Stewart County Newspapers

These are the newspapers that have been published in Stewart County and where to find surviving issues.

Dover Weekly Intelligencer (1859) - begun in 1859, by Dr. Albert M. Gilliam, a local dentist, and Charles O. Faxon. Dr. Gilliam died in September 1859, and Faxon apparently sold ownership to H. C. Buckner. An excerpt of the surviving issue (14 Sep 1859) is online at 1859intelligencer.htm. Only 1 issue survives, and is on microfilm at TSLA.

Dover Journal (Feb. 1860 - Nov. 1860) - Published by Aycock and Daly and edited by Clay Roberts; mentioned in the Clarksville newspapers but no known issues surviving

Dover Intelligencer (1860 - ?) - The Tennessee State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-61, by John L. Mitchell, has the following entry: “Dover Intelligencer, H. C. Buckner, editor, Daly & Buckner, publishers.”. No known issues survive from the time that Daly & Buckner ran the paper.

Dover Weekly Record (c. 1869 - 1877) - Edited by James P. Flood; TSLA has 1 surviving issue on microfilm from 1876

Dover Courier (1877 - c. 1921?) - Published by Charles W. Crockett; TSLA has only the June 18 1886 issue on microfilm; the paper is quoted often in the Clarksville newspapers from 1877 through the 1890s, and is quoted in Paris and Hopkinsville papers as late as 1919

Stewart Breeze (c. 1886 - c. 1888) - TSLA has 5 surviving issues on microfilm

Stewart Courier (c. 1891 - c. 1898) - apparently a successor to the Dover Courier, or just a brief name change - TSLA has a few surviving issues from 1892

Stewart County Enterprise (c. 1921 - c. 1924) - TSLA has 2 surviving issues from 1922

Stewart County Times (c. 1924 - 1949) - TSLA has selected issues from 1925-1935, and most issues from 1937-1949

Stewart-Houston Times (1949 - present)

Stewart County Standard (2015 - present)

The Library of Congress' Chronicling America website (, is a great place to search for mentions from the Dover newspapers, although the Dover newspapers themselves are not part of the collection.