Stewart County Court Clerk
Birth & Death Records, Vol. A
Name of Decedent Date of Death Place of Death Sex Color Status Age Cause of Death Place of Birth Occupation Father Mother Residence of Parents Kinship of Parents Recorded
Mary Green Taylor 21 Dec 1882 near Lagrange Iron Works, Dist. 10 f w married 24y 9m 20d pulmonary consumption Tennessee William Green Moore Jane Moore Dist. 10 none 1 Jan 1883
Albert Lee Taylor 25 Dec 1882 Short Creek, Dist. 10 m w 5d marasmus Tennessee William Henry Taylor Mary Green Taylor Short Creek none 5 Jan 1883
John Hues 23 Sep 1882 LaGrange Iron Works, Dist. 11 m w married 22y 8m 14d congestive chill Ohio laborer James Hues Mary Hues Porter Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio none 2 Oct 1882
George Warner Hodges 18 Sep 1882 LaGrange Iron Works, Dist. 11 m w married 37y 6m 10d congestive fever Tennessee laborer Maxwell Hodges Mary Smith Hodges parents are dead none 20 Sep 1882
Mary Catherine Lee 27 Feb 1883 LaGrange Iron Works, Dist. 11 f w married 30y 4m 7d pulmonary consumption Tennessee Robert Perrygo Matilda Perrygo Erin, Houston Co., Tenn. none 21 Mar 1883
Contributed by Joyce D. Pruhs,  Nov 19, 2008
Found on 30 May 1997 in the front of a Death Record Book in the County Court House at Dover.
There were twelve loose Birth Records and one loose Death Record. The Death Record Book
had only about eighty names from dated 1881-1882 taking up only three pages.
I did not copy those as I was more interested in preserving the loose records. The remainder of the book was blank.
Walter Lee TAYLOR        Died 12 Nov 1882; Died near La Grange Iron Works;
Age-8 years, 9 months, 28 days; Nativity-TN; Cause-Typho-malarial fever;
Parents-James Madison and Miranda Frances TAYLOR;
Residence-near La Grange Iron Works.
Signed-J. W. Brandon, MD.  
Remarks-On the 17th day of illness, symptoms indicating a complication in the form of meningeal inflammation appeared,
which it is thought, caused his death.