Indian Mound Methodist Church

Information taken from Tennessee State Library & Archives, Manuscripts Roll 128

Early Pastors:
PastorDate StartedDuration
James M. StamperJan. 1, 18849 1/2 mos.
G. W. HensleyOct. 18841 yr.
C. E. HerigesOct. 18851 yr.
James M. StamperOct. 18864 yrs.
J. N. HandlinOct. 18902 yrs.
Z. W. MooresOct. 24, 18922 yrs.
R. B. DavidsonOct. 18942 yrs.
R. P. GrayOct. 28, 18962 yrs.
P. D. FreemanOct. 18982 yrs.
J. L. Teague & F. G. DicksonOct. 19002 yrs.
T. T. FrazierOct. 19031 yr.
T. A. CooringtonOct. 19041 yr.
P. G. JohnsonOct. 1905 

Early Members:
MemberDate ReceivedHow ReceivedReceived ByDate of
William Bennett Lewis1842baptismJ. F. Hughesdied 1888
Mary Lewis1842baptismJ. F. Hughesdied 1884
Susan A. Darr1843baptismCharles Knottdied Nov. 10, 1884
George W. Darr1853baptism  
Margaret A. West1854baptismJerry Bellamydied Jan. 29, 1891?
William H. Wilson1857baptismGreen Jackson 
Eudora Angeline Hogan1860baptismR. L. Fagandied 1878
John McGregor Hogan1860baptismR. L. Fagantransfer to Duck Springs, 1882
Teresena B. Lewis1874baptismWilliam Burrdropped
Mark P. GibbsSep. 10, 1881vowsT. S. Cullomdied May 1883
Isaac LuellinSep. 30, 1881baptismT. S. Cullomwithdrawn 1882
Richard B. B. Atkins1870  dropped 1884
George W. Lewis   died Dec. 1890
Robert P. Lewis    
Jeremiah G. Lewis   transfer to Wyatt's Chapel
Henry G. Lewis    
Emmett B. Lewis    
John L. Atkins   died Sep. 11, 1885
Charley A. Smith   transfer to Stamper's Chapel
John R. Hogan   died
Frances Atkins   transfer to Stamper's Chapel
Miranda Wyatt   transfer to Stamper's Chapel
Milbros V. Atkins    
Emarine Edwards   died Oct. or Nov. 1882
Nancy L. Atkins   dropped
Susan D. Atkins   died April 11, 1884
Mary A. Lewis   died Dec. 24, 1883
Elizabeth A. Hall   transfer to Hopewell
Laura Ella Lewis   died May 18, 1883
Dulcina P. Lewis