The Memorial Stone for Judson Arrives at Fort Donelson National Cemetery 77 Years Later

Jud's body was never returned to the family, although his brother wrote numerous letters at the time. Almost 77 years to the day that Judson was killed in W.W.1, a memorial stone was erected for him in Fort Donelson National Cemetery (October 1995). Although his great-niece, Jan Dennis Philpot, was responsible for the paperwork needed to obtain it, it was actually the result of the intensity of her daughter's interest in Jud that led to the project. Heather, at the age of 13, discovered the letters Jud had written home, created a history fair project about his experience and would not rest until he had a stone near the rest of the family at Hillcrest. Heather is now married and is pursuing her education. Jud's story is still very close to her heart. The flowers in the picture were placed there by Helen Dennis Martin and Hazel Dennis Bryant, who were the two little nieces Jud inquired anxiously about often in his letters of 1917 and 1918. The family is indebted to Judy Bagsby, federal employee in Stewart County, who aided in the paperwork needed to bring this bit of closure to family history and Jud's story.

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