Selected Records from the Stewart County Tax List 1852-1866

The following records are selected (not complete) tax records donated by Linda Risinger as a result of her research. Thank you, Linda!

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1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866  


Young Wilson--127--1wp--District 1 J H Walker--1wp
James Willson--907 ac--1wp--13bp H E Cherry--170 ac--1wp--District 4
James A Willson--1wp--2bp James M Cherry--1wp
Curtis R Willson--1wp--4bp D B Cherry--1wp
John H Willson--1wp A G Cherry--1wp
Samuel Wilson--1wp Albert Cherry--1wp
G S Wilson--1wp--District 2 Jesse Vinson--24 ac--1wp
John Wilson--118 ac--1wp--3bp Wm Andrews--1wp--1bp--District 5
Samuel Wilson--100 ac--1wp--District 8 Oliver Thompson--100 ac--District 6
David C Wilson--165 ac--1wp--District 12 Henry Andrews--145 ac--District 7
Thomas Wilson--1wp T B Andrews--1wp
John Wilson--400 ac--1wp C P Andrews--300 ac--1wp
Samuel Wilson--360 ac Wesley Andrews--40 ac--1wp
W D Wilson--1wp Elizabeth Anderson--180 ac--2bp
James C Wilson--150 ac Wm Anderson--125 ac--1bp
James Wilson--167--1wp W B Cherry--300 ac--1wp--1bp--1 town lot
Delly Hagler--47 1/2 ac--District 6 H G Cherry--1wp
Benjamin Boyte--440 ac--District 7 W B Cherry agent for G B Petty--2 town lots
R C Boyte--1wp W J Bagwell--1wp--1 town lot
D P Hagler--1wp-- William Hains--1wp--District 8
L P Boyt--120 ac--1wp--2bp--District 8 James Hains--1wp
Lemuel Boyte--100 ac--District 9 Stacy or Macy Hains--50 ac
Thomas Boyte--1wp Daniel Vinson--352 ac--1wp--1bp
S D Boyte--1wp Edmund Vinson--160 ac--1wp
William Boyte--1wp--District 10 Jesse Vinson--450 ac--4bp
Willie Bagwell--140 ac--District 2 Henry Vinson--300 ac--8bp
J B Cherry--77 ac--1wp Thomas Vinson--50 ac
Wm Cherry--210 ac--1bp Daniel Whitford--1wp
Wm Cherry--100 ac--1wp--District 3 John Whitford--1wp
Nehemiah Cherry--310 ac--1wp Henry Andrews--161 ac--District 10
W H Cherry--1wp Benjamin Andrews--250 ac
Alex Andrews--50 ac--1wp John Andrews--1wp
Williamson Andrews--50 ac--1wp Wm Anderson--43 ac--1wp
Willis Whitford--100 ac--1wp John Andrews--619 ac--District 11
Seth T Andrews--548 ac--1wp--2bp James Andrews--50 ac
Jno Andrews Jr for Marand & J McHenry Andrew--3bp-hard to read Elijah Anderson--45 ac--1wp--District 12
W  H Anderson--849 ac--1wp Seth T Andrews--50 ac
John H Oquin--1wp  


Young Wilson--127 ac--1wp--District 1 W H Cherry--210 ac--1wp--District 2
James Wilson--918 ac--10bp J B Cherry--72 ac--1wp
James A Wilson--1wp--2bp W N Cherry--100 ac--1wp--District 3
C R Wilson--4bp W Cherry--1wp
John M Wilson--1wp--2pb J M B Cherry--1wp
John Wilson--1wp--District 2 Nehemiah Cherry--310 ac
Robert Wilson--1wp Daniel B Cherry--1wp--District 4
William B Wilson--1wp--District 12 H E Cherry--170 ac--1bp
Samuel Wilson--360 ac David Cherry--300 ac--1wp--1bp
James Wilson--167 ac--1wp J M Cherry--1wp--1bp
Thomas M Wilson--1wp Albert Cherry--1wp
John Wilson--400 ac--1wp A G Cherry--1wp
David C Wilson--165 ac--1wp Jesse Vinson--30 ac
Thomas Wilson--1wp Wm M Andrews--1wp--1bp--District 5
James C Wilson--100ac Wm Anderson--125 ac--1wp--2bp--District 7
Dilly Hagler--47 1/2 ac--District 6 Elizabeth Anderson--180 ac--1bp
R C Boyte--1wp--District 7 Wesley Andrews--40 ac
Benjamin Boyte--480 ac Henry Andrews--145 ac
D P Hagler--1wp C P Andrews--300 ac--1wp
L P Boyte--100 ac--1wp--2bp--District 8 A Andrews--40 ac
Lemuel Boyte--100 ac--District 9 M J Andrews--1wp
Thomas Boyte--1wp H G Cherry--250 ac--1wp
S D Boyte--1wp M B Cherry--300 ac--1wp--1bp
William Boyte--District 10 Oliver Thompson--457 ac--1wp
Macy Hayns--50 ac--District 8 Wm Hayns--1wp
James Hayns--1wp Henry Vinson--300 ac--8bp
Jesse Vinson--450 ac--1wp--4bp Daniel Vinson--351 ac--1wp
Edmund Vinson--160 ac Thomas Vinson--50 ac
E J Vinson--180 ac--1wp--1bp David Whitford--1wp--District 9
Benj Andrews--200 ac--District 10 Williamson Andrews--50 ac--1wp
Henry Andrews--156 ac Willis Whitford--100 ac--1wp
Seth Andrews--548 ac--1wp--2bp--District 11 James Andrews--50 ac
John Andrews--619 ac THomas Andres--773 ac--1wp
John Jr for Jno McHenry & Maranda Andrews--$300 money Seth T Andrews--50 ac--District 12



James Wilson--918 ac--17bp--District 1 Wm H Cherry--1wp--District 1
C R Wilson--1wo--4bp William Shoat--1wp
J A Wilson--1wp--2bp C D Anderson--1wp--District 2
J M Wilson--1wp--7bp A A Bagwell--120 ac--1wp
Robert Wilson--1wp--District 2 Willie Bagwell--240 ac
John Wilson--1wp Richard Bagwell--50 ac
Robert Wilson--150 ac--1wp--District 8 W H Cherry--215 ac--1wp--1bp
A A Wilson-400 ac--District 12 J B Cherry--75 ac--1wp
David C Wilson--165 ac--1wp Wm Cherry--100 ac--1wp--District 3
Thomas Wilson--208 ac W H Cherry--1wp
James C Wilson--100 ac Jeremiah Cherry--1wp
W J Hagler--45 ac--District 6 Nehemiah Cherry--310 ac--1wp
R C Boyte--1wp--District 7 Daniel Cherry--300 ac--1bp--District 4
Benjamin Boyte--338 ac A S Cherry--1wp
W J Hagler--1wp H E Cherry--170 ac--1wp--3bp
Lemuel Boyte--100 ac--District 9 Albert Cherry--1wp
Thomas Boyte--1wp Degraffinred Cherry--1wp [this name was easy to read]
S D Boyte--1wp James M Cherry--1wp
William Boyte--1wp--District 10 John Tomeson--1wp
Jesse Vinson--70 ac Will Andrews--1wp--District 5
A T Andrews--870 ac--1wp--3bp Henry Andrews--165 ac--District 7
M J Andrews--1wp C T Andrews--300 ac--1wp
W Andrews--47 ac Wm Anderson--125 ac--1wp
Elizabeth Anderson--180 ac--1bp Richard Andrews--1wp
Anderson Andrews--40 ac W B Cherry--300 ac--1wp--7bp
H G Cherry--1wp Oliver Thompson--257 ac--1wp
Joseph Choalet[?]--126 ac--District 8 E J Vinson--400 ac--1bp
Henry Vinson--400 ac--11bp Jesse Vinson--450 ac--4bp
David Vinson--555 ac--1wp Edmund Vinson--200 ac--1wp
James Vinson--1wp John Whitford--1wp--District 9
Henry Andrews--156 ac--District 10 Benjamin Andrews--200 ac
John Andrews--112 ac--1bp--District 11 S T Andrews--548 ac--1wp--3bp
Thomas Andrews--1wp S T Andrews--50 ac--1wp--District 12
Elijah Anderson--1wp Andrews & Summers--133 ac


W H Cherry--1wp--District 1

W E Shoat--1wp

C D Anderson--1wp--District 2

Willie Bagwell--240 ac--2bp

James Bagwell--1wp

A A Bagwell--130 ac--1wp

Richard Bagwell--50 ac

W H Cherry--215 ac--1wp--1bp

J B Cherry--102 ac--1wp

W N Cherry--156 ac--1wp--District 3

W H Cherry--80 ac--1wp

Jeremiah Cherry--1wp

Nehemiah Cherry--226 ac--1wp

Albert Cherry--1wp--District 4

J M Cherry--1 town lot

A G Cherry--1wp

Y W Cherry--1wp

Rebecca Cherry--300 ac--1bp

H E Cherry--1wp

Jesse Vinson--70 ac

James H Walker--1wp

J Holway--1wp

Wm M Andrews--1wp--District 5

A T Andrews--870 ac--1wp--4bp

Robert Walker--150 ac--1wp

Samuel Walker--1wp

Wm Walker--1wp

David Walker--1wp

Henry Andrews--145 ac--District 7

M J Andrews--1wp

C T Andrews--300 ac--1wp

Wesley Andrews--45 ac

Elizabeth Anderson--180 ac--1bp

Anderson Andrews--40 ac

Wm Anderson--125 ac--1wp

W B Cherry--500 ac--1wp--3bp

H G Cherry--250 ac--1wp

Oliver THompson--237 ac--1wp

Willis Whitford--200 ac--1wp

Joseph Chalet--District 8

E J Vinson--400 ac--1wp--1bp

Henry Vinson--400 ac--12bp

James Vinson--1wp

Jesse Vinson--450 ac--1wp--4bp

Daniel Vinson--535 ac--1bp

Edmund Vinson--300 ac--1wp

Henry Andrews--156 ac--District 10

Benjamin Andrews--200 ac

John Andrews--112 ac--1bp--District 11

S T Andrews--749 ac--1bp

S T Andrews admin--390 ac

W C Thompson--1wp

S T Andrews--50 ac--District 12

Elijah R Anderson--1wp

Andrews & Summers--133 ac


James Wilson--918 ac--13bp--District 1

C R Wilson--1wp--3bp

J A Wilson--1wp--2bp

J M Wilson--1wp--2bp

Robert Wilson--1wp--1bp--District 2

G S Wilson--1wp

John Wilson--1wp

William Wilson--1wp--District 6

John C Wilson--1wp--District 12

Thomas J Wilson--1wp

A A Wilson--360 ac--1wp

James Wilson--167 ac--1bp

John Wilson--400 ac

David C Wilson--165 ac--1wp

Thomas Wilson--800 ac

James C Wilson--100 ac

Wm Cherry--1wp--District 1

A A Bagwell--120 ac--1wp--District 2

Willie Bagwell--240 ac

Richard Bagwell--50 ac

W J Bagwell--1wp--1 town lot

W H Cherry--211 ac--1wp--1bp

J B Cherry--160 ac

W N Cherry--1wp--1 town lot

Thomas Walker--1wp

W N Cherry--156 ac--District 3

Nehemiah Cherry--208 ac--1wp

W H Cherry--83 ac

W M[?] Cherry--1wp

H R Cherry--1wp--District 4

Rebecca Cherry--300 ac--1bp

James M Cherry--1 1/2 ac

H E Cherry--286 ac--1wp

A G Cherry--1wp

Albert Cherry--1wp

Yaleman[?] Cherry--1wp

J H Walker--1wp

A T Anderson--870 ac--District 5

H T Andrews--1wp--4bp

Robert Walker--150 ac--1wp

John Walker--1wp

William Walker--1wp

David Walker--1wp

Thedore[?] Walker--1wp

Elizabeth Anderson--180 ac--1bp--District 7

Anderson Andrews--20 ac

C P Andrews--300 ac--1wp

Henry Andrews--145 ac

Wesley Andrews--45 ac

William Anderson--125 ac--1wp

Frances Andrews--1wp

H G Cherry--251 ac--1wp

W B Cherry--300 ac--1wp--4bp

H E Cherry--1wp

Thomas Shoars--1wp

O P Thompson--237 ac--1wp--[?] town lots

John Walker--1wp

E J Vinson--420 ac--2bp--District 8

E J Vinson guardian--150 ac

Daniel Vinson--600--1wp

Edmund Vinson--160 ac--1wp

Henry Vinson--500 ac--11bp

Jessie Vinson--400 ac--6bp

James Vinson--1wp

W H Cherry--1wp--District 9

Benjamin Andrews--200 ac--District 10

Henry Andrews--156 ac

S T Andrews--743 ac--1wp--7bp--District 11

John Andrews--112 ac--1bp

S T Andrews guardian--390 ac

T B Andrews--1wp

David Andrews--1wp

Andrews Summers & Dudley--100 ac--District 12

Thos A Andrews--1wp

D M Andrews--1wp

Elisha Anderson--1wp

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Benjamin Boyt--330 ac--District 7

Joel Boyt--370 ac--1wp

R C Boyt--1wp

Lemuel Boyt--100 ac--District 9

Felix Boyt--1wp

S D Boyt--1wp

Thomas Boyt--1wp

James Wilson--918 ac--13bp--District 1

C R Wilson--1wp--4bp

James S Wilson--1wp--4bp

Y D Wilson--70 ac--District 2

Robert Wilson--1bp

C S Wilson--1wp

Robert Wilson--150 ac--1wp--District 8

Thomas Wilson--200 ac--1wp--District 12

J C Wilson--100 ac--1wp

D C Wilson--360 ac--1wp

John Wilsonac--1wp

James Wilson--166 ac

A A Wilson--360 ac

Thomas Wilson--1wp

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Miller Bagwell--240 ac--District 2

W J Bagwell--1wp

A A Bagwell--130 ac--1wp

W H Cherry--91 ac--2bp

George Cherry--1wp--3bp

J B Cherry--160 ac--1wp

William Cherry--1wp

Pugh Haines--420 ac--1wp--7bp

William Thompson--100 ac

N Cherry--153 ac--District 3

Wade H Cherry--83 ac--1wp

W N Cherry--153 ac--1wp

Albert Cherry--1wp--District 4

H J Cherry--75 1/2 ac

Rebecca Cherry--100 ac--1bp

Y W Cherry--95 ac--1wp

H E Cherry--476 ac--1wp--3bp

A G Cherry--95 ac

Robert Walker--130 ac--1wp

William Walker--1wp

Henry Andrews--145 ac--District 7

Thomas Andrews--123 ac--1wp

William Anderson--72 ac--1wp

Elizabeth Anderson heirs--125 ac--2bp

T A Andrews--1wp

David Andrews--1wp

C T Andrews--1wp

H G Cherry--250 ac--1wp--District 7

W B Cherry heirs--364 ac

Sarah E Cherry admin--4bp

Sarah E Cherry--buggy

J M Cherry--1wp

Thomas Shores--1wp

William Hains--1wp--District 8

Jesse Vinson--350 ac--1wp--7bp

Daniel Vinson--493 ac--1wp

Edmund Vinson--375 ac--1wp

E J Vinson--395 ac--1wp--3bp

Henry Vinson--400 ac--11bp

Henry Andrews--180 ac--District 10

C T Andrews--1wp

John Andrews--94 ac--1wp--1bp--District 11

S T Andrews guardian for D O Andrews--290 ac

Nancy Thompson--25 ac

O PorR Thompson--1wp

S T Andrews--700 ac--1wp--8bp--District 12

also taxed for look like the word ferry

T E Andrews--1wp

Andrews Summers & Dudley--200 ac

W R Oquinn--1wp

J H Oquinn--122 ac--1wp

Benjamin Boyte--310 ac--District 7

Lemuel Boyt--100 ac--District 9

J B Boyte--1wp

S D Boyte--1wp

Thomas Boyte--1wp

John M Wilson--1wp--3bp--District 1

George S Wilson--1wp--District 2

William Wilson--91 ac--1wp

John Wilson--1wp

G W Wilson--1wp--District 4

W G Wilson--330 ac--1wp--District 6

Robert Wilson--150 ac--1wp--District 8

A A Wilson--360 ac--District 12

T J Wilson--100 ac-1wp

D C Wilson--360 ac

John Wilson--400 ac

James C Wilson--100 ac

Nancy Wilson--100 ac

Thomas Wilson--340 ac

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Benjamin Boyte--310 ac--District 7

L P Boyt--240 ac--1bp

Lemuel Boyt--100 ac--District 9

S D Boyt--1wp

J W Hagler--1wp--District 11

John K Wilson--1wp--4bp--District 1

James Wilson--900--13bp

C R Wilson--325 ac--1wp--8bp

Robert Wilson--2bp--District 2

William Wilson--90 ac--1wp

G S Wilson--1wp

R C Wilson--1wp--District 4

W G Wilson--330 ac--1wp--5bp--District 6

Robert Wilson Sr--150 ac--1wp--District 8

Robert Wilson Jr--1wp

Jno C Wilson--1wp

L I Wilson--100 ac--1wp

Nancy Wilson--100 ac

Thomas Wilson--340 ac

David C Wilson--400 ac

John Wilson--400 ac

J C Wilson--100 ac

W Wilson--1wp

Wiley Bagwell--240 ac--District 2

A A Bagwell--130 ac

R D Bagwell--50 ac

W N Cherry--92 ac--2bp

J B Cherry--160 ac

P Hains--536 ac--1wp--4bp

William Thompson--102ac

J Anderson--40 ac--District 3

Wade H Cherry--123 ac--1wp

N Cherry--66 ac

G Y Cherry--1wp--5bp

Albert Cherry--1wp--District 4

A G Cherry--95 ac--1wp

Rebecca  Cherry--100 ac--1bp

Z W Cherry--95 ac--1wp

H E Cherry--476 ac--1wp--3bp

H J Cherry--75 1/2 ac

Jesse Vinson--44 ac

William Walker--1wp

J H Walker--1wp

Robert Walker--130 ac--1wp--District 5

Samuel[?] Walker--1wp

William Walker--1wp

David Walker--1wp

William Anderson--222 ac--1wp--District 7

Thomas Andrews--125 ac--1wp

C T Andrews--1wp

F A Andrews--1wp

H G Cherry--200 ac--1wp

Sarah E Cherry--360 ac

J M Cherry Jr--1wp

S E Cherry admin--360 ac--4bp

Willis Whitford--380 ac--1wp

W C Whitford--1wp

W H Hains--1wp--District 8

Jessee Vinson--350 ac--7bp

J S[?] Vinson--1wp

Edmund Vinson--600 ac--1wp

Daniel Vinson--621 ac

E J Vinson--500 ac--3bp

Henry Vinson--400 ac--15bp

Henry Andrews--100 ac--District 10

Benjamin Andrews--90 ac

Benjamin Andrews Sr--300 ac

C P Andrews--1wp

John Andrews--130 ac--1bp--District 11

G L[?] Andrews Sr--290 ac

Thomas W Thompson--1wp

Nancy Thompson--25 ac

O P Thompson--1wp

Andrews Summers& Dudley--200 ac--District 12

S T Andews--700 ac--1wp--8bp

S T Andrews adm W[?] heirs--1bp

W H Oquinn--1wp

W R Oquin--1wp

Nathan Oquin--1wp

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William Cherry--1wp--District 1

James Vinson--1wp

A A Bagwell--130 ac--1wp--District 2

R R Bagwell--50 ac

Wiley Bagwell--240 ac

W H Cherry--52 ac

J B Cherry--160 ac--1wp

William Thompson--100 ac--1bp

J Anderson--40 ac--District 3

N Cherry--40 ac

G Y Cherry--1wp--6bp

W N Cherry--186 ac--1wp

Wade H Cherry--123 ac--1wp

H G Cherry--75 ac--District 4

H E Cherry--496 ac--1wp--4bp

A G Cherry--80 ac--1wp

Y W Cherry--91 ac--1wp

Rebecca Cherry--115 ac--1bp

Jesse Vinson--44 ac

William Walker--1wp

William Walker--1wp--District 5

Robert Walker--1wp

C P Andrews--1wp--District 7

William Anderson--222 ac

M Cherry--86 ac--1wp

H G Cherry--281 ac--1wp

S E Cherry--360 ac--4bp

Willis Whitford--380 ac--1wp

W C Whitford--1wp

Thomas Haines--1wp--District 8

Edmund Vinson--700 ac--1 jack--money

Daniel Vinson--612 ac

Joseph[?] Vinson--1wp

William L Vinson--1wp

J C Vinson--1wp

E J Vinson--500 ac--3bp

Jesse Vinson--350 ac--7bp

Henry Vinson--400 ac--15 ac

Bayliss Vinson--1wp

Benjamin Andrews--90 ac--District 10

B Andrews guardian--300 ac

C T Andrews--1wp

W H Andrews--1wp--District 11

John Andrews--112 ac--1bp

S T Andrews guardian--290 ac--1wp

Thomas Andrews

Nancy Thompson--25 ac

C Thompson--1wp

S T Andrews--700 ac--1wp--10 bp--District 12

Andrews Summers & Dudley--200 ac

John H Oquin--112 ac--1bp

William Oquin--1wp

William Oquin Sr

Benjamin Hagler--1wp--District 5[I double checked this because of the Benj Boyt] Benjamin Boyte--310 ac--1bp--District 7

Joel Boyd--230 ac--1wp[definitely Boyd]

L P Boyte--250 ac--1wp--1bp--District 8

Lemuel Boyte--100 ac--1wp--District 9

S D Boyte

C R Wilson--325 ac--1wp--8bp--District 1

J M Wilson--1wp--3bp

James Wilson--918 ac--13bp

John Wilson--1wp

Robert Wilson--1wp--2bp--District 2

George S Wilson--1wp

John Wilson--1wp

William Wilson--1wp

W H Wilson--90 ac--1wp

R C Wilson--1wp--District 4

W G Wilson--330 ac--1wp--6bp--District 6

J C Wilson--1wp--District 7

Robert Wilson--150 ac--1wp--District 8

R H Wilson--1wp

T J Wilson--1wp--District 12

THomas Wilson--300 ac

D C Wilson--400 ac

J C Wilson--400 ac--1wp

Nancy Wilson--100 ac

James C Wilson--100 ac

J H Wilson--1wp

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Benjamin Hagler--1wp--District 1

Benjamin Boyte--300 ac--District 7

Rufus Boyte--1wp

L T Boyte--275 ac--District 8

Harriet Boyte heirs--120 ac

Lemuel Boyte--90 ac--District 9

A A Bagwell--130 ac--District 2

R R Bagwell--50 ac--1wp

T or P D Bagwell--1wp

Willie Bagwell--240 ac

Pugh Hains--700 ac--1wp

William Thompson--100 ac

W N Cherry--186 ac--1wp--District 3

J Y Cherry--1wp--buggy

J Cherry--1wp

W H Cherry--120 ac--1wp

N Cherry--88 ac

H E Cherry--476 ac--District 4

A G Cherry--80 ac--1wp

Y W Cherry--81 ac

Rebecca Cherry--115 ac

Albert Cherry--1wp

Jesse Vinson--44 ac

Cullen Andrews--1wp--District 7

J M Cherry--123 ac--1wp

H G Cherry--250 ac--1wp

John Thompson--1wp

M H Thompson--1wp

W C Whitford--31 ac--1wp

Willis Whitford--130 ac

Daniel Vinson--576 ac--District 8

B P Vinson--228 ac--1wp

Permelia Vinson--150 ac

E J Vinson--500 ac--1wp

Jessie Vinson--340 ac

J C Vinson--228 ac--1wp

Josephine Vinson--1bp

J S Vinson--1wp

Edmund Vinson--200 ac

C C Whitford--200 ac

Henry Andrews--156 ac--District 10

C T Andrews--1wp

Mary Andrews--112 ac--District 11

S T Andrews guardian for D[?] Andrews heirs--290 ac

Thomas Andrews--1wp

Nancy Thompson--25 ac

Croton Thompson--1wp

S T Andrews--700 ac--District 12

Andrews & Dudley--200 ac

C[?] T Thompson--1wp

John Wilson--1wp--District 1

C R Wilson--324 ac

James Wilson--812 ac

W H Wilson--86 ac--1wp--District 2

James Wilson--1wp

John Wilson--1wp

James Wilson--1wp--District 4

C R Wilson--1wp--District 5

W G Wilson--330 ac--1wp--District 6

T J Wilson--1wp--District 12

Thomas Wilson--240 ac

D C Wilson--400 ac

J C Wilson--400 ac--1wp

Nancy Wilson--100 ac

J H Wilson--1wp

Ann Wilson--30 ac

W H Wilson--1wp

John Wilson--1wp

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W J Hagler--1wp--District 5

R C Boyte--1wp--District 7

Benjamin Boyte--310 ac

B T or J Hagler--1wp

J W Hagler--1wp

L P Boyte--275 ac--District 8

Harriet Boyte's heirs--120 ac

A A Bagwell--150 ac--District 2

R R Bagwell--50 ac--1wp

Wiley Bagwell--240 ac--1wp

Pugh Hayns--700 ac--1wp

William Thompson--100ac

J Anderson--1wp--District 3

N Cherry--60 ac

W N Cherry--186 ac--1wp

W H Cherry--120 ac--1wp

J B Cherry--1wp

H E Cherry--700 ac--District 4

A G Cherry--80 ac--1wp

Y W Cherry--91 ac--1wp

G W Cherry--115 ac

Albert Cherry--1wp

Jesse Vinson--44 ac--District 5

William Anderson--221 ac--District 7

Churchwell Anderson--1wp

F A Andrews--1wp

Pinkny Andrews--1wp

William Cherry--1wp

John Cherry--1wp

J H Cherry--120 ac--1wp

H G Cherry--250 ac--1 jack

J B Thompson--1wp

W H Thompson--1wp

Willis Whitford--130 ac-31 ac--1wp

James Wilson--812 ac--District 1

James Wilson--1wp--District 2

W H Wilson--80 ac--1wp

John Wilson--1wp

W G Wilson--330 ac--1wp--District 6

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