1880 Stewart County Census

The 1880 Federal Census for Stewart County is now online. If you have any corrections to make, please let us know!

Note: The term "complete" used below indicates that every person has been listed, along with their age, gender, race, birthplace and parents' birthplace. Every effort was made to accurately transcribe the information from microfilm.

Important: Remember that alternate spellings may occur in these records.

Contents of 1880 census extract:

Area / Post OfficeContentsNotes
District 2153Indian Moundcompleteupdated 02/05/01
District 1153E end of countycompleteupdated 02/05/01
District 3154Big Rockcompleteupdated 06/30/01
District 4155Bumpus Mills
completeadded 01/07/2001
District 5155Bumpus Millscompleteupdated 01/14/2001
District 6156Cumberland Citycompleteupdated 01/06/2002
District 7157Dovercompleteupdated 01/12/2002
District 8158NW part of countycompleteupdated 07/08/2001
District 10159 completeupdated 11/28/2001
District 9159 completeupdated 11/28/2001
District 11160LaGrange Furnace
Clark Furnace
completeupdated 06/30/01
District 12160Danvillecompleteupdated 06/30/01

Download the 1880 Stewart Co. census ZIPPED in Rich Text format (147 kb) -- last updated 01/12/2002

Download the 1880 Stewart Co. census UNZIPPED in Rich Text format (866 kb) -- last updated 01/12/2002

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