Fort Donelson National Cemetery and Hillcrest Cemetery

Fort Donelson National Cemetary: Coming from direction of Paris or LBL - At the bottom of Park Hill (that is the hill with Fort Donelson on top) take the first road to your left. This will take you up by Dr. Lee's office and just at the top of the hill off to you left there will be a sign that says Fort Donelson National Cemetary. Take a left there, immediately after you take the left, is the entrance to Fort Donelson National, but just off to the right is another road and that is the road to Hillcrest. You can park in front of Fort Donelson National or drive around back. Coming from Dover - Just past Anglin's Funeral Home take a right, this will go up past Earl Cambells Ford and the First Baptist Church of Dover, Keep going straight and you will see the sign for Fort Donelson National to your right.

Map and directions courtesy of Chuck Allen. Thanks, Chuck!