1850 Stewart County Mortality Schedules

The 1850 Federal Mortality Schedules enumerated persons who died in the 12 months preceding the 1850 Federal Census (June 1, 1849 to May 31, 1850). Below are listed the 130 persons enumerated in the 1850 Mortality Schedules for Stewart County. These persons were not enumerated in the 1850 Population Schedules or Slave Schedules.

Birthplace Month
# Days
Jane Reynolds1f   TennMay liver30
George Roper1m   TennMar whooping cough7 wks
infant Roper f   TennOct sudden 
Sarah Lewis2f   TennJun cholera7
Dinah16f s TennJun unknown4 mos.
Emulous Hargroves11m   TennOct cold5
John Cobb5m   TennJun fever4 mos.
Lewis Lisenby25m   TennJanschool teachercholera7 hours
William3m s TennOct scrofula6 mos.
Desey Langford2f   KyApr unknown2 yrs.
Thomas Cuningham14m   TennSep bowels2 mos.
Mary Carr11f   KyOct fever21
James Ellis1m   TennOct diarrhea6 mos.
Marion18mbs TennOct cold2
James Stinson30m   VaFebphisicianpleurasy4
Sarah Rogess2f   TennJul unknown2
George Wells1/12m   TennJul crope14
Livina Brandon6/12f   TennApr whooping cough2 mos.
Eli Maning13m   TennFeb dropsy30
Jane2/12fbs TennSep unknownsudden
Malinda Rolls13f   TennFeb drowned 
Lucy Rowlet64f   NCFeb palsy4
Lawrence Maning40m   TennJulfarmerfever6
Westly Houston1m   TennSep bowel6
Adam(?) Parker48m   unknownNov chills3
Marcella4fbs Tennunk. fever1 yr.
Ruthy Langford9/12f   TennDec cold7
Martha Morris3/12f   TennApr hives2
Sarah Wynns19f  marr.TennNov consumption4 mos.
infant not named f s TennMar  6 hrs.
William Askew7m   TennSep hives14
Francis6f   TennOct dropsysudden
Martha Mixon18fbs TennSep scrofula3 yrs.
Bob1mbs KyDec croup7
Fanny Alsbrooks9f   TennSep cholera1
Martha Alsbrooks14f   TennSep cholera1
James Nichols1m   KySep fever9 wks.
Susan Slaughter18f   TennAug cholera8
Mary Slaughter14f   TennAug cholera8
Corbon Sansill4/12m   TennSep cholera7
Elisha Langford4/12m   TennMar croup4
Fanny Alsbrooks9f   TennJul cholera10 hrs.
Martha Lamasterinfantf   TennApr croup21
Gustavus Robbsinfantm   TennAug hives1
Mary Wyatt38f   TennSep fit1
John Barnesinfantm   TennFeb unknown10
Samuel Norris30mms unknownMay cholera7 hrs.
Mary Chambers2f   TennMar worms3 mos.
Elisabeth Elam60f   VaNov unknown30
Relen Smith42m   NCMarfarmerrheumatism2 mos.
David Griffey3/12m s TennJan sudden 
Elisabeth Logmire1/12f   TennMar unknown2 hrs.
Adaline12f s TennMay bronchitis2 mos.
Danfy15f s TennSep scrofula2 yrs.
Anna14f s TennJan unknown11
infant1/12m   TennJan unknown6
William Moore22mm  TennAprbatanic doctorlice disease18 mos.
Sarah95f s SCMar old age4 mos.
infant not named1/12m   TennAug bad cough21
Winny Brewer20f   TennNov unknown3
Jane50f   NCAug chills15
Elenora McGee5/12f   TennJun unknown14
Eudora McGee5/12f   TennJun unknown14
infant not named5/12m   TennSep b. hives7
Ann Reynolds1/12   TennJul unknown5
Martha8f   TennMay diseased brain2 yrs.
George Stacker10fbs TennMay fever21
John Milam5 daysm   TennMar unknown1
William Anderson1m   TennOct croup1
Henry Self10m   TennJan unknown8
Emalous Knash1m   TennJul unknown2
Peter Gray1m s TennJun unknown20
Peter Gray6/12 s TennOct croup3
Mariah George16f   KyApr cold40
Rachel Wyatt21f   TennApr consumption17 mos.
Elisabeth Andrews40f   TennMay dropsy2 yrs.
Penny100f s NCJul old age7
Ann5/12f s TennApr whooping cough20
Charley1m s TennDec cholic3
Reuben Hendon20m   TennMarfarmercholera4
Ephraim Gatlin9/12m   TennFeb chills10
Mary McClain20f   KySep unknown2
Charles McClain2m   TennMay whooping cough15
Mathew Reed29m   TennMar cholera5
Robert McDougle45m  wid.NCSep chronic90
Thomas Brigham75m  marr.TennSep dropsy3 yrs.
Jemimah Phillips60f   NCAug dropsy3 yrs.
Jackson Bosswell11/12m   TennJan hives1
Lewis47m s TennJan fever5
Willis30m s TennJan chills4
Pinkney10/12m s TennJan fever10
Lucy70f s VaMar unknown6
William Barret40m  marr.NCAugfarmerfever15
William Canada1/12m   TennMay unknown30
Thomas Barbee12m   NCMar unknown4 yrs.
Calvin Robinson2m   TennSep unknown5 mos.
Lucy Batton2f   TennJan cold21
Lewis1m s TennDec croup14
Preston34m s TennApr cholera8
John1/12m s TennApr unknownsudden
Nathan17m s TennFeb unknown12
Mary Medows50f   GaMar cold21
Charles Brigham7/12m   TennApr unknown28
Assallie19fbs TennJan unknown8 mos.
Robert Wyatt70m   NCAprfarmercold21
David Weaver8/12m   TennJul cholera4
Ellen Petty2f   TennJul cholera9
James Weaver60m   NCJul diarrhea28
Jacob4m s TennJan inflamation of brain6
Mary Gillam5f   TennJan unknownsudden
Duncan Ellis41m   TennJanmanagerpneumonia12
Stephen Morgan34mbs TennDec killed in falling 
Nancy52fbs TennDec consumption3 mos.
Bill14mbs TennDec ?15
William Gold28m  marr.VaFeb 1850clerkchronic diarrhea2 yrs.
Ellick27mbs TennJan ?1 yr.
Bob27mbs TennJan consumption1 yr.
Jake43mbs TennSep bilious cholic2
Larkin31mbs TennMay cholera2
Henry31mbs TennJan from a fall 
Edith40fbs TennApr dropsy30
Charly9mbs TennJan drowned 
Jerry26mbs TennMar fever8
Moses34mbs TennDec fever8
Moses26mbs TennFeb pneumonia10
George30mbs TennNov pneumonia10