Scott County, Tennessee
The Way It Was

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This page is dedicated to the way Scott County was.  You will see pictures from the county's past.  Click on the picture to see a larger image.

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Photo Description Contributor
Keen Bottling Company George Zepp
New_River_TN_1895.jpg (61126 bytes) New River, Tennessee, in the summer of 1895. You'll see the Keen hotel & home in the middle (without the double-story bay that was later added). Can you find the top of the water tank? George didn't notice it until after enlarging the scan. The original is faded, so he tried to increase the contrast somewhat to make things easier to see. Do you think the men by the depot knew the photo was being made? It seems they might. George Zepp
New_River_House_Party.jpg (57180 bytes) House Party, New River, TN George Zepp
Brimstone_besse_buckwalter.jpg (63017 bytes) "On the placid waters of the beautiful Brimstone, July 11, 1901. Miss Besse Buckwalter, Winchester, Ky." George Zepp
huntsville academy trio.jpg (44990 bytes) Here are 3 young ladies who attended Huntsville Academy. The date is Aug. 29, 1893.  Left to right are Miss Greenlee, Miss Edith Felterman and Miss Rozee Rankin George Zepp
norcross_and_keen.jpg (63790 bytes) Gertrude Norcross and Flora Keen in New River as photographed by George W. Morgan, circa 1890s. (Note the rail cut in the background.) George Zepp
leonard_jeffers.jpg (50127 bytes) Leonard Jeffers of Huntsville, Tenn., as he looked in March 1897 on a visit to the McCrary & Branson photographic studio in Knoxville. (He must have been proud of his finely groomed moustache, one worthy of a prototypical Western gunslinger!)  Leonard was Postmaster at Huntsville the following year, in 1898. George Zepp
jennie_newman.jpg (54392 bytes) "Miss Jennie Newman, teacher at Huntsville, Tenn." She got this tiny photo (an inch by 1 1/2 inches) made at a studio at 239 Gay Street in Knoxville. Afraid there's no date, but period probably 1890s. George Zepp
keen_hotel.jpg (72503 bytes) The Keen Hotel in New River circa 1900s.  George believes the 3 people standing beside it are (L to R) Willard Keen, Flora Keen (his sister), and A.Y. Keen (his brother).  The sign visible on the building at the extreme left is unintelligible on the scan, and the original photo itself reveals little more under the magnifying glass, possibly a word resembling "Pauline." Perhaps others know which buildings were in that row. George Zepp
new_river_lumber_company.JPG (75045 bytes) This undated interior view of the New River Lumber Co. office was given by Roy Hose, on the right, to Flora Keen of New River. He wrote on the back of the post card: "The smallest thing we own is The New River Lumber Co." -- an obvious joke since the Cincinnati native was but an employee and member of the NRLC baseball team. At left is Irwin McCormick. The sign above his head says "Look Happy, Be Happy, Pass It Around." George Zepp
great_train_wreck.jpg (80790 bytes) This undated Scott Co. train wreck photo was -- from the "T.P." visible on one car -- the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, so that dates it after the name change from the Cincinnati Southern.  I find references to a 1920 wreck in New River (on the Web site) and a January 1931 wreck (in "Dusty Bits"), but that seems an unlikely for this photo since it doesn't appear very cold & vegitation seems to still be on the trees. The 1920 one would be more probable, but it was described as a passenger train and this appears to be a freight train. It's a mystery. There does appear to be some fire on the right, perhaps closer to the engine. George Zepp
baseball_game.jpg (92248 bytes) Game between Norma (New River Lumber Co.) and Stearns, Ky., was won by Stearns. Norma player Roy Hose/Hoes wrote on the back of the photo card: "We lost this game, 1st this season. Roy" Note the number key to Norma players in the top view. Norcross, No. 4, was Clifford Norcross, son of NRLC owner Frank G. "Yankee" Norcross. The unusual Norcross home in Norma was next to the ballfield, and built with high porches so Norcross could watch his team from it. Many of the players for both Norma and Stearns were "imported," recruited from far beyond Scott Co., county historian H. Clay Smith wrote George Zepp
newport_bros.jpg (46928 bytes) The Newport Brothers.  Pictured from left are: Elsic Newport, Clifford Newport, John Newport, J. C. Newport (my grandfather), and Barney Newport Teresa Newport
R. D. Ellis campaign poster for Scott Co, TN Sheriff, circa 1920's Sharon Beach
Family of William Anderson and Emily Sexton Cross, L - R:  Rose Etha Mae Cross (13 Jul 1912-???),  Tabitha Lee Cross (11 Sep 1904-11 May 1980), Parthena Bell Cross (9 Jun 1901-???), Cordelia Cross (6 Jul 1897-7 Dec 1947), Marlene Cross (12 Feb1892-???),  Emily Sexton Cross (17 Nov 1870-18 Dec 1953), William A. Cross (1843-1947),  James Monroe Cross (13 Aug 1889-???), John Thomas Cross (23 Jan 1894-???), Charlie Franklin Cross (1 Mar 1907-6 May 1987), Haywood Cross  9 Aug 1909-aft. Jan 2004), circa 1940's Sharon Beach
The Glass House Restaurant, Helenwood, Scott Co, TN, circa 1943 Becky Ellis
Another train wreck believed to be from Scott Co, TN Myra Marcum
Same train wreck from a different angle.  If you look with a magnifying glass, you can see the number "24" on a car Myra Marcum
Joel C. Reed family picture taken 1 Aug 896.  Names are known but do not know which is which.  Irel Joseph, was the eldest; then:  Isaac R. S. Reed, Arnold S. Reed, Campbell C. Reed, Havelin E. Reed, Richard S. Reed, John Colby Reed, Cora L. Reed, Arlee Colman Reed, Ada Belle Reed, and the youngest, Daley Delilah Reed.  Joel's wife was Emily Smith. The elderly woman is most likely Martha Chitwood, Joel's mother. Myra Marcum
Jellico Grocery receipt currently (2007) belonging to sisters Peggy Long and Kathy Moneymaker Kathy Moneymaker

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