Frith Cemetery

This cemetery sat behind the old William Frith house on Shelby Creek, at the end of Kirby Road off of Shelby Creek Road. The house and garden was in Tennessee, but the cemetery is actually in Kentucky, just a few feet over the state line.

Cleaned and restored in 2000 by volunteers with the Stewart County Historical Society.

Transcribed by Jim Long. This is a complete transcription of the cemetery. Words in bold are what appears on the tombstone - information below that is supplemental genealogical information.

At least one of the stones has already washed into the creek due to erosion.

In memory of W. M. Frith, born Dec. 11, 1807, died Oct. 19, 1888
William M. Frith, born Bedford Co., VA to William M. and Rhoda (Mason) Frith

In Memory of Nancy M. Frith, born Dec. 19, 1842 - March 19, 1900
Nancy M. Griffin Frith, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Griffin, second wife of William M. Frith
Note: William M. Frith's first wife, Nancy (Roberts) Frith, is buried nearby at Clark Cemetery

Lula M. Frith, Sept. 24, 1865 - May 22, 1929
daughter of William and Nancy (Griffin) Frith

In Memory of R. S. Frith, born Nov. 27, 1872, died Feb. 4, 1900
Robert S. Frith, son of William & Nancy (Griffin) Frith

S. D. Frith, Linton Camp #12341, November 29, 1874 - May 8, 1912
Stephen Douglas Frith, son of William and Nancy (Griffin) Frith

Nellie M., daughter of W. M. & N. M. Frith, born Oct. 16, 1878, died Aug. 27, 1897

Robert Estle Frith, born Dec. 8, 1896, died Nov. 9, 1897
Also, infant son of J. L. & Cornelia Frith

Robert Estle and Richard Frith, sons of Joseph Leon and Cornelia (Moore) Frith
grandsons of William and Nancy (Griffin) Frith


The following tombstone was recorded in the summer of 1969 by a Frith descendant. The marker had washed into the creek by that time, and could not be found when the cemetery was cleaned in 2000:

America S., wife of G. M. Elliott died Dec. 24, 1851, aged 23 yrs & 9 mo.
makerís mark: S. Hodgston, Clarksville, Tenn.
America S. Humphries, married 18 May 1848 in Trigg Co. to George M. Elliott