1930 Stewart County Census

Stewart County Genealogy angels Deanna W. and Libbye have taken on another census transcription labor-of-love. This time, they're working on the 1930. Actually, they both began the project independently, but joined forces after finding out they shared the same goal, and after having a good laugh.

Transcription notes from Deanna:

If you find corrections, please let them know.

Current contents of the 1930 census (click on the Online Contents links below to see the census for a particular district, which is in TEXT format):
or click HERE to see the entire 1930 Stewart County census in one file (Thanks, Deanna!)

Area of CountyOnline ContentsNotes
District 11E end of Countycompleteadded 11/12/2004
District 22Indian Moundcompleteadded 11/16/2004
District 33
Big RockBig Rock Town
rest of District 3
added 11/16/2004
added 11/25/2004
District 45Bumpus Mills
completeadded 11/17/2004
District 56Bumpus Millscompleteadded 11/25/2004
District 67
Cumberland CityCumberland City Town
rest of district 6
added 11/17/2004
added 12/06/2004
District 79
Dovereast part of district, and part of Dover Town
west part of district, and part of Dover Town
updated 11/28/2004
District 811Rushing Creekcompleteadded 12/01/2004
District 912Tharpecompleteadded 12/09/2004
District 1013Short Creek
Lost Creek
Piney Creek
Standing Rock Creek
Mint Spring
completeadded 12/06/2004
District 1114Leatherwood Creek
completeadded 12/06/2004
District 1215Hurricane Creekcompleteadded 12/07/2004
District 1316Indian Moundcompleteadded 11/30/2004