Barrow Cemetery

Barrow(on Pumpkin Ridge): Coming down the Trace, drive to where Pumpkin Ridge and Hickman Creek Rd intersect with 49. This will be just above Gene Crutchers Store. Drive all the way out the ridge, you will see Hwy 79, but don't turn on to 79, just keep driving straight behind Cindy's (restaraunt). It will be on the first rd to the right after you pass where the ridge rd connects with Hwy 79. (note the first road to the right on the map is actually a driveway). If you are coming from Paris Landing, turn left on old 79 just before Cindy's and it will be the second road to your left. If you are coming from Dover, turn right onto Pumpkin Ridge Rd at the connect and bear left. Again it will be the first road to the right.

Map and directions courtesy of Chuck Allen. Thanks, Chuck!