1900 Stewart County Census

This project is an effort to get the entire 1900 Federal Census for Stewart County online. Please check back here often for updates!

Attention Volunteers: If you'd like to contribute material you've personally extracted from the 1900 Stewart County census, in order to help this project, please e-mail us!

Note: The term "complete" used below indicates that every person has been listed, along with their relationship to head of household, race, gender, birth month/year, age, marital status, number of children, birthplace, and parents' birthplaces. Every effort was made to accurately transcribe the information from microfilm, but mistakes are possible!

Important: Remember that alternate spellings may occur in these records.

Current contents of 1900 census extract:

District 1E end of County90% completeupdated 02/13/2000
District 2Indian Moundcompleteupdated 12/08/1999
District 3Big Rockcompleteupdated 01/29/2000
District 4Bumpus Millscompleteupdated 02/12/2000
District 5Bumpus Millspartial - 75% completeupdated 12/23/2004
District 6Cumberland Citycompleteupdated 09/17/2003
District 7Dovercompleteupdated 08/24/2003
District 8Rushing Creekcompleteupdated 10/07/2003
District 9Tharpecompleteupdated 06/15/2003
District 10 completeupdated 06/15/2003
District 11Striblingcompleteadded 12/11/1999
District 12 completeadded 08/28/2003

Download the 1900 Stewart Co. census ZIPPED in Rich Text format (226 kb) -- last updated 05/17/2009

Download the 1900 Stewart Co. census UNZIPPED in Rich Text format (1,127 kb) -- last updated 05/17/2009

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