Dennis Cemetery

Directions to Dennis Cemetary: Coming from Dover, Turn onto Hwy 49(The Trace). Drive about 3 1/2 miles, the South Information Stand will be on your right. Drive another mile and Gatlin Point Road will be on your right. There will be a sign for Bards Dam Lake Access. Take this road. Drive 2 more miles, you will intersect with a road going from Bear Creek to Gatlin Point. This is the old mail route going to Tharpe. The place where the road intersect is Tip Top, and Dennis Cemetary is on the left. For anyone who knows the area, but hasn't been there in a few years, don't try to go up the hill from Bear Creek to Tip Top, the road at the bottom is submerged and impassible. Coming from Model, drive toward South Information and you will come to Gatlin Point Road about a mile before the Info. Stand, then follow the above directions.

Directions and Map courtesy of Chuck Allen. Thanks, Chuck!