Snoddy Cemetery, Cross Creeks

from Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Copyright 1983, Stewart County Historical Society

SNODDY, Lily -- no dates -- first wife of Brooks Snoddy and Dau. of Joe Tansell
NOLEN, Mary Lizzie Snoddy -- no dates -- wife of Eddie Nolen
SNODDY, Jessie Eileen -- no dates
KNIGHT, Ridley -- no dates
WHITEHURST, infant girl -- no dates -- daughter of George Whitehurst
SNODDY, ? -- no dates -- half brother of Mary Lizzie -- about 10 or 12 yrs old

The graves did not have tombstones but were fenced. Information from Sidney Butts of Dover and Nannie Austin of Carlisle. This cemetery was known as the Old Bell Place and also the Lebrol Walker Place.

"As a wife devoted, as a mother
affectionate, as a friend ever kind				"Great Loves Live On."
and true. In life she exhibited all
the true graces of a Christian. In				"Not dead, just sleeping."
death a redeemed spirit returned to God who gave
it."									"Only....."