Now Available from the Stewart County, Tennessee Archives



Stewart County Tennessee Marriages Revisited, 1804-1881

Compiled by Jim Long, 2009



Description:  This 145-page book presents, for the first time in print, the entirety of surviving Stewart County, Tennessee marriage records for the period 1838-1881, including most notably, the dates that the marriages actually took place  (previous publications have shown only the License Issue date, not the Solemnized Date, for marriages from 1849 to 1881).  Almost 4,200 marriages are listed.


In addition, the book documents 135 marriages which occurred in the county from its formation in 1804 up to 1838 (the first year of surviving county records), or which occurred during the period 1876-1881, during which many of the county's marriage records are lost.  These marriages have never been compiled in a single publication, and have been discovered in court records, pension applications, newspapers, family Bibles, etc.


Table of Contents:  Introduction • “Re-Creation” of the Original Marriage Books • Earliest Stewart County Marriages, 1804-1805 • Pre-1838 Marriages from Other Sources • Marriage Records 1838-1848 • Marriage Book 1:  1849-1854 • Marriage Book 2:  White Marriages 1855-1866 • Marriage Book 3:  Black Marriages 1865-1881 • Marriage Book 4:  White Marriages 1867-1881 • Missing White Marriages 1876-1881 • Surname Index


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