Stewart County, Tennessee Divorces

from Tennessee Divorces 1797-1858,
by Gale W. Bamman, C. G. & Debbie W. Spero

Rachel Aaron, wife of John Aaron of Stewart Co. is to have the privileges of a feme sole.
Acts of TN, 1825, p. 152

Briggs Barker was married to Elizabeth ______ on 17 Sep 1818 in Stewart Co. She left him ca. 1827. They had two daughters. Elizabeth was the mother of two children after she left Briggs. Petition signed by Howell W. Barker and 24 others.
Petition #24 of 1833.

Harriet H. Gibson, wife of Henry Gibson. Harriet wants a divorce because of Henry’s neglect of business, his cohabiting with other women, his abuse of her, and because he discharged her from his premises for finding her out of his house. Shortly after that, he removed to Kentucky with all his Negroes (10) and his horses. He has lived in Kentucky about 12 months and still lives there. The balance of property he left behind was sold to settle his debts. She has 5 children. Statements by C. B. Wilson and William Curl.
Petition #98 of 1820.

Harriet Gibson, wife of Henry Gibson, is granted the privileges of a feme sole.
Acts of TN, 1822.

George Greer was married in 1813 in Stewart County to Rachel Gely. In September 1818, she left him and married Briant Guin and went down to Natchez. Petition accompanied by 17 signatures.
Petition #84 of 1823.

James Patterson was married in October 1797 to Jensey Massey. She left 12 Dec 1816 while he was marrying a couple in the neighborhood, he being a JP for Stewart County. She left with William James to go to the Missouri Territory. Statements by Henry Edwards, Solomon Grice, James Latimer. Petition includes signatures of 42 persons.
Petition #22 of 1817.