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Kentucky Counties
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Family Histories:

An Acree Genealogy, by Lester and Caroline Acree

Alsobrook Family, by George A. Alsobrook, Lorene Alsobrook Moss, Jo Ann Norfleet Meacham

Etheldred Boone and his Descendants, by Margaret R. Schneider

The Bogards and Their Families by Elizabeth J. Bogard McBride

Footprints to the Past, Boyd-Martin Genealogy, 1415-1993, by Harold and Shirley Martin Boyd

Coil/Coyle, by Maurine E. Struthers

Cormack – Seven Generations

Descendants of William Crutcher, by Roger Mark Crutcher

Descendants of the Downs Families, by James Edward Hamilton

The Ellis Line from Surry-Sussex in Virginia, by Dixie L. McCray

The Fitzhugh Family of Dorchester Co., Maryland, Vols. I, II, III, by Harold Dean Davis

A Family History, Lt. Thomas Fortson, 1742-1824, and Some of his Descendants, by John W. Boyd

Genealogy of Richard Hargis, compiled by Sarah Hargis

Lee Family Heritage, by Mary F. Lee

Minor, Scales, Cottrell and Gray Families of Virginia, NC and Miss., by Martha N. Lumpkin

Thomas A. R. Nelson of East Tennessee, by Thomas B. Alexander

Our Nunnally/Nunley Family, by Jean Nunley Dennison

Prince Family Tree, by Pete Prince

The Altimyra Schneidt Family of Stewart Co., by Norman G. Durham

The Shemwell Family Journal, by Charles S. Shemwell III

Sholar-Glasgow Genealogy, by Katye Glasgow Shelton and Ruby Glasgow Fyke

Alexander A. Stafford, by Gail A. Stafford

Stewart County, Tennessee Ancestors (families Cherry, Ross, Wallace, Lewis, Harris, Daniel, Stancill, Taylor, Exum), by Richard Dwyer

Frederick Stump – The Rest of the Story, by Julia Cook Guice

Ancestral History of Arthur and Samson Sykes of Stewart County, by Henry Colyer Sykes

Wallace Family Record, Vols. I & II, by Robert H. Wallace

The Descendants of Josiah and Keziah Nichols Wooldridge and their Ancestors, by Wright W. Frost

Yarborough Family Magazine, by Charles David Yarborough

Stewart County History:

Arlington, Cumberland City, Erin, TN, and Wells Creek Valley, Vol. I, edited by Charles and Joyce Lovelady

Between the Rivers, by Betty Joe Wallace

Cemetery Records of Land Between the Lakes, by Judith Ann Maupin

Cemetery Records of Stewart County, by the Stewart Co. Historical Society

History of Duncan Stewart, by Bryan Saunders

A History of Stewart County, by Iris Hopkins McClain

History of Stewart County in Pictures, by the Stewart Co. Historical Society

Index to Wills, 1814 – 1916

Land Between the Rivers, by J. Milton Henry

"Old 23", by Charles D. Robbins

Paradise Revisited: History of Houston, Stewart, Dickson and Humphreys

Pre-Historic Lithic Industry at Dover, TN, by R. M. Gramly

Stewart County Heritage (Family History), by Stewart Co. Historical Society

Stewart County Marriage Records, 1838 - 1896

Tennessee Records of Stewart County Minute Docket, 1804 – 1807

Williams Letters 1814 – 1849, edited by Chase C. Mooney

Tennessee Counties:

1830 Census – West Tennessee, by Byron Sistler

1840 Census of Tennessee, transcribed by Byron Sistler

1860 Census of Tennessee, Vols. 1-5, transcribed by Byron and Barbara Sistler

1870 Census of Tennessee, Vols. 1-2, transcribed by Byron and Barbara Sistler

Bakerville Review Abstracts, Humphreys County, Vol. I, 1896 – 1897, by Marjorie H. Fischer

Banner of Peace and Cumberland Presbyterian Advocate, Abstracts of Marriages, Death and other Notices, 1845 – 1853, by Margaret Scoggins

Cemetery Records of Montgomery County, TN, Vol. 2

Danville, Tennessee "Gone But Not Forgotten", by the Houston County Historical Society

Davidson County Marriage Records, Book I, 1789 – 1837

Early Travels in Tennessee County, by Samuel Williams

Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers 1803 – 1812, compiled by Sherida K. Eddlemon

Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers 1821 – 1828, compiled by Sherida K. Eddlemon

Hardeman County Historical Sketches, by Hardeman County Historical Commission

Henry County, TN Newspaper Gleanings, 1893 – 1903, by Charles D. Robbins

Henry County, TN Wills, Vol. 2, 1830 – 1835

A History of Houston County, by Iris Hopkins McClain

History of Roane County, Tennessee, by Emma Middleton Wells

The History of Rutherford County in Pictures, by Rutherford County Historical Society

Houston County Census Records, 1850 – 1860 – 1870 - 1880

Humphreys County, TN, by Humphreys County Historical Society

Humphreys County Cemetery Records, Parts 1 and 2

Montgomery County, TN, Marriages 1838 – 1867

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778 – 1791, compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner

Obituaries Compiled from Clarksville Newspapers, Montgomery County, TN, Vol. 4, 1894 – 1903, by Richard and Bristol Gannaway

Red River Settlers, Northern Montgomery, Robertson, Sumner Counties, TN, by Edythe R. Whitley

The River Counties (magazine), 1972-1985, by Jill Garrett

Sketches of Prominent Tennesseans

Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications, transcribed by Samuel Sistler

Tennessee County, NC Early Deeds, Vol 2, 1794 – 1797

Tennessee Tidbits 1778 – 1914, Vols. I & III, by Marjorie Hood Fischer

Tennessee Wills and Administrations 1779 – 1861, by Byron and Barbara Sistler

Tennessee’s Confederate Widows and their Families, abstracted by Edna Wiefering

Tennesseans in the War of 1812, transcribed by Byron and Samuel Sistler

Civil War:

The Confederate Veteran Magazine, 1893

Confederate Veteran, Vol. XVI

Dear Darling Loulie: Letters during and before the War Between the States, by Martha Lumpkin

14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, by Larry E. Hicks

Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, by Benjamin F. Cooling

Letters of Allen Tandy Suddarth, 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, edited by Randall E. Rubel

Southern Loyalists in the Civil War, by Gary B. Mills

Tennesseeans in the Civil War, Parts 1 & 2

Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor, by Bertram Hawthorne Groene


A History of the Rushing Community: 1830 – 1930, by Edith Simmons Martin


1860 Pulaski County, Illinois Census

Jefferson County, Illinois, Facts and Folks, by Jefferson County Historical Society

Kentucky, general

1850 Census of South West Kentucky, transcribed by Barbara, Byron and Samuel Sistler

1850 Census of Western Kentucky, transcribed by Barbara, Byron and Samuel Sistler

First Census of Kentucky, 1790, compiled by Charles B. Heinemann

Index to the 1810 Census of Kentucky, compiled by Ann T. Wagstaff

Kentucky Marriages 1797 – 1865, by Glenn G. Clift

Second Census of Kentucky, by G. Glenn Clift

Calloway County, KY

1840 Calloway Co. Census, transcribed by Don Simmons

1850 Calloway Co. Census, transcribed by Van Stilley

1860 Calloway Co. Census, transcribed by Don Simmons

Calloway County Marriage Records 1823 – 1846, transcribed by Don Simmons

Cemeteries of Calloway County, KY, and sections adjoining counties

History of Calloway County, 1931

Christian County, KY

1810 Census of Christian County, transcribed by Don Simmons

Family History of Christian County, 1986

History of Christian County, edited by William Henry Perrin, (C) 1984

Fort Campbell, KY

Cemetery Records of Fort Campbell, KY

Graves County, KY

Graves Co. KY – Misc. Court Records Vol. 2, by Don Simmons

Trigg County, KY

1820 Trigg County Census, transcribed by Don Simmons

1830 Trigg County Census, transcribed by Don Simmons

1840 Trigg County Census and Tax Records, transcribed by Laura Wills

1860 Trigg County Census, transcribed by Don Simmons

Trigg County Birth Records, 1852, 1859, 1861, transcribed by Don Simmons

Trigg County Cemeteries, 1811 – 1979

Trigg County Handbook: Gateway to the Jackson Purchase, by Eurie Pearl Neel

Trigg County Historical Articles, Vols. 1 & 2

Trigg County Marriage Records, 1852, 1859, 1861, transcribed by Don Simmons

Trigg County Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts, Vol. 5, by Don Simmons

Trigg County Tax Lists 1820, 1821, 1822, transcribed by Don Simmons


Colonial Maryland Naturalizations, by Jeffrey Wyand

Marriages and Deaths, St. Mary’s County Maryland, 1634 – 1900, by Margaret Fresco

Source Records of Maryland, by Eleanor P. Passano


History of Morgan Co., Missouri 1833 – 1979, by Morgan County Historical Society

North Carolina

1820 North Carolina Federal Census, compiled by Dorothy Williams Potter

1830 Warren Co. North Carolina Census, by Don Simmons

North Carolina and South Carolina Land Grants, by Brent Holcomb

Head of Families at the First Census of the U.S., taken in the year 1790, North Carolina

Index to the 1800 Census of North Carolina, compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778 – 1791, compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner

North Carolina Taypayers, 1679 – 1790, by Clarence E. Ratcliff

Rowan Co. NC Marriages 1753 – 1868, by William Montgomery Clemens

State Census of North Carolina, 1784 – 1787, transcribed by Alvaretta Kenan Register

Tennessee County, NC Early Deeds, Vol 2, 1794 – 1797


Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in 1790, Virginia; Records of the State Enumerations 1782 - 1785

Powhatan County, Virginia, Tax List 1782 – 1784

Virginia Wills and Administrations 1631 – 1800, compiled by Clayton Torrence


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