Miscellaneous Stewart County Court Minutes, 1813-1817



Tennessee State Library and Archives, Stewart Co. Roll 38, Part 4:  Minutes 1813-1815

and WPA County Court Minutes 1813-1815


1          - Monday, 1 February 1813 Court

3          Nathan Ross appointed guardian to Polly Reddick, John Reddick, William Reddick, Fanny Reddick & Nancy Reddick; bondsmen were John Allen, Benjamin McNatt

27        - Monday, 3 May 1813 Court

48        - Monday, 2 August 1813 Court

63        - Monday, 1 November 1813 Court

82        - Monday, 7 February 1814 Court

90        - will of John Parker proven by oaths of William Curl & Ezekiah Rorie

99        - State vs. John Stancill (assault & battery):  jurors Zachariah Wyatt, John Scarborough, William Yarborough, John Wofford, Asa Goff, Richard Manly, Benjamin Edwards, William Dunbar, William Smith, Willie Mallory, Benjamin Brinson & John Barnes find the defendant guilty, who is fined $1 plus costs

134      - Monday, 2 May 1814 Court

135      - Etheldred Wallace records stock mark of a crop & slit in the left ear and an under nick

143      - William Wallace records stock mark of a half crop in the right ear

152      - grand jury returns indictment against Anderson Andrews for assault & battery on John Andrews

161      - Monday, 1 August 1814 Court

178      - State vs. Anderson Andrews (assault & battery):  defendant pleads guilty, fined $2.50 plus costs

            - Henry Atkins posts bastardy bond for the child of Larinda Wilbourn

195      - Monday, 7 November 1814 Court

218      - Alexander Outlaw asks that John Chambers be his guardian; Chambers makes bond with securities Nathan Ross & William Haggard, and is appointed guardian to the other children of William Outlaw until a division is made on the nuncupative will of William Outlaw

            - Court binds West Noel Haggard, alias West Noel Lancaster, son of Polly Lancaster, to William Haggard

221      - Barney Livingston petitions the court for his wife’s distributive share of the estate of Sampson Trammel

224      - Court binds Crisianna Lancaster, age 3, daughter of Sarah Lancaster, to Abram Clark until she reaches age 18

236      - William Wallace acknowledges power of attorney to Warren Andrews; 10 Nov 1814

237      - Monday, 6 February 1815 Court

257      - Monday, 1 May 1815 Court

274      - Etheldred Wallace proves 4 days in November 1814 term, and 3 days in August 1814 term, as a witness in the case of William Cherry vs. Jesse Stancill

278      - William Wallace Sr. proves 1 day, Susannah Wallace 1 day & Etheldred Wallace 1 day as witnesses in the case of State vs. John Stancill

287      - Monday, 27 January 1809 Court

289      - Monday, 24 April 1809 Court

2aa       - Court allows Thomas Ross and Nathan Ross to build a mill on their land on Saline Creek

2bb      - Court orders Sheriff to summon grand & petit jurors for next term of court:  John Jones, William Pryor, William Brewer, William Haynes, George Bruton, Ephraim Gatlin, Richard Gatlin, Cornelius Anderson, Nathan Ross, William Hubbard, William Lyndsey, William Randall, William Dunbar, James Dunbar, Robert W. Ellison, James Wyatt Sr., Rowland Milam, Stephen Raynes, Lewis Brock, Nathaniel Denson, Thomas Boyt, John Alston, John H. Burton, Henry Jackson, David Jackson, James Miller, Joseph McCarty, Thomas Ross, John Manner, William Wallace, Henry Gibson, John Hanley, Paul Howell, Charles Pistole, David Hogan, Thomas Randal, Elisha Simpson, Adam Smith, Daniel Lewis; 25 Apr 1809

2cc       - Tuesday, 6 February 1810 Court

2dd      - Court appoints Judith Allen, widow of William Allen, guardian to William Allen, Elisabeth Allen, Milley Allen & Sarah Allen, orphan children of William Allen; bondsman was Samuel Thornton



Tennessee State Library and Archives, Stewart Co. Roll 38, Part 5:  Minutes 1815-1817

and WPA “Tax Book 2”


(pp. 1-34 from WPA records)

1          - August 1815 Court

2          - Stephen English appointed guardian of James Craig, infant son of Moses Craig

35        - Nov 1815 Court

37        - Alexander Walker made a bastardy bond, with James Pryor & Richard Blanton securities, for keeping an orphan child of Alsey King from becoming a county charge

51        - Monday, 5 Feb 1816 Court

57        - Court issues letters of administration to Nancy Free in the estate of Mathew Free, with securities Absalom Copeland & Caleb Chester

67        - Monday, 6 May 1816 Court

88        - inventory and account of sales of the estate of Mathew Free returned by the administrator

97        - Monday, 5 August 1816 Court

116      - Court allows John Ross to keep an ordinary at his house; Ross enters bond with securities Nathan Ross & Nathan Skinner

118      - Monday, 4 November 1816 Court

140      - Monday, 3 February 1817 Court

145      - John C. Collier allowed to practice law in the county

150      - State vs. Reed Luton (bastardy):  defendant failed to show; William Bailey & George Williams forfeit their recognizance bond

156      - Monday, 5 May 1817 Court

163      - Court appoints Etheldred Wallace overseer in place of James Blanks

178      - Court orders William Polk to bring Sally Ann Guill, Nancy Guill & William Guill, children of Elisabeth Guill, into the next term of court , “as it is represented that they are likely to suffer”

179      - John Allen, guardian for part of the heirs of William Outlaw, petitions the Court to sell 320 acres from the estate, across the river from Dover, plus 2 town lots occupied by Mr. Blanks & Mr. Henderson, to raise money to settle debts of the estate

183      - Monday, 4 August 1817 Court

187      - Court appoints John Atkins overseer in place of William S. Atkins