died Saturday in Comanche, Iowa; daughter of David C. and Exula JONES; married 12 Sept. 1906 to John C. FRAZIER; husband and eight children survive; 1915 moved to Iowa; her daughter Leona Rose died 16 Feb. 1912; buried Rose Hill Cemetery there. (Stewart County Times 13 May 1929.)

FRENCH, Mrs. Sidney of Walnut Grove, died 26 Oct. 1925; husband and two children survive. (Stewart County Times Nov. 1925.)

FRENCH, Thomas, "Died at his residence in Stewart County on 8th inst., Thomas FRENCH. Early in the Revolutionary War he entered the service of his country, was in many of the hardest fought battles, was taken prisoner at the Battle of Charleston and continued a prisoner on his parole of honor, till regularly exchanged. He had a captain's commission and was sent to the frontier to keep down the Indians…husband and father…He was buried on the 10th instant with the honors of war by a company raised in his vicinity called the French Guards, commanded by Capt. Abithel WALLACE…funeral preached by the Rev'd Samuel ROSS from text selected by himself some two years ago before he died. 'He worketh all things after the counsel of his own Will.' Captain FRENCH was born 22 Oct. 1753, moved to Tennessee 1785, and at the time of his death was in his 95th year…in 1776 he was a good Whig-in 1847 and '48 a sterling democrat." (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 22 March 1848.)

FUTRELL, W. H., estate insolvent as of 8 March 1928. (Stewart County Times, 10 March 1928.)

GILLIAM, John, deceased by 1856; on motion of William L. DUNBAR, admr., GILLIAM's land is to be sold, all except the widow's dower. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 10 Dec. 1856.)

GILLUM, E. W., deceased of Stewart County, estate insolvent; Thomas BATSON, administrator. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 23 March 1866.)

GILMORE, W. J., died 1 Jan. 1930 near Blooming Grove; originally from Dickson County; was justice of peace in both Stewart and Montgomery Counties; buried at Vanleer; married (2) Mrs. Hugh HALLIDAY; married (1) Mollie PERKINS. (Stewart County Times 3 Jan. 1930.) (Editors note-marriages are not clear; should be rechecked.)

GLASGOW, Mrs. John, murdered by Josiah COOK near Dover on Saturday; they were neighbors; she had been sent to care for COOK's wife after the wife had given birth. She brought food with her, and COOK accused her of intending poisoning. He took gun and shot her-he is probably insane and it is thought he might be mobbed; he claims to be a preacher from Kentucky. (Dickson County Press, 4 Jan. 1884.)

GORIN, Col. Gladdin, 60, died on the 1st instant in Stewart County after a long illness. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 24 Feb. 1832.)

GORIN, Gladin-suit in chancery court, Josiah CLARK versus George W. GORIN about land of Gladin GORIN, on Wells Creek, ancestor of the defendant. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 8 Feb. 1845.)

GOSSETT, Jacob, deceased by 1856; by order of the Stewart County Court, his land on Hurricane Creek, District 11, to be sold. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 10 Dec. 1856.)

GRAY, Peter F., of Dover, killed Tuesday in streets by a man named GLASCOCK. (Paper too dim to get details; Clarksville Jeffersonian, 27 June 1860.)

GREENHILL, Phillip, 32 son of Ed N. GREENHILL, was struck in head by a piece of steel at sawmill near Tobaccoport Saturday. His brother-in-law Albert EARHART, 41, in going for help was kicked in stomach by mule. EARHART died thirty minutes before Phillip. Albert was son of Lige EARHART. (Stewart County Times 2 Dec. 1927.)

GRICE, Patrick, admr. Notice on estate published by Elijah STALLS, admr. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 19 Aug. 1857.)

GRIFFIN, Rev. Samuel Marion, Methodist minister, died last night in Memphis; born 15 Feb. 1857 at Big Rock; C. P. minister at sixteen; married 9 May 1878 to Emily FARMER of Cedar Hill, Tenn.; in 1902 became a Methodist. (Stewart County Times, 16 Jan. 1931.)

GRIFFIN, T. M., 83, died 14 July 1929 of old age and its infirmities; lived in District 8 of Stewart County; wife and seven children survive; died in the house in which he was born. (Stewart County Times, 19 July 1929.)

GUNSON, William D., 86, died 7 Feb. 1930 of infirmities of old age; born and died in same house; married 16 April 1872 to Georgeanne GRIFFEY, who died fifteen years ago; they were the parents of nine children; he was the oldest member of Charity Lodge 370; member of McKendree Methodist Church for 45 years; buried in family cemetery near his home. (Stewart County Times, Feb. 1930.)

HALL, Will, 55, died Wednesday; lived at Carlisle; wife and six children survive; buried on farm near his home at his request. (Stewart County Times, 2 Jan. 1931.)

HALL, Edwin, deceased, estate insolvent. (Dover Courier, 7 Feb. 1919.)

HALL, Mrs. W. B., of Big Rock, died Wednesday; son E. J. HALL died 1918; husband and four children survive. (Stewart County Times, 10 Aug. 1928.)

HARGIS, C. R., 47 of Lafayette, Ky., died Monday of leakage of the heart; formerly of Stewart County; married Robbie WILKINSON; buried Howell Cemetery. (Stewart County Times, 14 Feb 1930.)

HARRIS, Howel, deceased before 1856; a petition of Priscilla HARRIS, by her guardian J. H. COLEMAN, for a tract of land she got as heir at law of Howel HARRIS, deceased; 116 acres in District 4, Stewart County, north side of the Cumberland River. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 10 Dec. 1856.)

HARRISON, Shorty, son of West HARRISON, shot by Drane TUCKER at Legate. (Stewart County Times, 28 Oct. 1927.)

HARRISON, small son of James HARRISON, died last week of sore throat. (Stewart Breeze, 4 Nov. 1887.)

HEFLIN, the 4 ½ year old daughter of Clayton HEFLIN of Indian Mound was fatally wounded by 8 year old brother Tuesday; he had the gun out to shoot a rabbit. (Stewart County Times, 20 Feb. 1931.)

HERNDON, A. L., 50, died at Buchanan, Henry County, buried in Calloway Co., Ky.; reared in District 8 of Stewart County. (23 Oct. 1925.)

HOWELL, Miss Mary Arabella, 41 years 2 months, died 16 Jan. 1931; daughter of Dr. D. L. HOWELL of Big Rock; buried in family plot near Big Rock. (Stewart County Times, Jan. 1931.)

HINSON, Capt. Jack, died Feb. 7 aged 80 years on White Oak Creek. "It is said he killed about 80 federal soldiers during the late unpleasantness." (Whig and Tribune, 1 March 1873, quoting Nashville Union and American.) Dover Record of Feb. 27 says death of Capt. Jack HINSON, died on 7th, is mistake and that he is alive. (Nashville Union and American, 3 March 1873.)

JACKSON, Dianer, 67, widow, died 10 April 1909 of lagrippe in District 1, Stewart County; born in Dickson County. (Page 80, Volume B, Vital Statistics of Stewart County, 1908-1911.)

JACKSON, John, deceased, administrator's notice in Clarksville paper. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 5 Jan. 1866.)

JEFFERIES, Hugh, of Bumpus Mills was murdered by his brother Totts JEFFERIES on July 27 in difficulty over rent…there had been ill feelings about division of property. (Daily Herald, Columbia., Tenn., 29 July 1908.)

JOHNSON, Leon V., son of B. D. JOHNSON, died in car collision with train in Chicago and was buried in Fayetteville, Tenn. (Stewart County Times, 31 Oct. 1930.)

JOHNSON, Marion Henry, aged 6 years 17 days, youngest child of Allen and Sarah JOHNSON died in Stewart County on 21 Dec. 1850. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 8 Jan. 1851.)

JOINER, Carl, of northeast Stewart County, died last Thursday, when load of logs turned over on him. (Stewart County Times, 16 Sept. 1927.)

JORDAN, Mrs. Lucy A., consort of Howell T. JORDAN, died in Stewart County on March 19 in the 31st year of her age. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 11 April 1855.)

KEEL, Pernecy, 79, died 12 Sept. 1925. (Stewart County Times, Sept. 1925.)

KERN, Mrs. Susanah, died in Stewart County on Jan. 9; wife of H. C. KERN; age 64 (?). (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 8 Feb. 1860.)

KEYES, William, 66, died Monday; once lived at Bear Spring. (Stewart County Times, 3 Jan. 1930.)

LANCASTER, Robert, deceased, letter of administration given to Elijah LANCASTER. (Court Minutes 11 March 1806.)

LEE, Samuel C., insolvency notice in Stewart County paper of 18 July 1887.

LEE, Thurman, estate insolvent. (Stewart County Times, 17 Jan. 1929.)

LEGATE, Wilson, of Indian Mound, prominent planter, died after week's illness, age 72; wife and children survive. (Nashville Banner, 13 March 1913.)

LEWIS, Sidney Clinton, died 15 Nov. 1930; born 16 Aug. 1860 at Indian Mound; died of spinal ailment; son of Isaac and Mary SETTLE LEWIS and grandson of Daniel LEWIS. Isaac LEWIS, who died 1867, was son of Daniel LEWIS, and member of 14th Regiment Tennessee and later the 49th Tennessee; was injured at Fort Donelson and never recovered from injuries. (Stewart County Times, Nov. 1930.)

LEWIS, Major Thomas Wilson, born 10 Sept. 1840, died 27 June 1915; one of eight children of Thomas W. and Sophronia NOLEN LEWIS; came from Rockingham County Virginia in 1802; Thomas W., Sr., was in War of 1812; Thomas W., Jr., served in Company B, 14th Tennessee, CSA; wife and four daughters survive; laid to rest at his home. (Confederate Veteran, Nov. 1915, page 516.)

LISENBY, ?, member of Volunteer Company from Stewart County died of pneumonia at hospital at Clarksville Monday of last week; taken to Stewart County for burial. (Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, 14 June 1861.)

LONG, W. B., 80, died Tuesday of cancer; inmate of county poor house; Confederate soldier. (Stewart County Times, 23 Oct. 1925.)

LYNCH, Peter, Esquire, died in Dover on 25th inst., age 31, lawyer, 'tho in a land of strangers, he died in the midst of friends'. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 9 Feb. 1848.)

MARTIN, Mrs. George, of LaGrange, fell during sleet last winter and received injuries that necessitated amputation of her foot, from which she died on Wednesday; widow of James MARTIN, maiden name was FOWLER. (Courier, 13 May 1892.)

MCCAULEY, Missouri U., daughter of David and Louisa MCCAULEY, age 22 years 9 Months, of Stewart County, died 21 August 1860. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle.)

MCKINNY, Zanty, born 23 Aug. 1797, died 16 Nov. 1887 in Livingston Co., Missouri, 80 years 2 months 16 days; his father came to Stewart County in 1815; married 1818 to Sarah R. WHITEHEAD; moved to Missouri in 1855, died there; she died 1877 at 75; they had four children: Nancy E. FRENCH, Martha HADDOCK, Adaline MINNICK, and Margaret MINNICK. (Stewart County paper, dated 20 Jan. 1888.)

MOORE, Lewis J., deeds to "my son William G. MOORE" land on White Oak Creek granted by Tennessee to James IRWIN and L. J. MOORE, signed 1 Nov. 1854. (Stewart County Deed Book 19, page 148.)

MOORE, J.N., died 19 Sept. 1930 in Dexter, Mo., acute heart failure; born 1844 near Dover; moved to Missouri in 1874; Civil War veteran, served in Company Breckett's Battalion, Missouri Cavalry; Methodist. (Stewart County Times, 26 Sept. 1930.) Had brother W. C. MOORE of Cumberland City.

MOORE, William H., of Stewart County; "We are informed that on Sat. the 7th inst. Lt. CLARKE, Co. A, 83 Illinois, crossed the Cumberland at Clarksville with thirty men, went to Yellow Creek, Montgomery County. He divided his force, placing part under Sgt. BRADY. They took different routes. CLARK discovered pursued and killed Samuel ELLIS, formerly of Nashville, a guerrilla. Sgt. BRADY captured James Jacob SLY, formerly of Montgomery, James S. FINLEY, and William H. MOORE of Stewart County, noted guerrillas. Jake SLY had the reputation of being one of the most murderous of the breed in Tennessee. He had gone so far as to offer a reward for Lt. CLARK's head. These three scoundrels were executed by the Lieutenant on the 8th. G. H. MCCAULEY, also of Stewart County, was captured but the evidence of his being a guerrilla not being satisfactory, he was carried to Clarksville and is held for further investigation. (Nashville Daily Union, 10 Jan. 1865.) Gustavus H. MCCAULEY, citizen, was sentenced to seven years in penitentiary for being a guerrilla, but was released as evidence was not enough. (Nashville Daily Union, 11 June 1865.)

MULLEN-little daughter of Richard MULLEN, living near Gum Spring, Stewart County, stood too close to fire the other day, clothes caught on fire, and she was badly burned; died the next day. (Whig and Tribune, Jackson, Tenn., 23 Dec. 1871.)

NILES, Sam H., deceased by 1857, admr. notice published, W. BRANDON, admr. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 7 Oct. 1857.)

NOLIN, P. B., died at his residence in Stewart County; Capt. NOLIN was in his 57th year; had son Dr. J. T. NOLIN; died of pneumonia; volunteered in service of his country in War of 1812; a man marked with decision of character. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 11 Jan. 1854.)

OUTLAW, William, Jr., shot and instantly killed last Monday by Henry W. MCNEILL-MCNEILL's daughter became enceinte and OUTLAW charged with seduction; shot near Stewart County line. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 20 July 1860.)

PENIX, Scott - His body has been found; was drowned near Dover lately. (Nashville Union and American, 30 Nov. 1873.)

POWERS, Cune, not expected to survive the winter, age 96; lives with his son in Cumberland City; noted for his strength; Confederate soldier, taken prisoner at Fort Donelson. (Stewart County Enterprise, 9 Feb. 1922.)

POWERS, ?, a commercial traveler reports finding a five months old infant behind a log in the woods near Dover. The child was found by a Mr. MORRIS. Mrs. POWERS, a widow, who lives in the neighborhood with her two grown daughters, was soon near the spot, and a visit to the house found the elder daughter sick. The child was left at Mrs. POWERS'. The infant when found was badly blistered by the sun. (Progressive-Democrat, 7 Sept. 1892.) (Not an obituary.)

PUGH-A few days ago in northern part of Stewart County a young man named PUGH set a tree on fire and began chopping wood nearby. Burning tree fell and crushed him to death. Horrible description of his body included in the article. (Nashville Union and American, 12 March 1873.)

PUGH, T. J., and Henry WILLIAMS had fight at Tobaccoport; PUGH was severely stabbed and his life is despaired of. (Nashville Union and American, 14 Jan. 1873.)

RANDOLPH, J. W., former husband of Elizabeth P. BRINSON and father of Caroline T. RANDOLPH, died in 1839 in Stewart County; his son James died in 1843. Elizabeth P. BRINSON and Caroline T. RANDOLPH vs Wight W. OUTLAW advertised; OUTLAW is non resident of Tennessee and is in Missouri. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 3 Jan. 1845.)

REDDICK, William R., attorney at law, died on the 19th in Dover. (National Banner and Nashville Daily Advertiser, 24 May 1832.)

ROLLS, Mrs. Diadema, an esteemed lady in Stewart County, died last week at the age 70 years. (Nashville Union and American, 19 Dec. 1872.)

ROLLS, J. Stanley, 75 died a few days ago of heart failure; Mason; deputy sheriff of Stewart County under Taylor BOGARD. (Stewart Courier, 6 May 1892.)

RUTLAND, Dr. W. C., of Stewart County, to be tried this week for murdering his wife; gross negligence for leaving her entirely alone while she was in childbed. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 28 May 1858.) He received 9 years in state prison. (Ibid, 4 Feb. 1859.)

RUTLAND, Dr. W. C., has unexpectedly died; was at Danville, Tenn., and got into an argument with a COLLINS, who beat him severely; he had also stuck a nail in his foot and both caused his death. (Nashville Union and American, 22 July 1873 quoting the Dover Record.)

SCARBOROUGH, John, deceased before 1848; chancery court sale of land in Stewart County, labeled J. O. SHACKELFORD, admr. of John SCARBOROUGH versus the distributees and creditors of John SCARBOROUGH. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 9 Feb. 1848.)

SCARBOROUGH, Judge J. M., of Dover, age 68, died Friday at 10 p.m.; member of Dover bar for 50 years; ex-legislator; one time county judge. (Progressive Democrat, 15 March 1893.)

SCARBOROUGH, Samuel Deberry, born 11 Nov. 1835 in Stewart County, died 6 Oct. 1912; served in 14th Infantry, CSA; married 27 Feb. 1870 to Martha WALTER and they had twelve children. (Confederate Veteran, March 1913, page 134.)

SHAW, Leonard-petition to sell land of Leonard SHAW in suit C. C. TAYLOR, admr., versus Newton SHAW et als, heirs at law of Leonard SHAW, non residents. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 19 Oct. 1859.)

SHEMWELL, Mrs. Elizabeth, died in Stewart County on 17th inst. After a short and severe illness; daughter of Capt. P. B. NOLIN and consort of Dr. James J. SHEMWELL. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 28 March 1846.)

SHEMWELL, J. E., murdered at Dover by W. P. WALLACE, his three sons, and James PAGE; killed on 20 June 1890. W. P. WALLACE's brother J. E. WALLACE had been killed by SHEMWELL three months before. (Maury Democrat, 17 July 1890.)

SKINNER, Nathan, deceased, died before Jan. 1847, when a sale of his real estate of 500 acres on Cumberland River was being advertised; Thomas B. POWELL and William C. JONES were executors. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 9 Jan. 1847.)

SLYE, deceased-insolvent notice for estate of J. J. SLYE, deceased; S. T. ALLEN, administrator. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 23 March 1866.)

SMITH, Joseph M., died on the 26th at Dover Furnace. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 5 April 1828.)

SMITH, Thomas, of Stewart County died a few days ago from gunshot wounds in one of his arms…accident. (Nashville Union and American, 18 Feb. 1873.)

SMITH, Thomas, who lived near Dover Furnace, shot himself in the right arm and died. (Whig and Tribune, Jackson, Tenn., 1 March 1873.)

SMITH, Thomas, of Stewart County, accidentally shot while huntin recently. (Nashville Union and American, 18 Feb. 1873. See another account above.)

SMITH, William, murdered by George S. ADKINS in Stewart County, to be tried; change of venue to Montgomery County. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 28 May 1858.)

SMITH, William W., tribute of respect on his death published by Dover Lodge. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 27 May 1857.)

STACKER, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Samuel, died in Montgomery County. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 29 June 1831.)

STACKER, Miss Elizabeth, 14, daughter of Samuel STACKER, died at Cumberland Iron Works. (National Banner and Nashville Whig, 24 June 1835.)

STACKER, Samuel, deceased-sale of land in Stewart County mentions land in District 7 on waters of Long Creek where Samuel STACKER, deceased, resided at the time of his death…1400 acres involved. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 27 Oct. 1865.)

STONE, small daughter of Dude STONE of Big Rock, age 4, died last week of sore throat. (Stewart Breeze, 4 Nov. 1887.)

SUMMERS, Dr. James, 101, walked into Dover Record last week and subscribed to the paper. (Whig and Tribune, 1 Feb. 1873.) Mr. SOMERS of Stewart County will be 100 years old next Feb…he cured his corn crop last season. (Whig and Tribune, 4 Nov. 1871) Dr. James SOMERS of Stewart County died Saturday, Aug. 16, at 102 years 6 months 1 day. (Nashville Union and American, 23 Aug. 1874.) (Name spelled both ways in these accounts.)

SYKES, Arthur, 84, died at his home in Stewart County last week. (Whig and Tribune, Jackson, Tenn., 28 Oct. 1871.

TAYLOR, S. C., deceased, estate administrator notice in Clarksville Paper. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 5 Jan. 1866.)

TAYLOR, Thetle, daughter of J. M. and Francis, 6 years, 8 months, died 13 Jan. 1888.

TERRY, Old Man, shot at Dover on Saturday last; quarreled with SEXTON and DANIEL about a trunk put off at Terry's hotel by steamer. SEXTON shot him through the head. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 15 Feb. 1861.)

THOMAS, W. T., born 2 Oct. 1841 in Stewart County, died 8 April 1913 at Cumberland City; served in Co. B, 50th Tennessee; wife and one daughter survive. (Confederate Veteran, Feb. 1914, page 88. Long account and picture in this issue of the magazine.)

THORNTON, Miss Harriet, died at Dover on the 28th ultimo in her 15th years after a long and painful illness. (Clarksville Gazette, 14 Oct. 1820.)

UNKNOWN, a deck hand on Steamer Hudson, in a fit of mental derangement threw himself into the river at or near Dover and was drowned. (Clarksville Jeffersonian 2 Oct. 1850.)

WALKER, Thad, stabbed by Mr. WALLACE last week in District 1 in Stewart County during a difficulty and recovery is doubtful. (Nashville Union and American, 9 April 1873.)

WALLACE, James-constable J. E. SHEMWELL attached raft of logs belonging to James WALLACE to satisfy a judgement. WALLACE took an axe to SHEMWELL, who drew pistol and shot WALLACE, who died in two hours; wife and seven children survive. "Much feeling among relatives and more trouble is expected." (Maury Democrat, 27 March 1890.)

WILSON, James, deceased, administrator's notice in Clarksville paper; B. P. SUMERS administrator. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 30 March 1866)

WELDON, Capt., of Paris Landing, Stewart County, died very suddenly on the 18th. (Nashville Union and American, 25 Dec. 1873.)

WILLIAMS, Lemmy (or Lammy)-letters of administration on his estate granted June 1846 to Thomas E. DUNCAN, admr. Creditors are notified to settle with administrator. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 18 July 1846.)

WILSON, Mrs. Mary, died near Dover on 4th after protracted illness, age 25; wife of H. H. WILSON; daughter of J. L .JAMES; buried in Trinity Cemetery in Clarksville. (Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, 11 May 1866.)

WILSON, Robert, prominent citizen of Stewart County, committed suicide because of financial reverses. (Maury Democrat, 22 Oct. 1896.)

WOFFORD, J. Wesley, 79 died 12 May 1892, on Bear Creek; Mason; Methodist; Democrat; buried in old family burying grounds; educated in "old field schools"; survived by two daughters. (1892 clipping)

WOFFORD, James, age 74, of Stewart County, died on 24 Dec. 1873. (Nashville Union and American, 4 Jan. 1874.)

WYNNE, Gabriel, deceased by 1857; land belonging to heirs of Gabriel WYNNE to be sold; land in District 11 of Stewart County on the banks of Tennessee River. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 4 Feb. 1857.)

YANTIS, Mrs. Priscilla A., relict of late Col. John YANTIS, died in Dover at home of her son-in-law Judge J. W. HALL; died 1 Sept. 1847, age 66. (Christian Record, 16 Oct. 1847.)

This information was transcribed from The River Counties by J.K. Garrett