Genealogical Abstracts of Reported Deaths from The Nashville Christian Advocate, 1839-1919

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November 30, 1839
CLEMENTS C. RANDLE son of Wilson and Susanna Randle died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1839.

January 4, 1840
PENALTON SETTLE died from injuries received while cleaning a well, near Dover, Tenn., Nov. 10, 1839; a young man.

February 1, 1840
SAMUEL G. WOFFORD son of James and Elizabeth Wofford, born and reared in Stewart Co., Tenn.; died Dec. 29, 1839.

March 21, 1840
PERNINA RUSHIAN [Rushing] wife of Philip Rushian born Anson Co., N.C.; married there; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 10, 1849.

June 6, 1840
W. H. ATKINS son of William R. and Sileme Atkins, died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 18, 1840 in the 23rd year of his age.

December 9, 1842
SARAH T. ELLIOTT daughter of Rev. Thomas S. Elliott, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 5, 1842 aged 17 years, 11 months [1825].

October 6, 1843
JOHN WOFFORD born in Maryland; moved to New Orleans, La. where he married Sarah Gardner, 1797; moved to Tenn., 1806; to Stewart Co., Tenn., 1811; died there, Sept. 14, 1843 aged 75 years, 6 months [March 1768]; eight children.

April 26, 1844
WILLIAM H. ELAM born Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 29, 1815; died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 3, 1844.

May 10, 1844
CATHARINE GREEN daughter of Abraham Morfield; born Va., 1760; moved to Ga., 1798; married Joseph Green, Warren, N.C., 1809; husband died in 1863. She died on a visit to her daughter, living in Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 11, 1844 in the 84th year of her age; five children; numerous progeny.

February 7, 1845
Reverend RICHMOND T. SHELTON died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 29, 1844 in the 37th year of his age; a few months of his life were spent as a Methodist local preacher.

March 7, 1845
WILLIAM WOFFORD born eastern shore, Maryland, Sept. 16, 1776; at age of four years moved with parents to Rockingham Co., N.C. and lived there until he was 22 years old and married Sarah Yerkis, two years after which they moved to Guilford Co., N.C., living there 18 years, then moving on to Stewart Co., Tenn. for three years, then to Henry Co., Tenn. where he died January 16, 1845.

March 21, 1845
MARY NEWBERRY born Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 23, 1808; died Feb. 14, 1845. Weakley Co., Tennessee.

February 20, 1846
MARINA SKINNER wife of Nathan Skinner, died near Dover, Tenn., Dec. 19, 1845 in the 40th year of her age.

April 3, 1846
CYRUS MITCHEL died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 1845 in the 32d year of his age.

July 10, 1846
ELIZABETH VANHOOK, Henry Co., Tenn., born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 3, 1806; married John Vanhook; died May 3, 1846; seven surviving children.

August 28, 1846
CELIA ANN SCARBOROUGH died eight miles west of Dover, Tennessee, July 26, 1846; daughter of John and Sarah Wofford; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, August 1830; married A. D. Scarborough, June 6, 1831.

September 11, 1846
MARY JANE ANDREW daughter of Henry and Nancy Andrew; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 20, 1846 in the 16th year of her age.

October 30, 1846
JOHN KIZER, native of Allegheny Co., Pa., died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 26, 1846 aged 72 years; moved to Stewart Co. in 1800; husband and father. Methodist.

November 27, 1846
WINNEFRED WYNNS widow of Thomas Wynns, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1836 aged about 67 years; had moved from New Orleans to Tennessee.

February 5, 1847
NATHAN SKINNER born Chowan Co., N.C., Jan. 29, 1779; married Nancy Pratt, 1803 and moved to Davidson Co., Tenn., in 1804; thence to Stewart Co., Tenn. where he died Oct. 28, 1846 of congestive fever; joined Methodist Church in 1836.

February 19, 1847
ANNA RANDLE wife of Henry Randle died Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 21, 1846.

July 23, 1847
WILLIAM WILLIAMS born in Pennsylvania, 1794; died 6 miles from Dover, Tenn., June 20, 1847; husband and father (8 children).

August 27, 1847
ELIZA ANN HUDGENS daughter of David and Ella A. Erwin, born Stewart Co., Tenn.; moved with parents to Jefferson Co., Ark.; died Pine Bluff, Ark., June 27, 1847 in the 28th year of her age; wife and mother (2 children);

November 19, 1847
ANNA REBECCA THOMAS daughter of Benjamin B. and Ann M. Thomas, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 2, 1847 aged 1 year, 6 months and 27 days [April 5, 1846].

January 7, 1848
Reverend JAMES SCARBOROUGH born in Virginia; moved in youth to Montgomery Co., N.C. and moved to Stewart Co., Tenn., in 1803/04 where he died December 5, 1847, aged 93 years.

February 11, 1848
SUSAN RANDLE died Ouachita Co., Ark., Nov. 26, 1847 in the residence of her son-in-law, Henry Wall; born Anson Co., N.C., August 27, 1780; married Wilson Randle and moved to Montgomery Co., N.C., then to Stewart Co., Tenn. and in the fall of 1847 to Arkansas.
ELIZA JANE LUTON wife of Andrew J. Luton; daughter of Rev. Allen and Peggy Elliott; died Stewart County, Tenn., December 25, 1847.

September 8, 1848
JOHN RANDLE, native of Montgomery Co., N.C.; son of Henry and Anna Randle; moved with his parents to Tennessee; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 12, 1848; husband and father (5 children).

November 10, 1848
M. C. JONES, nee Wynne, Stewart Co., Tenn., died Oct. 14, 1848 aged about 45 years.

March 2, 1849
REBECCA PRYOR wife of James Pryor, died Pike Co., Ill., Jan. 7, 1849; moved from Christian Co., Ky. to Stewart Co., Tenn., to Pike Co., Illinois.

August 31, 1849
FRANCES T. LEE wife of John A. Lee, born Stewart Co., Tenn.; died there, July 16, 1849; married Dec. 7, 1829; eight children.

March 1, 1850
SARAH A. WYNNS daughter of Rev. John Manly; born Henry Co., Tenn., March 18, 1830; orphaned, she was reared by an uncle, R. Manly; joined Methodist Church, 1843; married John E. Wynns, Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 18, 1847; died Nov. 28, 1849.

July 26, 1850
BARNET RANDLE died Gonzales Co., Texas, June 5, 1850 in the 41st year of his age; born and reared in Stewart Co., Tenn.; moved to Texas in 1837; husband and father (3 ch.)

July 10, 1851
Colonel WILLIAM RICHARD LEE son of Anthony and Mary Lee; born Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 20, 1811; died Canton, Ky., June 18, 1851; a single man.

November 6, 1851
Captain THOMAS PAYNE, steamboat captain on the Tennessee and Mississippi rivers, died Stewart Co., Tenn. and was "buried on his farm, on the Tennessee River", October 11, 1851.

January 15, 1852
BASCOM KELLY s/o Rev. William B. and Nancy Kelly of Stewart Co., Tenn., born Nov. 18, 1851; died Dec. 15, 1851.

January 29, 1852
THOMAS W. LEWIS s/o Thomas W. and Judith Lewis; born Jan. 12, 1815; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 26, 1851.

March 11,1852
LEARNER B. PARCHMAN born and raised in Stewart Co., Tenn.; died Feb. 12, 1852.

April 22, 1852
Capt. JOHN JAMES died Jan. 19, 1852 at the close of his 62nd year, Stewart Co., Tenn.

May 27, 1852
CLEMENTINE SETTLE d/o Henry and Nancy Andrews of Stewart Co., Tenn.; died Jackson Co., Tenn., March 16, 1852 aged 25 years; md in 1845 to A. G. Settle; left 2 children.

June 3, 1852
ELIZABETH ANN SYKES w/o Henry Sykes; d/o Thomas and R. McGee, born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 12, 1832; md July 19, 1849; died March 23, 1852.

June 10, 1852
Resolutions of Respect for PEYTON S. COOK whose funeral "we attended this evening" by Dover Division #116, Sons of Temperance, dated May 12, 1852.

October 7, 1852
HENRY WILLIAM S. CONLY s/o Rev. Andrew and Juliet C. Conly, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Sept. 7, 1852 in his 2nd year.

October 28, 1852
THOMAS D. MOCKBEE born Ky., Feb. 24, 1803; moved to Tenn. 1805; md Elizabeth Taylor, July 18, 1833; died Stewart Co., Tenn., July 4, 1852.
NATHAN THOMAS born Richmond Co., N.C., Feb. 5, 1772; moved to Ky. 1807; joined MEC 1809; died Stewart Co., Tenn., September 26, 1852.

February 17, 1853:
M. A. TENNESSEE DANIEL d/o R. T. and Narcissa Daniel, born Jan. 14, 1840; died Dec. 17, 1852. Dover, Tennessee.

June 2, 1853:
WILLIAM THOMAS CHANCE only child of Robert and Nancy Chance, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 22, 1829; died near Charleston, Miss., April 18, 1853; moved to Miss. in 1839; md Rebecca Wamble, Feb. 6, 1851.

September 1, 1853:
Rev. DAVID O. ANDREW, preacher in charge of the Panola Circuit, Memphis Conference, died Panola Co., Miss., July 14, 1853; born Stewart Co., Tenn., June 4, 1819; joined MEC and was licensed to preach, April 1844; ordained deacon 1846; ordained elder 1848; his ninth and last appointment was to Panola Circuit; md Minerva A. Horton 1841 who survived as well as an infant son.

December 8, 1853:
THOMAS EDWARD DOYLE s/o J. V. and S.C. Doyle, born July 25, 1852; died Oct. 25, 1853. Dover, Tenn.

February 16, 1854:
Capt. P. B. NOLIN died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 4, 1853 in his 57th year; his son, Dr. J. L. Nolin, attended him in his last illness.

June 15, 1854:
D. A. LAWSON youngest s/o Solomon and Rachel Dawson, born April 13, 1819; died Panther Creek, Stewart Co., Tenn., March 8, 1854.
ELEANOR MILAM, nee Pigum, w/o Stephen Milam, born N.C.; moved with family east Tenn. in 1803, then to Stewart Co., Tenn. where she joined the MEC 1819; md 1820; moved to Henderson Co., Tenn. in 1835 and joined the Olive Branch MEC there; died in the latter county, May 5, 1854.

August 10, 1854:
STEPHEN GARDNER born Martin Co., N.C., Oct. 25, 1780; moved with parents to Orange Co., N.C., then to Clark Co., Ga., then he moved to Tenn.; died Stewart Co., Tenn., June 29, 1854.
CEALIA C. BURCHAM of Stewart Co., Tenn.; d/o John Andrews, born March 2, 1822; died May 27, 1854.

September 28, 1854:
LUCINDA ATKINS w/o Thomas M. Atkins; d/o William and Mary Cook, born Dec. 24, 1828; md 1850; died Dover, Tenn., August 2, 1854.

October 5, 1854:
NANCY L. ELLIS only d/o Thomas and Mary Lightfoot; born Stewart Co., Tenn., June 5, 1823; md Rev. F. A. Ellis and moved to Robertson Co., Tenn.; moved later to Callaway Co., Ky. where she died August 28, 1854.

January 4, 1855
Died, at Sailorís Rest Furnace, Montgomery county, Tenn., on the 2nd of December, 1854, of typhoid fever, sister Elizabeth Ellen, wife of P. H. Matthews, and daughter of Wm and Susannah McNickle, formerly of Stewart county, Tenn., aged about twenty-three years.

Sister Matthews embraced religion in the year 1846, and soon after became a member of the M. E. Church, in which she lived an humble, pious, and devoted member, until death came as a messenger of peace, to bear her triumphantly away to the land of eternal felicity.

In the death of sister Matthews, the church has lost one of its brightest ornaments, and one of its most exemplary members and her disconsolate husband has lost a kind and affectionate wife, and her children a loving and tender mother.

Sister Matthews bore her affliction with Christian patience and resignation; and when she became convinced that she must soon die, she requested that her friends should be assembled in the room, and engage in prayer. She said that she wanted to be made shouting happy; and during the prayer meeting, she raised herself up, and praised God by clapping her hands, and no doubt felt that

Jesus can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are.

Previous to her last expiring moment, she called her affectionate husband to her bed-side, and told him that she was not going to die, but that she was going to sleep; that she soon expected to be shouting with the redeemed millions around the great white throne. She told him to raise up her children, and try to teach them how to serve God, and meet her in heaven. She then calmly fell asleep in the arms of Jesus, and no doubt was escorted by a convoy of angels to a land of pure delightó

"Where sickness and sorrow, pain and death,
Are felt and feared no more."

Sailorís Rest, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1854.
Banner of Peace, please copy.
H. C. L.

February 1, 1855:
SAMUEL W. KELLY of the business firm Kelly and Tomlinson, died Dover, Tenn., September 8, 1854.

February 8, 1855:
JAMES R. WILSON born Dec. 9, 18--/not given in original/; died Stewart Co., Tenn., January 2, 1855.

February 22, 1855:
WILLIAM S. TOMLINSON died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 24, 1855 aged 28 years, 3 months, 12 days; a resolution of respect by New Portland Lodge #208, Masons, not dated.

March 8, 1855:
ABRAHAM PHILLIPS died Lagrange Furnace, Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 27, 1855 in his 83rd year. Born in Hamburg, Germany; came to U.S. at age 19 and settled at first in New Jersey; moved to Pa., and md there to Abigal Warden who was born May 18, 1783 and who died Sept. 24, 1854.
LUCY MARGARET SETTLE d/o Hamilton and Lockey Settle; died Lick Creek, Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 7, 1855 aged 16 years, 11 months, 18 days.

March 22, 1855:
JAMES R. WILSON s/o John and Louisa Wilson, born Dec. 9, 1832; died on White Oak Creek, Stewart Co., Tenn., January 2, 1855.

April 26, 1855:
GEORGE ANN SEXTON d/o Peter and Aphia M. Sexton, died Stewart Co., Tenn. April 6, 1855 aged 3 years, l month and 13 days.

May 17, 1855:
ELIZABETH E. OUTLAW w/o George W. Outlaw; d/o Seth and Margaret Outlaw; born Stewart Co., Tenn., March 26, 1826; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., March 12, 1855; left widower, 3 children.

May 24, 1855:
HENRY WELLINGTON WOFFORD s/o James and Mary E. Wofford, died in Stewart Co., Tenn.; no death date given.

July 19, 1855:
Rev. JOSHUA GEURIN, member of Missionary Baptist Church, born Sept. 25, 1811; drowned in Cumberland River near Dover, Tenn., May 12, 1855.

July 26, 1855:
GEORGE W. ALLMAN born August 27, 1833; died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 11, 1855.

September 13, 1855:
WILLIAM MEREDITH SETTLE s/o W. C. and L. A. Settle, died Dover, Tenn., Aug. 24, 1855 aged 8 months, 11 days.

December 13, 1855:
SUSANNAH LOWRY died Nov. 10, 1855 aged 82 years, 8 months, 10 days; moved from N.C. to Stewart Co., Tenn. 1809; in 1821 moved to Henry Co., Tenn.; her husband, Elijah Lowry, died 12 years ago.

March 13, 1856:
JOHN E. ALLMAN born Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1828; md Mary Ann Newberry of Weakley Co., Tenn., Jan. 1855; died nr. Bowling Green, Tenn., Dec. 20, 1855.
NANCY ANN BANKS w/o Thomas Banks; d/o William and Frances McGee, died Cumberland Iron Works, Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 27, 1856 aged 36 years.

March 20, 1856:
Dr. H. W. LEE died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1855 in his 30 or 31 year.

March 27, 1856:
JOSEPH HARDISON died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 28, 1856 about age 55.

July 3, 1856:
MARTHA E. GATLIN w/o E. C. Gatlin; d/o William and Maria Williams; died Stewart Co., Tenn., March 30, 1856 in her 29th year; joined MEC 1842; md 1843.

September 18, 1856:
NANCY W. DUFFEL w/o Rev. T. S. Duffel; d/o James and Sarah Dilday of Humphreys Co., Tenn., born S.C., Feb. 13, 1828; md April 14, 1853; died Stewart Co., Tenn., July 15, 1856.

October 9, 1856:
JULIA BERGE PARRISH d/o N.C. Parrish of Dover, Tenn., died Dickson Co., Tenn., Sept. 19, 1856 aged 3 years, 2 months, 14 days.

January 29, 1857:
JOEL PITTS BOYD s/o Joel and Eliza Boyd, died July 25, 1856 aged 2 year, 1 month, 11 days. Stewart Co., Tenn.

February 26, 1857:
SARAH M. BELL w/o J. B. Bell; d/o Seth and Margaret Outlaw, born Stewart Co., Tenn., August 19, 1834; md May 21, 1854; died Humphreys Co., Tenn., December 25, 1856.

March 19, 1857
MARY DANIEL d/o Henry and Anna Randle, born N.C., June 29, 1804; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1857; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn.; md Daniel Dawson; then David Daniel. First md Thomas Lightfood; md thrice. Baptist.

June 18, 1857
HENRY C. ROBERTSON died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 2, 1857 in his 24th year.

March 4, 1858
ELIZABETH A. ANDREWS w/o S. T. Andrews, born May 27, 1813; md Oct. 3, 1833; died New Portland, Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1857.
JOSEPH GREENBERRY ALLEN s/o John N. and Nancy E. Allen, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 1, 1858, aged 2 years, 12 days.

Apri1 29, 1858
WILLIAM LOT FIELDING died Stewart Co., Tenn., March 21, 1858 in 42nd year.

Apri1 30, 1858
NANCY ISABELLA ELLIOTT w/o J. L. Elliott, born Jan. 10, 1838; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1856.

June 24, 1858
CATHARINE WALL born Bertie Co., N.C.; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn. in 1821; died April 18, 1858.

July 8, 1858
KINDNESS STONE born July 8, 1795; died Stewart Co., Tenn., in home of her son, Dr. R. A. Stone, April 1, 1858 in her 63rd year.
JAMES W. ROBERTSON born Oct. 1O, 1814; died Dover, Tenn., Nov. 3, 1857.

December 30, 1858
MARY R. PHILLIPS died Jefferson Co., Ark., Nov. 24, 1858, widow of William Phillips; d/o George W. and Martha J. Atkins; born Stewart Co., Tenn., March 22, 1807; md October 6, 1831; moved to Ark. to the place where she died in 1834.

January 13, 1859
GEORGE R. SCARBOROUGH of Dover, Tenn., born Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1837; died at his father's residence, Calloway Co., Ky., Dec. 26, 1858.

January 22, 1859
Miss CYNTHIA McGEE died Dover, Tenn., Dec. 13, 1856 aged nearly 40 years, at residence of brother, W. C. McGee; d/o William and Frances McGee.

February 24, 1859
Little SALLIE GOLD died Charlotte, Tenn., Feb. 9, 1859 aged about 10 years; her father died in Stewart Co., Tenn. about nine years before she died; her mother, Mrs. A. J. Larkins and step-father, Prof. E. H. Larkins raised her.

Apri1 28, 1859
NANCY GENTRY w/o Col. J. F. Gentry; d/o Joel and Nancy Mann, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1828; md Oct. 11, 1843; died Canton, Ky., Feb. 11, 1859.

June 16, 1859
EMMA WOFFORD w/o W. G. Wofford; d/o Henry and Rebecca Andrews, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1859 and almost the same month, 4 of her children died.

September 1, 1859
Rev. ISAAC N. MANLY died Johnson Co., Texas, July 30, 1859; born Stewart Co. Tenn., June 4, 1818; s/o Rev. John Manly, who moved to Henry Co., Tenn., an early Methodist preacher; he was licensed to preach, MEC, Oct. 5, 1849 and filled several appointments in the Memphis Conference; ordained deacon Nov. 6, 1842; ordained elder (no date given); moved to Texas 1854.

September 8, 1859
Rev. THOMAS WARE RANDLE, died /August 26, 1859/; s/o Thomas and Nancy Randle; born Stewart Co., Tenn., April 13, 1815; became itinerant MEC preacher before his 18th birthday; filled numerous appointments over the years; funeral preached August 17th, Huntsville, where he was buried. His brother, Rev. John Randle, was with him when he died. He md Elenor J. Plummer and they had 5 children surviving.

September 22, 1859
Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILLIAM ELLIS who died Stewart Co., Tenn., August 27, 1859; by Elk Creek Sunday-school, MECS; not dated.

October 6, 1859
Rev. WILLIAM ELLIS, born N.C., Jan. 7, 1788; moved to Smith Co., Tenn., then to Stewart Co., Tenn. where he died, August 27, 1859; became a MECS preacher; ordained deacon 1826.

October 13, 1859
MARTHA L. McGUERTER died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 6, 1859 aged 18 years, 2 months, 2 days.

November 17, 1859
WILLIAM W. WIMBERLY born Sept. 26, 1834; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1859; s/o Joseph P. and Martha Wimberly; graduated from the law school in Louisville, Ky. and started the practice of law at Cadiz, Ky.

December 1, 1859
JOHN S. ANDREWS s/o William Andrews of Providence, Tenn., died Nov. 5, 1859, Dover, Tenn., in his 16th year.

December 29, 1859
WILLIAM PARKINS, native of Virginia, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1859 in his 62nd year; a husband and father.

March 8, 1860
MALINDA NORFLEET w/o Rev. Marmaduke Norfleet died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 21, 1859.

July 26, 1860
SARAH A. GLASGOW w/o J. M. Glasgow, born Dover, Tenn. 1827; died Lyon Co., Ky., May 28, 1860.

August 9, 1860
JACOB FAULKNER died July 1, 1860 in his 85th year in residence of Hency Blane, Stewart Co., Tenn.; enlisted in Halifax Co., Va. for service in the War of 1812.

November 14, 1861
LEVI FRANKLIN OWEN born March 15, 1821; died Sept. 15, 1861, Stewart Co., Tenn.

May 15, 1869
Mrs. LOUISE N. SETTLE d/o R. T. and N. Daniel, b Stewart Co., Tenn., April 25, 1846; d April 15, 1869; md T. S. Settle, February 1868.

June 19, 1869
NEWELL DOUGLAS ELLIOTT s/o Thomas F. and Maria Elliott, b Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 17, 1843; killed accidentally May 15, 1869; md Martha James Wofford of Stewart County, Oct. 20, 1868. Member of Masonic order.

January 20, 1872
SARAH GEORGE w/o Robert George, died at home, Stewart Co., Tenn. Jan. 2, 1872; born in Pittsylvania Co., Va.; md 1819; a Free-will Baptist.

February 17, 1872
W. A. SUMMERS s/o J. F. and T. P. Summers, born Stewart Co., Tenn. June 23, 1849; died Humphreys Co., Tenn. Oct. 30, 187l; joined MECS 1866.

Apri1 6, 1872
G. W. MANNING born March 12, 1838; died Feb. 12, 1872; lived and died in Stewart Co., Tenn.; left three children "in the care of kind relatives."

June 15, 1872
REBECCA McGEE died Stewart Co., Tenn. May 8, 1872 in her 66th year; left widower, four children and grandchildren.

December 28, 1872
SARAH LASAPHINE HAMILTON d/o James H. Hamilton, born Stewart Co., Tenn. Nov. 12, 1849; died Dec. 7, 1872; joined MECS 1866

April 30, 1873

Mrs. MARY FIELDING was born in Stewart county, Tennessee, April 1832 and died in Columbia county, January 23, 1873. She was the daughter of Christopher and Mary Brandon of Stewart county, Tenn., where she was married to Thomas W. Fielding. In 1861 she moved to Florida. She leaves eight children, most of whom are small. Wm. H. Wilson. Nashville Advocate and Dover Record copy.

September 6, 1873
SILAS STAMPER, citizen of Stewart Co., Tenn. died last fall and had been the founder of Stamper's Chapel; left a widow and two children.

January 31, 1874
Mrs. SUE NEBLETT DYE wf Rev. W. T. Dye, Tenn. Conference, dau Colonel N. H. and Lucy A. Allen, Montgomery Co., Tenn., born Jan. 12, 1838; died Dover, Tenn., Nov. 29, 1873; graduate, Clarksville Female Academy, 1853; md April 23, 1861; had several children.

March 28, 1874
SAMUEL GREENE BRADFORD born Aug. 28, 1860 and died in Stewart Co., Tenn. March 12, 1874.

Apri1 25, 1874
Rev. W. R. EDES died Caldwell Co., Ky. Mar. 24, 1874; born Stewart Co., Tenn. Nov. 12, 1812; md Sarah Martin of Montgomery Co., Tenn. who died July 20, 1858; then md Mary C. Ovey who survived him.

August 1, 1874
MARY L. BUSSELL wf Joseph A. Bussell, born March 12, 1848; md May 6, 1873; died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 22, 1874.

October 10, 1874
MIRANDA CAROLINE RANDLE wf Rev. James R. Randle, dau Elijah and Mary Dawson, born Stewart Co., Tenn. July 28, 1838; md in Feb. 1861 and died in TX Sept. 5, 1874; professed religion at Old Standing Rock Church, 10 miles from Dover, Tenn. when 18 years old.

December 5, 1874
IRA IRWIN ELLIS born Brunswick Co., Va. Oct. 30, 1798; died Stewart Co., Tenn. at residence of Thomas B. Ellis, Oct. 31, 1874; md Martha C. Smith, Rockingham Co., N.C. Oct. 1, 1922 and moved with his father's family, Rev. Ira Ellis to Christian Co., Ky. 1829; quotation from his diary dated Oct. 30, 1860.

Apri1 3, 1875
WILLIAM R. HOGAN born Feb. 12, 1853; died Feb. 2, 1875 at father's residence on Cubb Creek, Stewart Co., Tenn.

Apri1 10, 1875
CHARLOTTE HOGAN born Stewart Co., Tenn. 1805; md John Taylor and later William Baily; with first husband had 4 children, one of them M. P. M., wife of Allen Akin in whose residence she died in Caldwell Co., Ky., March 3, 1875.

October 2, 1875
JANE PARKER, nee Cook, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 1827; died August 31, 1875; md John W. Parker, March 13, 1845.

January 22, 1876
HENRY MADISON ATKINS born Stewart Co., Tenn. Feb. 1820; died Clarksville, Tenn., December 3, 1875.

February 5, 1876
ELIZABETH HENSON born Shelby Co., Tenn. Jan. 1847; died Stewart Co., Tenn. January 4, 1876.

June 24, 1876
DAVID E. WILLIAMS born Swansey, South Wa1es, 1827; died Nashville, Tenn., Apri1 9, 1876; md Sallie E. Jones in Richmond, Va. Aug. 21, 1845; came to U.S. 1840 and settled in Richmond, Va.; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn. and in 1866 moved to Logan Co., Ky.; died from cancer of jaw in Nashville where he had gone for an operation. Oldest son, Moses Williams.

December 2, 1876
EDITH A. C. BUMPASS wf Samuel J. Bumpass; dau Dr. W. and Harriet Brandon, born Sept. 6, 1853; died Stewart Co., Tenn. Sept. 15, 1876; among survivors were husband and daughter, Daisy, aged 2 1/2 years old.

Apri1 21, 1877
CHARLIE ELLIOTT s/o Rev. T. F. and Maria Elliott, died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 4, 1877 aged 17 years.

May 19, 1877
Rev. FELIX G. BOSWELL born Stewart Co., Tenn. April 12, 1857; died Culleoka, Tenn. April 20, 1877; attending Culleoka Institute, preparing for the ministry. Tribute to him by Sunday School, undated.

October 6, 1877
MARIA C. WILLIAMS, "my wife's mother" (S. P. Whitten), born Knox Co., Tenn., Dec. 1, 1803 and moved with family of her father, Thomas Buckingham, to Stewart Co., Tenn. when she was young; married William Williams 1821; died on Bear Creek, Stewart Co., Tenn., September 3, 1877.

October 13, 1877
LIZZIE McKINNEY, nee Weeks, born Stewart Co., Tenn., March 5, 1854; married James McKinney, Jan. 4, 1874; died Roaring Springs, Ky., July 11, 1877.

January 5, 1878
AMANDA M. MOORE born Tippah Co., Miss., June 15, 1839; moved to Humphreys Co., Tenn. in her 13th year, then to Stewart Co., then to Houston County and in the latter she died Nov. 16, 1877; married Claiborne A. Moore, Dec. 9, 1866; a daughter predeceased her.

January 26, 1878
Miss MARY J. CARTER born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1856 and died near Erin, Tenn., November 16, 1877.

March 16, 1878
A. J. KINGINS born Stewart Co., Tenn., July 15, 1836; died Dec. 4, 1877; surviving were widow and 3 children.

July 13, 1878
JOHN CALVIN AUSTIN born Stewart Co., Tenn., July 1854; died June 17, 1878.

August 3, 1878

MARGARET EUDORA DUNBAR wife of Samuel Dunbar, died July 13, 1878; dau of Rev. J. P. Bellamy.

October 26, 1878
PHEBE ROCHELLE born Montgomery Co., Tenn., 1815; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 28, 1878; dau of Timothy and Jane Anderson, Virginians.

December 7, 1878
MARY L. McWHIRTER dau of Reuben and Jane McWhirter, born Montgomery Co., Tenn. May 11, 1845; died Stewart Co., Tenn., September 2, 1878.

January 4, 1879
LEILA ADA ELLIS died Stewart Co., Tenn., Sept. 28, 1878 aged 11 years, 9 months and 26 days; dau of Thomas B. and Mary J. Ellis.

April 12, 1879
MARGARET SHELLY born Stewart Co., Tenn., July 2, 1804; died Hardin Co., Tenn., Feb. 15, 1879.

April 19, 1879
GEORGE B. ELLIOTT born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 16, 1849; died yellow fever, Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 12, 1878; Confederate veteran.

May 3, 1879
MARIA CAROLINE SCARBOROUGH died Stewart Co., Tenn., Mar. 25, 1879 in her 63rd year of life.

May 10, 1879
HARRIET TOWNSEND wife of Allen Townsend, born Stewart Co., Tenn., 1832; died Mar. 26, 1879.

June 21, 1879
ELIZABETH MARGARET BROOKS wife of Rev. Jason P. Brooks, Pinewood Circuit, Tenn. Conf., born Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 26, 1839; married Feb. 2, 1857; died Hickman Co., Tenn., March 27, 1879.

December 6, 1879
MARY H. WOODSON wife of Dr. Woodson, Parsons, Kansas, born Dover, Tenn., Dec. 5, 1832; died October 1, 1879.

June 19, 1880
The Rev. D. J. LEWIS, aged 60 years, l month and 13 days, died of pneumonia, April 1, 1880, Stewart Co., Tenn.

July 17, 1880
JOSEPH P. WIMBERLY born in Virginia, February 10, 1804; died November 11, 1879; married Martha P. Pigue, Davidson Co., Tenn., December 13, 1832; joined Methodist Church in Stewart Co., Tenn.

February 19, 1881
The Rev. T. G. REESE born Lincoln Co., No. Carolina, May 22, 1799; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn. in 1805; joined Methodist Church in 1820; licensed to preach in Methodist Church at Christian Co., Ky., August 28, 1823 and entered the Kentucky Methodist Conference in 1826; traveled in numerous circuits over the years but located in 1834 settling on a farm in Todd Co., Ky., then moved to another farm where he died January 2, 1881; ordained deacon October 26, 1828; ordained elder October 17, 1830; married (1) Susan Demaree, February 5, 1829, four sons, three daughters; (2) Mrs. Mary Cato, Christian Co., Ky., August 25, 1851.

Apri1 23, 1881
WILLIAM LARGENT born August 19, 1816; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1881.

May 7, 1881
R. B. ROBERTS born Trigg Co., Ky., March 28, 1815; died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 20, 1880.

August 6, 1881
ELIZABETH C. TRAVIS daughter of Able and Cindy Johnson, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., 1820; married Dudley Travis, Stewart Co., Tenn., April 11, 1839; moved to Calloway Co., Ky. in 1860 where she died October 30, 1880; mother of three children.

March 11, 1882
REBECCA A. LEWIS daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Lewis, born Stewart Co., Tenn., March 9, 1822; died Dover, Tenn., October 27, 1881; married Dr. J. W. Smith, July 17, 1845; two sons, three daughters.

April 1, 1882
REBECCA SMITH wife of Dr. J. W. Smith, Dover, Tenn., born 1822; died October 27, 1881.

October 14, 1882
Mrs. SARAH "Aunt Sally" BOYT born in Georgia, May 21, 1800; daughter of Solomon and Rachel Dawson; died Stewart Co., Tenn., June 21, 1882.

June 30, 1883
SUSAN KING PARKER born August 18, 1796; died Stewart Co., Tennessee, August 1, 1882; married E. Parker, January 11, 1821; he died March 14, 1860.

June 14, 1884
JACOB H. PARCHMAN born Stewart Co., Tennessee, March 16, 1807; married Emily Tomlinson, 1839; died April 5, 1884.

August 2, 1884
Reverend ENOCH D. BAKER born Stewart Co., Tennessee, January 15, 1815; died Weak1ey Co., Tenn., February 6, 1884; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1847; ordained deacon in 1851; ordained elder in 1858; 37 years given to the ministry.

October 4, 1884
Mrs. LOCKY SETTLE born January 22, 1807; died March 24, 1884 in residence of her son, G. W. Sett1e, Stewart Co., Tennessee.

February 28, 1885
SALLIE M. ATKINS daughter of H. M. and L. A. Atkins born Stewart Co., Tenn., June 4, 1845; died Clarksville, Tenn., June 8, 1884.

May 23, 1885
SAMUEL DUNBARR died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 7, 1884 aged 59 years; surviving were his widow and 3 daughters.

June 13, 1885
SIDNEY McSWAIN, nee Sykes, born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 5, 1853; died Henry Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 1885; married John McSwain, 1874; wife and mother.

June 27, 1885
J. S. LEE, nee Richardson, born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 1, 1839; died April 1, 1885; a wife and mother.

July 25, 1885
Rev. T. F. ELLIOTT born Va., April 18, 1817; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn. in 1820; died in same latter county, April 9, 1885.

November 7, 1885
SARAH FLETCHER daughter of William and Anna Webster, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 21, 1823; married Nathan J. Fletcher, Jan. 5, 1851; moved to Texas in 1870; died Vanzandt Co., Tex., July 5, 1885; a wife and mother.

September 25, 1886
Tribute of Respect for A. D. SCARBOROUGH who died August 22, 1886; by Sunday School at Dover; undated; he had been its former superintendent.

January 8, 1887
MOLLIE F. SCARBOROUGH daughter of Dr. J. H. and M. E. Scarborough, born July 2, 1862; died Dover, Tenn., Nov. 11, 1886; married A. R. Scarborough, August 1879.

March 26, 1887
SARAH M. SMITH born Stewart Co., Tenn., Sept. 29, 1810; died Bartlett, Tn., Feb. 3, 1887 in residence of her son, Rev. W. E. Smith.

April 2, 1887
SALLIE ANN WOFFORD wife of Wesley Wofford, born Oct. 25, 1823; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 26, 1887.

June 25, 1887
CORDELIA E. GRAY wife of F. C. Gray, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 18, 1849; died April 25, 1887.

August 13, 1887
MYRON ELIZABETH LUCK wife of Lenton B. Luck; daughter of S. B. and Martha McNichols, born August 31, 1850; married Dec. 19, 1867; died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 18, 1887.

January 21, 1888
NANCY J. COOK, nee Barksdale, born Feb. 6, 1814; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 30, 1887.

March 31, 1888
Mr. WELTON "an elderly gentleman" died near Dover, Tenn., Jan. 24, 1888.

May 19, 1888
IDA HAMM wife of Charlie Hamm, daughter of M. J. and P. H. Settle, born Mar. 5, 1865; died Stewart Co., Tenn. in father's residence, Aug. 5, 1887.

March 28, 1889
NANCY JANE SMITH daughter of Joseph and Tempy Nash, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 19, 1841; married Joseph Smith, Aug. 24, 1863; died Jan. 21, 1889; member of Elk Creek Meth. Church.

July 11, 1889
JOHN B. BEDWELL born Lincoln Co., Tenn., June 23, 1826; died April 29, 1889; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. and in 1876 moved to Stewart Co., Tenn.; married (1) Phebe A. Ray (died August 1857), Mar. 18, 1845; 5 children; (2) Sarah A. Wells, Sept. 15, 1859; 9 children; a free-mason about 26 years; buried with masonic ritual.

August 1, 1889
SARAH KINGINS born Clinton Co., Ky., Dec. 31, 1831; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 9, 1889; married James M. Kingins, 1859; 6 children.

February 1, 1890
REUBEN McWHERTER born June 15, 1815 in S.C.; died Stewart Co., Tenn. in 1889.

February 28, 1891
MARGARET A. WEST daughter of J. F. and Lucinda Hooks, born Stewart Co., Tenn., June 22, 1832; married Dr. W. A. West, Oct. 16, 1851; died Indian Mound, Tenn., Jan. 23, 1891.

April 18, 1891
URIAH JACKSON born Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 24, 1823; married Margaret Clark, Aug. 6, 1845; moved from Humphreys Co., Tenn. to Texas in 1883; 2 sons, 3 daughters; died Buffalo Gap, Texas, December 9, 1890.

February 25, 1892
LEWIS T. EDWARDS son of Nicholas M. and Lucy W. Edwards born Stewart Co., Tenn., Mar. 13, 1835; moved to Christian Co., Ky. in childhood; married Virginia J. Collins, Sept. 14, 1865; 2 sons, 2 daughters; died Jan. 8, 1892.

May 5, 1892
DANIEL JAMES MILAM born Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1821; moved with parents to Henderson Co., Tenn.; married Nancy M. Kizer, June 1, 1844; several children; died in residence of his son, S. J. Milam, Jackson, Tenn., Jan. 1, 1892; burial in Shiloh Cemetery.

May 19, 1892
ROBERT K. KNIGHT born Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 4, 1824; died Caddo, Indiana, Jan. 21, 1892; married Violetta Aughey, native of N. Y., about 1854; 7 children; teacher.

July 14, 1892
Rev. H. P. LOWERY born Stewart Co., Tenn., July 10, 1815; died Henry Co., Tenn., Mar. 30, 1892; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1862; ordained deacon Nov. 18, 1866; ordained elder Nov. 22, 1874; left widow and 9 children. "He was not a great preacher hut he did much good."

October 20, 1892
Miss ISABELLA F. CROCKARELL [Cockarell?] born Mar. 15, 1838; died Stewart Co., Tenn., July 29, 1892.

July 27, 1893
NANCY J. ELLIOTT wife of J. P. Elliott born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 23, 1827; died Nov. 19, 1892.

April 12, 1894
SARAH HANDLIN, nee Stark born Warren Co., Ohio, 1810; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1894

January 4, 1894
JAMES KAY born Culpepper County, Virginia, November 1, 1816; in youth moved to Tennessee and there married Eliza Bailey of Dover, Tennessee, March 3, 1836; moved to St. Joseph, Missouri in May 1851 where he died November 11, 1893; active Methodist layman.


Reverend HENRY KAY, son of James and Eliza Kay, born in Dover, Tennessee, February 27, 1840; moved to St. Joseph, Missouri in May 1851; entered the Methodist ministry in 1860; served in Louisville Conference; health gradually impaired; he died November 10, 1893.

September 6, 1894
SAMUEL THORNTON BUFFORD born Stewart Co., Tenn., November 26, 1815; died Dec. 11, 1893; married Sarah Collins in 1835 and in 1837 moved to west Tennessee; eight children.

June 13, 1895
WILLIAM T. THURMOND son of the Rev. J. M. and Prairie Thurmond, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 25; 1863; died Grossbeck, Texas, May 13, 1895; married Sadalia Shields, May 26, 1886. "He was a sweet singer."

March 5, 1896
MARY A. MIZELL, nee Atkins, born Dover, Tenn., Nov. 4, 1829; died Auburn, Ala., Jan. 22, 1896; married the Rev. Alpheus Mizell, August 7, 1849; three sons, three daughters.

January 21, 1897
Mrs. REBECCA JANE COBB daughter of Thomas Elliott, a Methodist preacher; born Virginia, April 18, 1818; moved to Ky. with parents when young; married Thomas Shaw, Trigg Co., Ky., August 10, 1835; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn.; one son (John D. Shaw), 3 daughters; he died April 5, 1852; she married (2) A. G. Cobb, May 1859, a widower; died Cody, Ky., January 3, 1897.

June 17, 1897
JAMES HENRY JACKSON son of H. C. and Lizzie Jackson, born Jan. 5, 1878; died Stewart Co. Tenn., April 16, 1897.

August 5, 1897
Judge CLINTON L. RANDLE born Stewart Co., Tenn., Sept. 13, 1829; died Hickman, Ky., July 5, 1897; son of Rev. William Randle, Methodist preacher; married Maggie Mitchell, Feb. 12, 1868; 5 children; served in the Confederate army.

January 13, 1898
Rev. W. C. MANLY born Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1813; licensed to preach, Methodist Church, 1840; ordained deacon in 1844; ordained elder in 1854; married (1) Geraldine Randle, 1834, 15 children; (2) Rachel A. Moody, Jan. 21, 1855; first wife died Jan. 29, 1854. Death date not given.

July 28, 1898
W. C. BRADFORD, Sr., born Stewart Co., Tenn.; died Cumberland City, Tenn., June 29, 1898.

February 23, 1899
MARY McKENNON daughter of A. C. and E. J. McKennon, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 4, 1899 aged 18 years, 10 months and 10 days old.

September 21, 1899
MARY A. McCUTCHEN born Sept. 27, 1847; married James S. McCutchen, Aug. 30, 1870; died Stewart Co., Tenn., July 8, 1899.

March 15, 1900
The Methodist Church in Brownsville, Tennessee had lost several members in death recently:

Capt. J. B. PHILLIPS born Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 10, 1843; son of David and Rebecca Ward Phillips; served in Second Ky. Cavalry in Civil War; married Lee Waggoner, 1867; 3 daus., 1 son (who died in Spanish-American War); he entered in his Bible, "J. B. Phillips embraced the service of the Lord Jesus Christ at Brownsville, Tenn., August 28, 1875." He died December 26, 1899.

May 10, 1900
JANE BOYD LILLY born July 17, 1815; married (1) John Randle (died August 13, 1848) of Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 6, 1832; several children; (2) Colonel Thomas Lilly, Henry Co., Tenn., 1854; moved to Texas in 1879 and died in residence of son, Dr. G. H. Randle in Waco, January 20, 1900.

June 13, 1901
HATTIE R. DOUGHORTY wife of Thomas H. Doughorty; daughter of Capt. E. G. Sexton; born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 186; died in same county, Mar. 9, 1901; 2 children.

August 8, 1901
ABRAHAM K. COLEMAN born in Va., Dec. 12, 1818; married Francis M. Lee of Stewart Co., Tenn., in 1844; 2 children, M. B. Coleman, Clarksville, Tenn. and Mrs. Laura Herndon, Paducah, Ky.; died July 3, 1901; burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Tenn.

October 10, 1901
J. B. RIGHARDS born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 27, 1862; died N. Y. City, Mar. 26, 190l; married Sallie McDaniel, Dec. 23, 1885; "manager of the largest and handsomest enterprise in western Kentucky."

November 27, 1902
Noting article in Paris, Tenn. POST INTELLIGENCER (newspaper), about Reverend JOHN RANDLE who was born in Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 20, 1811; still living; moved to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1820; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1840 and entered regular ministry in 1843; ordained deacon the latter year; ordained elder in 1845.

February 4, 1904
SUSAN BROOME BRANDON born Snowhill, S.C., Jan. 18, 1820; married George Brandon, May 11, 1842; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 15, 1904; 5 children, one being Rev. J. C. Brandon.

April 28, 1904
NANCY BASS KELLY wife of Rev. W. B. Kelly, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Sept. 3, 1821; married Sept. 24, 1846; 10 children; died March 21, 1904.

April 13, 1905
LIDA NEBLETT, nee Sidebottom, born Dover, Tenn., July 21, 1840; married (1) L. A. Weatherford (died 1866); (2) W. R. Neblett (died 1902), 1872; she died Chattanooga, Tenn., Mar. 19, 1905. Children: Miss Logan Weatherford, Rev. S. A. Neblett (Cuban missionary), W. P. Neblett.

October 19, 1906
WILLIAM BRANDAU born Asthmus, Hansen, Kreis Rhotenburg, Germany, July 23, 1833; died Clarksville, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1906; of Huguenot descent; came to U. S. with father and family in 1842, locating in southern Ohio; married Anna M. Miller, 1856; moved to Decatur Co., Tenn. in 1867 and in 1880 to Stewart Co., Tenn. where he retired from working in iron furnaces; later a groceryman.

July 24, 1908
MARY A. DUNCAN, widow of Rev. T. J. Duncan, Northwest Texas Methodist Conference, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Mar. 6, 1836; died Texas, June 9, 1908; married July 19, 1859. A son, Rev. Jerome Duncan.

March 18, 1910
MARY VELMA SCARBOROUGH daughter of Rev. C. A. Warterfield and Betsy Ann Fraser Warterfield, born Calloway Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1839; died in same place, Jan. 17, 1910; married John W. Scarborough, Dover, Tenn., May 5, 1859; 7 daus., 7 sons. Burial in Goshen Cemetery.

January 6, 1911
Reverend JOHN RANDLE born Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 12, 1811; died West Point, Mississippi, November 19, 1910; one of eleven children of Thomas and Nancy Davidson Randle; the father fought in the Seminole War and drowned on his return from service when John Randle was five years old; married Nancy Harris, sister of Isham G. Harris and Rev. G. W. D. Harris, in 1831; licensed to preach in 1840 and labored in the Memphis Conference. Ordained deacon, 1832; ordained elder, 1845. "He was tall and angular but steady and manly in his step." [Photograph accompanied this obituary] During his long itinerancy, his family lived on their farm three miles northeast of Trenton, Tennessee. Father of eleven children. Retired in 1883. [Buried in Union Methodist Church Cemetery near Trenton]

August 15, 1913
Rev. W. G. McMILLAN born Stewart Co., Tenn., Sept. 14, 1846; died June 15, 1913; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1870 and labored in the Tennessee Conference; married Susie Hutton, Dec. 27, 1876; husband and father.

September 19, 1913
"In Memoriam", DANIEL G. FRASER son of Benjamin Lewis Fraser and grandson of Daniel Fraser pioneer Methodist; born Stewart Co., Tenn., 1833; died Memphis, Tenn., June 1913; married Sallie Polk (died 1911), 1855. Children, Mrs. L. H. Estes, Samuel, a Confederate veteran (dec.), Walter, Mrs. Laura Steiger, Mrs. Ruth Humphreys, Leonidas, Blanche and Ebert.