Scott County, Tennessee
Upper Jellico Creek School 1902

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Row 1 

1.  Lilar Davis Jeff's sis
2.  Lydia Adkins Sis to Tivous
3.  Zieler Adkins Sis to Ethel C.
4.  Martha Cross Sis to Dewitt
5.  Osaie<?> Adkins Mother of Sterling D.
6.  Amy Adkins Sterling D's Aunt
7.  D.J. Chambers Teacher
8.  Motlana Adkins Henry's daughter

Row 2 

1.  Gracy Chitwood Bannon's sister
2.  Margaret Adkins Wife of Henry A.
3.  Mack Adkins Henry's son
4.  Tivous Adkins Brother to Harvey
5.  Jessie Adkins Henry's Son
6.  Gatha Cross Maynard's son
7.  Ovie Cross Maynard's son
8.  Sterling Cross Maynard's son
9.  Newman Adkins Henry's son
10. Harvey Adkins Brother to Harvey
11. Lacy Adkins Henry's son
12. Dewitt Cross Maynard's son

Row 3 

1.  Pearl Chitwood Bannon's sis
2.  Peach Adkins Sis to Ettie and Ocie
3.  Flora Cross Maynard's daughter
4.  Mauda Davis  
5.  Amy May Davis Jewel D's mom
6.  Walter Adkins Ethel C's brother
7.  Jeff Davis Athaleen's dad
8.  Mary Cross married Reece Thomas
9.  Grace Adkins Ethel's sis
10. Conrad Laxton  

Row 4 

1.  Dellie Davis Jeff's son
2.  Florence Davis Jeff's son
3.  Ada Adkins Ethel's brother
4.  Etta Adkins Sister to Pearl and Ocie
5.  Andrew Adkins Ethel's brother
6.  Tava Braden Genie's daughter
7.  Sadie Cross Jeff's wife
8.  Marshall Braden Genie's son "TAP"?
9.  Oaker Braden Genie's son

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