TRAVIS CEMETERY - 3/4 mile E of Legate, Ft. Campbell

This Travis family graveyard is located on a 100-acre tract purchased by William Travis in 1850 from James Lamay. In 1853, Travis willed the land to the young children of his son James Monroe Travis. James Monroe Travis was living on this land in 1873, and died in 1880.

By 1883, James Monroe Travis' son Izzard C. Travis was the sole owner of the property, known as the J. M. Travis or Monroe Travis land.

In 1918, F. M. Rye sold 42 acres of land to R. P. Carter, which contained the "quarter-acre Travis family graveyard." This land was sold in 1942 by R. P. Carter to the U. S. government, when Camp Campbell was formed.

The graveyard contains at least 6 graves, situated in two close rows. The graves all have fieldstone head- and foot-markers, but no inscribed stones.