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TVA Cemetery Relocation Database

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Abney - District 2, Hwy. 79 near county line 

Acree - Acree Creek, LBL   (Google Maps)

Allen - District 1 

Alsup - N. fork Hurricane Creek  (Google Maps)

Armstiad - Webb Hollow, Indian Mound 

Austin - Old Hwy. 79, Big A (Google Maps)

Austin - bet. Big A & Indian Mound (Google Maps)

Austin and Smith - Hwy. 79, District 2, behind Wallace Genl. Supplies(Google Maps) 

Bachelor - 3 mi. NW of Dover 

Bagsby - 2 mi. N of Dover 

Bagwell 1 & 2 - District 2 (Google Maps)

Bailey #1 - Dry Fork Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)

Bailey #2 - Hughes Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)

Bailey-Byrd - Byrd Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Baird - Tobaccoport 


Barnes - LBL  (Google Maps)

Barnes - Hurricane Creek  (Google Maps)

Barnes # 1 - upper Hurricane Creek  (Google Maps)

Barrow - upper Clay Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Barrow - Pumpkin Ridge (Google Maps)  Directions

Bass - Model, LBL  (Google Maps)

Bayer #1 & #2 - Cumberland City 

Baynham - Stamper's Chapel Rd., Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Belisle - LBL  (Google Maps)

Bellwood - Dover Cliffs 

Bennett - Cumberland River, LBL (Google Maps)

Biggs-Byrd - Hwy. 120, Big Rock

Bilbrey - Tobaccoport 

Blane and Shemwell - Bumpus Mills Marina  (Google Maps)

Bogard - Elbert Page's backyard 

Bomar Hill - Leatherwood Creek (Google Maps)

Boswell #1 - mouth of Panther Bay, LBL (Google Maps)  Directions

Boswell #2 - Panther Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Boswell #3 - LBL 

Joel Boyd - Bee Branch of Bear Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Boyd Memorial / Blue Springs - Dry Fork Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Brake View - county line at Tennessee Ridge 

John Brake - Elk Creek (Google Maps)

Christopher Brandon Cem. - Shelby Creek (Google Maps)

Brandon - Antioch Rd. (Google Maps)

Brandon #1, #2, #3 

Brigham - Lick Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Brigham - bet. Cumberland City & Erin 

Brigham or Long Creek  (Google Maps)

Brinton - Cross Creeks refuge, District 1 

Britton - Crockett Bay, LBL (Google Maps)

Brooks (African-American) - Leatherwood Creek

Brokaw - Bear Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Brosheer - Cumberland City 

Brown - District 4 

Brown - Jackson Hollow of Barrett Ck., LBL (Google Maps)

Bruton - Brandon Spring Branch, LBL (Google Maps)

Bryant - Lick Creek Subdivision 

Buchanan #1 - near Boswell Landing, LBL (Google Maps)

Buchanan #2 - Bear Creek, LBL 

Bufford - Bee Branch, LBL (Google Maps)

Bumpus Mills - Bumpus Mills Campground 

Burcham - North fork Hurricane Creek  (Google Maps)

Burcham - North Cross Creek, bet. Commissary Hollow & Can't Find It Ridge (Google Maps)

Burcham #2 - Upper Hurricane Creek Road, Tennessee Ridge 

Burns - Tobaccoport 


Byrd - Upper Long Creek  (Google Maps)

Byrd - Byrd Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Campbell #1 - Boswell Landing Campground, LBL (Google Maps)

Campbell #2 - LBL

Carlisle  (Google Maps)

Carpenter/Cohoon - Indian Mound Road at intersection of Rendezvous (old Parkertown) and Sukchon Roads, Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Billy Carr - Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Carr - Cobb - Big Rock Rd., edge of Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Cathey - Neville Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Champion #1 - Crockett Bay, LBL (Google Maps)

Frank Champion #2 - Hughes Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Cherry # 1, # 2, & #3 

Cherry/Crockett's Creek Church - LBL (Google Maps)  Directions

Chestnut Grove Church of Christ - Link Rd.  (Google Maps)

Church Wood Chapel - Cumberland City 

Clark -Shelby Creek (Google Maps)

Clements - W of Cumberland City (Google Maps)

Cole - Standing Rock (Google Maps)

Coleman - Lost Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Cooley - District 5, 2 mi. N of Dover 

Corinth - Upper Long Creek at Corinth Baptist Church  (Google Maps)

Creekside - Panther Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Crockarell - Cub Creek 


Cross Creek Baptist Church - Indian Mound (Google Maps)

Crow - Bumpus Mills (Google Maps)

Cumberland City (Google Maps)

Cunningham - Bumpus Mills 

Daniel #1 - Upper Long Creek 

Daniel #2 - Leatherwood Creek 


Dennis - Tip Top, LBL (Google Maps)  Directions

Dilday - Rushing Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Dill - Lick Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Dinkins - Legate (Google Maps)  

Dover - Dover (at (Google Maps)

Dunbar (Google Maps)

Dunbar Upper - Bullpasture Creek (Google Maps)

Dunbar's Chapel - 5 mi. E of Indian Mound on Bullpasture Creek (Google Maps)

Dunlap - Barrett Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Ezell - Bumpus Mills (Google Maps)

Fairview - bet. Hwy. 79 and Indian Mound (Google Maps)
(reinterment cemetery for some Stewart Co. cemeteries removed from Ft. Campbell)

Fairview - behind Fairview Baptist Church on Dunaway Ridge Road near Lick Creek Road. (Google Maps)

Fitzhugh - Pumpkin Ridge over Hickman Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Flat Lick - Herndon, KY (Google Maps) (original location Google Maps)
(reinterment cemetery for some Stewart Co. cemeteries removed from Ft. Campbell)

Folks - Brandon Spring Branch, LBL  (Google Maps)

Ford-Grizzard - Commissary Ridge (Google Maps)


Free - Saline Creek/Antioch Rd. (Google Maps)  

Free - 1/2 mi. S of Hwy. 79 at Legate (Google Maps)

Frith - Shelby Creek (Google Maps)  

Fuqua - Ginger Creek, LBL 

Futrell - LBL

Gardner #1 & #2 - LBL near Piney Campground  (Google Maps)

Gatlin - Cumberland River near Bards Lake, LBL  (Google Maps)

Gilbert - Indian Mound Rd., Fort Campbell

Gilbert - Center Line Rd., Fort Campbell

Gilliam - Bear Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Givins - Dicks Fork of N. Cross Creek (Google Maps)

Glasgow - Timbertops Subd. at Cross Creeks refuge (Google Maps)

Graveyard Hill - Wells Creek (Google Maps)

Gray - Tenn. River, across river from Paris Landing (Google Maps) 

Green - Bumpus Mills-Dover Rd. (Google Maps)

Green Hill - Bumpus Mills (Google Maps)

Griffin - Legate

Hall - Cub Creek (Google Maps)

Ham - N of Carlisle

Hamilton - Crockett Bay, LBL (Google Maps)

Harris - Harris Branch of Leatherwood Creek (Google Maps)

Harris - Shelby Creek (Google Maps)

Hart - Long Creek (Google Maps)  Directions

Haus - N of Cumberland City (Google Maps)

Hays - Hays Hollow

Heflin - bet. Dyers Ck. & Bellwood Branch (Google Maps)

Hendon - Ginger Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)  Directions

Hendon - Tennessee River above Hughes Bay, LBL (Google Maps)  Directions

Herndon - Brandon Spring Branch, LBL (Google Maps)

Hicks #1 - Pryor Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)  Directions

Hicks #2 - Jackson Hollow of Barrett Ck., LBL  (Google Maps)

Hildreth - 1.5 miles from Carlisle on Cumberland City Road (Google Maps)

Hillcrest / New - Dover (Google Maps)  Directions

Hilltop or Robertson - Barrett Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Hinson - Bumpus Mills

Hopewell - Bear Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Houston - Neville Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Howell - Traylor Ridge (Google Maps)

Jackson (African-American) - Bear Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Jackson - Link Rd. at Chestnut Grove School (Google Maps)

Jimerson - Acree Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Joiner - Big A (Google Maps)

Joiner - Joiner Hollow Rd. (Google Maps)

Jones - Crockett Branch, LBL  (Google Maps)

Jones - overlooking Leatherwood Creek

Keatts - bet. Big A & Dover (Google Maps)

Keel - Bellwood Branch (Google Maps)

Keel - Panther Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Keel - Houston Co. (originally part of Stewart Co.)

Kingins - Tobaccoport (Google Maps)

Kirkland - Wildcat Creek (Google Maps)

Knott - Antioch Road (Google Maps)

Lane - Leatherwood Creek (Google Maps)

Lane - moved to Walnut Grove Church Cemetery  (Google Maps)

Largent - Lost Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)  Directions

C. F. Lawrence - Stamper's Chapel Rd., Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Leatherwood Church - Leatherwood Creek behind Leatherwood-Asbury Church  (Google Maps)

Lee - Dover

Lee-Lehman - Lee Creek (Google Maps)

Legate - Big Rock

Legate - Cumb. River opposite Bear Creek (Google Maps)

Lewis - Lewis Branch, Cub Creek (Google Maps)

T. W. Lewis - Lylewood Rd. at Montgomery Co. line (Google Maps)

Lineberry - Legate (Google Maps)

Lone Pine - Fox Hollow, Bear Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Lowery - Big Elk Creek(Google Maps)

Lowry or Old Smith - District 6, Big Elk Creek near Scott's Chapel  (Google Maps)

Luton - Bruton Spring Br. (Google Maps)

Marberry - between Hughes Bay & Byrd Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)

Martin - Standing Rock (Google Maps)

Martin - Leatherwood Bay (Google Maps)

Mathes - below Panther Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)

Mays - LBL 

McClanahan - LBL (Google Maps)

McCord - Brigham Hill/Long Creek (Google Maps)

McGee or Standing Rock Church  (Google Maps)

McGovern Hollow - Cub Creek (Google Maps)

McGregor Gillum Hollow Road, Indian Mound

McIntosh or Downs - W of Cumberland City (Google Maps)

McWoods - Leatherwood Rd.

Messer - Little Elk Creek (Google Maps)

Milam - Long Creek (Google Maps)

Miles - Brandon Spring Branch, LBL  (Google Maps)

Miles, or Ross and Miles - Antioch Road (Google Maps)

Mobley - Tennessee River near Short Creek (Google Maps)

Moore - Big Rock

Moore - North fork Leatherwood Creek (Google Maps)

Moore - Bear Spring Hollow (Google Maps)

Moore - Cold Spring Branch, Lee Creek (Google Maps)

Moore/Outlaw (or Brewer) - Hwy. 79 E of Legate (Google Maps) 

Morgan - bet. Hughes & Barrett Cks., LBL  (Google Maps)

Morgan - Bumpus Mills (Google Maps) 

Morgan Hill - Bumpus Mills/Dover Rd.

Mountview Church - LBL  (Google Maps)  Directions

Mt. Zion - Barrett Creek, LBL (Google Maps)  

Murphy - LBL 

Negro - LBL 

Nelums - Dyers Creek near Dover (Google Maps)

Neville Creek - LBL  (Google Maps)

Nolin - Bards Lake, LBL (Google Maps)

Outland - Crockett Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)  Directions

Page - near Hayes Fork School, S. of Bumpus Mills (Google Maps)

Parchman - Cumberland City (Google Maps)

Parker - Parker Hollow, Long Creek (Google Maps)

Parker - Barrett Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Pettit - upper Pryor Ck. between Model & Tharpe, LBL (Google Maps)  Directions 

Phillips - Hurricane Creek (Google Maps)

Pinner - Bumpus Mills

Pleasant Hill - Bumpus Mills  

Ralls - Cumberland River near Dover, LBL  (Google Maps)

Reynolds - Big Rock

Roberts - Cumberland River near Trigg Co. line (Google Maps)

Rolling Mills - Cross Creeks

Roper - District 2

Rose Valley - Bellwood (Google Maps)

Ross - Antioch Road above Saline Creek (Google Maps)

Ross - Antioch Road (Google Maps)

Ross - Ross Branch, LBL  (Google Maps)

Ross and Miles - Antioch Road  see Miles Cemetery

Rowlett - LBL near Piney Campground  (Google Maps)

Rushing Slave - LBL 

Rushing - South Rushing Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Peter Rushing - LBL Road 172 at KY/TN state line  (Google Maps)

Rushing Creek - Rushing Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Russell - across river from Cumberland City (Google Maps)

Rutland - LBL near Piney Campground  (Google Maps)

Scarborough - Panther Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Scarborough - Dover

Scott - Wells Creek (Google Maps)

Scott's Chapel - Little Elk Creek (Google Maps)

Seay - Indian Mound (Google Maps)

Settle - North fork Leatherwood Creek (Google Maps)

Settle - West fork Lick Creek (Google Maps)

Sexton - Long Creek (Google Maps)

Sexton - Standing Rock  (Google Maps)

Shaw #1 & #2 - Pryor Creek, LBL  (Google Maps) (Google Maps)

Shelton - Loon Bay

Shemwell - mouth of Bear Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Shemwell - near mouth of Saline Creek on Antioch Rd. (Google Maps)

Shemwell - across Cumberland River from Neville Bay (Google Maps)

Shepherd - Lake Kyle, Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Sills - Neville Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Sills - Neville Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Smith - Big Rock (Google Maps)

Smith - Cumberland City

Mrs. Leona Mary Smith - Ft. Campbell

Smith - Ft. Campbell near Mont. Co. line (Google Maps)

Snoddy - Cross Creeks

Spiceland - Crockett Branch, LBL  (Google Maps)

Stalls - Panther Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Stamper (aka JS Weatherford or C3) - Grant Rd., Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Stamper's Chapel - Stamper's Chapel Road, Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Standing Rock Church (Google Maps) 

Stavely - E. fork Leatherwood Creek

St. Mary's #1 - Piney Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)

St. Mary's #2 - LBL 

Stewart County Memorial Gardens - Dover (Google Maps)

Stone - Bards Lake, LBL  (Google Maps)

Stone - LBL near Piney Campground (Google Maps)

Sykes - Hickman Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Taylor - LBL near Piney Campground  (Google Maps)

Taylor - mouth of Blue Creek (Google Maps)

Taylor - near Bethel Ch. on Link Rd. (Google Maps)

Taylor - Big Rock (Google Maps)

Taylor's Chapel - Bumpus Mills (Google Maps)

Tharpe - LBL  (Google Maps)

Thompson - S. Cross Creek near Carlisle (Google Maps)

Thweatt (aka J. B. Shelby) - Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

W. H. Tippit - Indian Mound Rd., Ft. Campbell (Google Maps)

Travis - Fort Campbell, .8 mi E of Legate (Google Maps)

Trinity Church - Pumpkin Ridge, LBL  (Google Maps)  Directions

unknown - near mouth of Big Elk Creek (Google Maps)

unnamed - Ft. Campbell, 1.5 miles NNE of Legate (Google Maps)

Verhaines - Hwy. 79, 1/2 mi. E of Indian Mound Road (Google Maps)

Vinson #1 - Ginger Bay, LBL  (Google Maps)

Vinson #2 - Clay Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Jesse Vinson - Ross Branch, LBL (Google Maps)

Vinson Slave - LBL 

Wall-Griffin - Hwy. 120, Bumpus Mills 

Wallace - Hughes Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Wallace - Hayes Fork Creek

George Wallace - above mouth of Hayes Fork Creek (Google Maps) 

Paulina "Line" Wallace - east end of Hayes Fork Creek Rd. (Google Maps)

Lottie Wallace - Hayes Fork Creek (Google Maps)

Newt Wallace - Shelby Creek (Google Maps)  

Reuben Wallace

Robert Wallace

Watson - Neville Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Weaks - Big Elk Creek (Google Maps)

Weaks - Cub Creek

Weaks - upper Hurricane Creek (Google Maps)

Welch - Commissary Ridge (Google Maps)

Westerman - E. fork Leatherwood Creek

Whitford - Bear Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Whitford - Barrett Creek, LBL  (Google Maps)

Wiggins - Upper Crockett Creek, LBL (Google Maps)

Wilkinson - Jackson Hollow, LBL  (Google Maps)

Williams - Tip Top, LBL  (Google Maps)

Williams - Chapel Rd., east end of Hayes Fork Creek (Google Maps)

Williams - Link Rd. (Google Maps)

Williams - Rushing Bay, LBL (Google Maps)

Williams - Tobaccoport Rd., Bumpus Mills (Google Maps)

Wilson-Atkins - Cub Creek

Winters - N. fork South Cross Creek (Google Maps)

Wofford - Walnut Grove Baptist Church, District 10  (Google Maps)  Directions

Wofford #1 - LBL 

Wofford #2 - LBL 

Wynns - Leatherwood Bay (Google Maps)

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