McKendree Church Bible and Membership Roster, 1815-1862

Copies in vertical file "Church History - Dover Circuit"
Brown Harvey Genealogy Room, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library

“The Holy Bible belonging to McKendree Church which Church was organized A. D. 1812”
Members NamesLifeJoined the ChurchDischarged from the Church
Arthur N. PowersM1815
John C. DowdyM1838
James G. DowdyM
John ParchmenM1837
Nathan T. AllmanMdied 24 Jul 1864
Robert LacyM1827removed to Bethlehem
J. H. ThomasM1842died Sept. 23, 1859
R. A. DavisM1850
John Parchmen Jr.M1841
William MooreM1841
J. Wilson ParchmenS1846
Mastin PowersS1846
Watson T. DowdyS1848
Wilson PowersS1853died Nov. 24th 1861
George W. DowdyS1855
Mark DavisS1855
Benjamin ParchmenS1855
George R. KeelS1855removed
William B. PowersM1855
William H. PowersM1842
Henry B. PowersS1850
John B. SouthwoodM1856removed
Lucinda DowdyM1837
Sarah ThomasWdied Jun 10 1857
Ruth MathisW1816
Archady ParchmenM1837
Hannah KizerW1833
L. T. PowersM1818
Mary MooreM1841
Martha AllmanM
Susan AllmanMremoved to western district
Caney YoungWdied May 1866
Sarah StewartWdied Sept. 1858
Elizabeth G. LewisM1846
Josephine AllmanM1846removed
Tabitha YoungM
Tennessee DavisMdied 1860
Martha LockhartM
Martha DowdyMdied 1887
Nancy ThomasM
Ann LacyM1827removed to Bethlehem
Mary Ann BusbyMremoved
Elizabeth BusbyMremoved
Caroline AllenS1846
Pheb A. ParchmenS1851
Margaret ParchmenS1851removed
Sephronia ParchmenS1846died 1862
Martha E. PowersS1847
Sarah ShuffS1856
Elizabeth ShuffS1856
Theora G. DowdyS1854removed to Ark.
Mahala E. PowersSremoved
Permelia A. PowersS1856removed
Frances PowersS1846
Susan A. AllmanS1843died July the 7th 1858
Martha B. AllmanS1843
Barbary ThomasS1843died
Eliza EllisSremoved to Hopewell 1856
Sarah A. C. WilliamsM1855
Margaret I. ShuffS1855died
Susan A. StandfieldS1855removed to Kentucky
Mary RochellS1855died 1859
Sarah I. AlleyS1855removed
Frances R. DowdyS1855died Feb. 17th 1863
Mary S. ParchmenS1855
Henraitta PowersM1822deceased
Sarah I. PowersM1848
Mary E. PowersS1840
Clara I. PowersS1850
Sarah A. PowersS1854deceased
Caladonia RochelS1856
Tennessee RichardsonS1862

"In 1797 this place was known as the Camp Ground. William H. Powers, John C. Dowdy, Secretary, Arthur M. Powers and James G. Dowdy. These were the facilities of the Camp Ground until 1812.
McKendree Church in 1812 AD was Built and this Bible was placed in it.
From that time we have the Circuit Riders. They traveled on horseback and preached here on week days because they had such long journeys they couldn’t make it on Sunday.
In 1812 – 13 P. E. was Learner Blockman, and the circuit rider was John Travis.
In 1814 – 15 it was the Green River district and Dover Circuit
In 1821-22 it was changed to the Ky. Conference, Marcus Linsey, PE, B. Peebles and W. Holland, Circuit Riders. The P. E. and Circuit Riders were changed every two years."