Stewart County Marriages


Green, Anderson 12-23-1838 Carolin Andrews
Green, Bettie 4-18-1890 Fred Ross
Green, C. M. 11-11-1888 Eva Smith
Green, Collin 3-9-1839 Winney Hogan
Green, David 10-14-1865 Charrity Summers
Green, Eller 4-15-1888 J.S. Mullens
Green, Gowelder 8-14-1838 Jesse Burnside
Green, Henry 11-9-1869 Louisa Carney
Green, Isabel 11-1-1871 James Keel
Green, J.C. 1-30-1884 Sue Scarborough
Green, J.M. 7-23-1874 Mary Ella Luker
Green, Jennie 2-5-1891 E. H. Newton
Green, John E. 1-21-1842 Melberry Wilcox
Green, Jossie 6-27-1889 J.R. Wall
Green, Julia 1-2-1889 W. H. Morrow
Green, F. C. 8-10-1881 Tennessee Aaron
Green, Fannie 12-25-1884 Rufus Ezell
Green, George W. 10-31-1895 Romanzy Rushing
Green, Gill (Col) 7-27-1896 Sallie Black
Green, J. D. 8-18-1856 Sarah Riggs
Green, J. J. 3-29-1894 Mary Downs
Green, James M. 2-17-1852 Susan Reynolds
Green, James Jr. 10-2-1855 Mary Ann Keel
Green, James W. 10-30-1866 Mary A. Collier
Green, Joe 2-20-1896 Bettie Slaughter
Green, L.A. 6-24-1894 M.H. Joiner
Green, Lewis 10-14-1893 Sudie Simpson
Green, Lizzie 12-16-1896 R. A. Nealy
Green, M.M. 9-29-1887 M.E. Barrow
Green, Maggie 2-1-1893 J.O. Pulley
Green, Manerva 12-26-1886 R.C. Gafford
Green, Mary C. 3-6-1850 Wm. Ezell
Green, Mary Jane 6-10-1865 James M. Bell
Green, Nancy 7-7-1846 William Marshall
Green, Nancy V. 11-5-1856 Wm. A. Campbell
Green, Phebe A. 10-9-1841 Gillum Ezell
Green, Tilden 3-17-1895 Lizzie Carroll
Green, Tillman 9-3-1838 Mary Daniell
Green, Uriah 12-23-1895 Belle Hering
Green, W. A. 2-10-1889 Josephine Hancock
Green, W. F. 9-15-1866 Isabel Carney
Green, W.S. 12-28-1892 Ada Futrell
Green, Warren H. A. 10-15-1856 Mary Ann McCraw
Green, William 12-12-1889 Laura Boucher
Green, William 5-2-1860 Eudora Marshall
Green, William S. 12-27-1891 Nellie Earhart
Green, Winney 9-25-1852 Samuel P. Pickett

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