Conditions Reported on October 17, 1918 for 30th Division

Research done by Kermit Mercer. Source: United States Army in the World War 1917-1919. Military Operations of the American Expeditionary Forces, Somme Offensive.

Note: Judson W. Dennis was killed in this battle; Elbert Goodin was wounded. This report would be the experience of all our Stewart soldiers in the 30th division.

30th Division---October 17, 1918---Time: 0945
A. Weather: Cloudy, becoming clear
B. Infantry and machine gun activity; our own and enemy very active
C. Artillery activity: creeping barrage, attack began at 0620 hours
D. Enemy artillary begning 12 min. later. Aeroplanes active, good reports
E. Visibility: good
F. Troops moving forward in the attack. German 3rd marines sent into lines. German 3rd marines, 25th Inf. Regt, 26th Inf. Regt, and 179th Inf. Regt have all been identified on our front
G. General impression of the day: Progress of the attack is favorable.
J. Success: Div. attacked at 0520. Two regiments (119,120) advanced 3 1/2 km. Captured St. Martin River(?) McLain, Marals Hill
L. Location report: Line runs approx. R3100,x100,W 12 central, WA 55.

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