Unpaid 1801 Montgomery County Taxes

Unpaid taxes for 1801 (reported in the Tennessee Gazette, 1 Jan 1803)
Reputed Owner Acres Situation
Thomas Molloy 100 Dyer's old place
Thomas Forns 640 Cross Creek
Martin Armstrong 1640 Piney Fork
John Bond 640 west side of Cumberland
James C. Montflorence 640 joining Barits
John Montgomery 640 Piney Fork
John Montgomery Snyder 50 joining James Huling
Benjamin Shepherd 1030 south side Cumberland
Wright Bond 640 in the Barrens
Samuel Barton 274 Piney Fork of Red River
William Blackford 640 Cross Creek
Robert Young 228 in the Barrens
Rayburn Gibbs 640 Elk Creek
John Harry's heirs 221 Salean
John Ryce's heirs 640 Roaring Springs
Thomas Archur 640 Yellow Creek
George Francisco 350 Red River
William Fawn 3840 Elk Creek
Benjamin Shepherd of Kentucky 2000 Salean
George Brisco (for 1796-1801) lot 49 Clarksville