Scott County, Tennessee
World War I War Heroes

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People from Scott County who served and died in World War I.

I need your help to make this table complete.  Please email me with information that completes or corrects the table.  I would be particularly grateful for copies of obituaries, pictures of headstones, death certificates, and pictures of the soldier.  I think others would be interested in knowing the specific military units in which these soldiers served and where they died.

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Name Service  Birth Info  Death Info  Cemetery
Date Location Date Location
Blevins, William     Scott Co, TN      
Brown, William     Smokey, Scott Co, TN      
Chitwood, William   1895 Winfield, Scott Co, TN      
Davis, Huffman     Scott Co, TN      
Dyer, Beryl     Cortland, Scott So, TN      
Fryar, Guy D.     Cumberland Co, TN      
Gibson, James   1894 Bell Co, KY      
Hughett, Robert M.     Hunstville, Scott Co, TN      
Jeffers, Clovis     Scott Co, TN      
Lawson, Elsic   1897 Scott Co, TN      
Lewallen, Hugh Taylor     Glenmary, Scott Co, TN      
Phillips, Hett     Oneida, Scott Co, TN      
Phillips, Lawrence     Scott Co, TN      
Phillips, Onva K.     New River, Scott Co, TN      
Reed, Lonus   9 Jan 1889 New River, Scott Co, TN 8 Dec 1918 France Black Creek Crossroads Cemetery, Black Creek, Scott Co, TN
Sexton, Fred     Paint Rock, Scott Co, TN      
Sexton, Mitchell     Cordell, Scott Co, TN      
Slaven, Jesse     Elva, Scott Co, TN      
Stanley, Sherman     Winfield, Scott Co, TN      
Toomey, Edson L.     Helenwood, Scott Co, TN      
York, Jasper     Scott Co, TN      

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