Marriages by Family


Downs, A. B. 3-3-1895 Clementine Duffle
Downs, A. C. (bride) 10-28-1856 R.J. McGinnis
Downs, A. D. (groom) 12-31-1893 Link Knight
Downs, A. E. (bride) 9-15-1893 A. B. Heath
Downs, A. G. (groom) 9-29-1886 I.V. Haines
Downs, Alfa 1-27-1889 J.L. Cook
Downs, Alfred 2-8-1849 Harriett Downs
Downs, Alfred 9-1-1857 Mary Jane Hicks
Downs, Alfred 12-18-1866 Sarah E. Garner
Downs, Almira 8-5-1858 James W. Manning
Downes, Amey 6-2-1838 James Miller
Downs, Ann E. 11-13-1887 R.A. Fakes
Downs, B. T. 12-2-1883 Sallie Dawson
Downs, Benjamin 9-24-1859 Elizabeth M. McAuley
Downs, Blanche 2-16-1893 J. Amos Parker
Downs, Bryant 9-6-1856 Sarah Hicks
Downs, Callie (Dunn) 6-30-1894 Ed Killebrew
Downs, Catherine 6-19-1857 Right Rushing
Downs, Charles H. 9-9-1882 Idelia Ellen Flora
Downs, Claiborn 9-9-1853 Lucinda Cohoon?
Downs, David 10-13-1847 Clarrissa McClain
Downs, Ella 12-2-1896 W. C. Bennett
Downs, Elvina 8-23-1848 John Meredith
Downs, Elizabeth 8-25-1846 James S. Hicks
Downs, Elizabeth 12-21-1866 Herrod Jones
Downs, F. C. 7-13-1882 Ida Rolls
Downs, Francis 8-21-1852 Basha Johnson
Downs, G. W. 1-4-1884 Mattie F. Bird
Downs, George 11-16-1889 Mary Shaw
Downs, H. B. (groom) 1-2-1887 Mollie Hicks
Downs, H. S. 8-11-1889 Mary Wake
Downs, Hallett 1-4-1891 Della Jones
Downs, Harriett 2-8-1849 Alfred Downs
Downs, Henretta 9-27-1894 Frank Cliner
Downs, Henry 7-3-1855 Elizabeth Chambers
Downs, Henry 2-5-1895 Luna Futrell
Downs, J.S. 11-29-1891 Alpha Griffin
Downs, James 9-16-1855 Charity Cahoon
Downs, James 12-16-1860 Fredonia Ralls
Downs, James 5-16-1866 Martha Dennis
Downs, James 6-11-1891 Allie J. Jackson
Downs, Jane 9-25-1882 E. M. Sikes
Downs, John 10-3-1866 Sallie Ann Byrd
Downs, John U. 3-21-1849 Rebecca Stone?
Downs, Josephine 7-13-1882 Joseph Taylor
Downs, Laura Bell 11-15-1896 C.E. Powers
Downs, Levetia 9-15-1858 James T. May
Downs, Louisa Jane 1-23-1847 Edward Jarvis
Downs, Martha 1-5-1857 William Elliott
Downs, Mary 5-17-1852 John Kelly
Downs, Mary 7-23-1887 R. L. Shaw
Downs, Mary 3-29-1894 J. J. Green
Downs, Mary Ann 6-25-1842 Wenbourne Askew
Downs, Mary Jane 7-20-1861 Jordan A. Presnell
Downs, Nancy 5-09-1844 B. H. Sanders
Downs, Nancy 3-24-1855 F. M. Browning
Downs, Parlie 12-7-1882 James Gordon
Downs, Permelia 3-10-1853 James Haynes
Downs, Pryan 10-10-1848 William O. Rowlett
Downs, R. E. 1-28-1892 J. E. Williams
Downs, R.N. (groom) 10-28-1886 Sophronia King
Downs, Rhoda 3-8-1864 Elemuel S. Hicks
Downs, Riley 9-11-1950 Martha King
Downs, Roinanzie 12-24-1890 Ed Hicks
Downs, Sofronia 3-8-1895 R. L. Futrell
Downs, Samuel 5-16-1849 Jane B. Clauswell
Downs, Susanna 1-6-1858 John F. May
Downs, Theney 5-21-1842 James L. Rushing
Downs, Thomas D. 12-13-1856 Mary J. Williams
Downs, Udora 4-25-1886 H. Merts
Downs, W. D. 12-18-1884 L. E. Hicks
Downs, W. G. 1-29-1888 Nettie Marks
Downs, William Jr. 2-3-1844 Emeline Ralls
Downs, Willie 3-10-1855 Martha Williams

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